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“Wank over a Saggy Granny phone sex chat with a filthy old biddy ”

Friday, June 25th, 2010

I am a very mature lady who still has a very high sex drive, and there has been no shortage of virile young studs to satisfy my need for a good hard cock.  I’m certainly not that fussy about the men i end up in bed with.  There are definitely more stiff pricks to fill my wrinkly fanny and squirt their hot and creamy juices all over my saggy old tits.  I do so much enjoy the taste of that thick gooey man milk too, as it splashes all down my throat.  They cant get enough of my old baggy bum cheeks as well, they give them a good old squeeze and grope, and if i feel especially randy i will let them give my bum hole a really good seeing too as well.  Only as long as they use plenty of lubricant mind,  then they just slides it in nice and smooth.  Yes shagging an older biddy is the latest kink for lots of the randy buggers round my neighbourhood.  They love it loose and sloppy round the sides.  Why not call and find out more ….. your  Beryl

Bare Cheek Smacks Lead To Adult Phone Chat Pleasure and Pain

Friday, June 25th, 2010

I have quite often been called upon to dish out punishment of the spanking variety,  The method and severity of making the poor unfortunate wimp suffer gives me the hots,  the more subservient they are,  the more aggressive I become.  The exquisite pause for what seams like forever in anticipation of the sharp crack and the thin, intense line of  blinding pain beginning to form a bruised and tender stripe in its wake.  Already the thoughts are focused on the unstoppable next pleasurable yet very painful contact. Spanking towards ecstasy and beyond.  Feeling the supreme control and also daring in some deep merciful way to be lenient when the mood takes you.  I so love to Spank and also to be spanked in return.

Irritating little weasels who think they are worthy of my time in a Domination Phone Sex Chat Pt.1

Friday, June 18th, 2010

As well as one to one phone domination I also receive initiates at my fully equipped premises; a converted stable block deep in the heart of the Derbyshire countryside and my chambers rang today with the squeals of a most unfortunate little piggy! He had arrived as arranged at my premises BUT he was 3 minutes late! The outrageous cheek of it! Naturally this did not make me especially well disposed to the individual concerned and his comeuppance was swift, read on to find out more …

It being a rather chilly day, I instructed him to strip on the spot and once his pathetic pasty white carcass was revealed summarily marched him into the centre of the stable courtyard, instructed the worm to fill the bucket with the hand pump there (his lardy buttocks quivering all the while) and finally lashed him firmly to the pump post with a handy coil of rope.

Once I had him trussed up to my satisfaction I lifted the bucket of freezing cold pump water and flung the entire contents over the sorry specimen, causing him to gasp in shock, his piggy little eyes nearly popping out. I bet his stupid heart nearly stopped!

A Beginners Guide to Anal Phonesex, It’s easy when you know how!

Friday, June 18th, 2010

My first anal sex attempt was memorable to say the least, It’s a very sensitive area and when done with a bit of know how actually does have mind blowing results.

When you’ve mastered the technique you can take it deeper by adding a bit of rough to it, contrary to what some say us girls do like it Rough, ooooh my arse is tingling just thinking about hard cock sliding deep inside with the guy or girl with a strap on pulling my hair back with one hand and grbing my hard nipple and twisting it hard then grabbbing at my tit slowly pulling his cock out or her strap on (lets face it girls, as long as it feel good does it really matter who’s fuck your wanting arse) where was I…

Oh yes..  slowy pulling his cock /her strap-on out and nibbling my neck rolling a finger rapidly and lightly arond my hard nipple, Im climaxing here telling you this, god Im a horny bitch, then gently resting his throbbing helmet on my tingling rim, I can feel precum I slid my hand down and roll my finger tip over his precum leaking from his helmet, I slide my fing in my tight arse hole, then bring my finger to my mouth, sliding my finger over my tounge, that tatses damn good, suddenly he rapidly thrusts his rock hard cock deep inside, catching me un aware of that sudden entry, I cry out with a sound thats hard to know if it pain or pleasure, but trust me Anal is definately pleasure.

I’ve got to go, I need an arse fuck RIGHT NOW!

1st time Cheap Phone Sex with a filthy depraved slut, Satisfaction assured! the only way we know how.

Friday, June 18th, 2010

Hi there! Thanks for taking the time to read my first (of many) blog. You can catch up with me on here online, or you can call me and have an intimate chat.

I’m going to be revealing my most intimate sexual encounters to you along with some very saucy secrets. By day I’m a yoga instructor and when the evening comes I unleash my wild side.

If  your a first time caller with a younger phone babe, I’ll put you at ease, I would love to hear you tell me what turns you on …We may have something in common. Be assured that if or should i say when we eventually speak we will both be guaranteed the time of our lives! It could be that you just want to hear me pleasure myself until I cum just for you, or maybe you want me to tell you about my sexual experiences and fantasies.  Whatever you like i cannot wait to hear what you have to offer.

This weekend I’m off out with my girlfriends, so be sure to catch up and find out what I’ve been up too.

Kristal  xX

Have you had your Naughty Nympho cheap sex chat fix yet?

Friday, June 11th, 2010

What would your wife or girlfriend think if she could hear our conversation?

Would she be as shocked… my lips are sealed, no body will know?

It feels good to let go of all of those inhibitions and get what you really want from a Naughty Nympho Slut,
Cum to me and indulge in your desires knowing that I am willing to go with you and enjoy it as much as you do. Don’t come to me for judgement. (well, maybe SOME of you do, and in that case I will dish it out!)
Don’t let your desires wait another minute longer, pick up that phone.

Kisses x NiKKi xxXxx

Dirty adult phone chat with the party girls at the cheap adult chat club – Pt.2

Friday, June 11th, 2010

Then I felt him lift himself up onto his knees.  He slowly eased his cock into my hot, wet pussy.  But I knew it wasn’t to fuck me.  I knew he was just getting his cock nice and wet.  He pushed in and out a couple of times, slamming his balls against my pussy, occasionally one of them hitting my clit and sending shivers down my spine.  Then he pulled out and I felt the head of that cock pressing against my asshole.  I took a deep breath and relaxed as best I could.  He slowly pressed in.  I felt my asshole open up for him as his cock went in farther and farther.  I groaned, the first real sound I had made since we started.  As he moved in and out, I gasped and cried out a little.  I loved the sensation of his cock in my ass, stretching me, opening me up and fucking over and over again.

He lifted me up long enough for me to place my finger on my clit and I started rubbing like crazy.  I could hardly control my body’s convulsions as the waves of pleasure overtook me.  He started making that sound I had become so familiar with and, as he heard me scream out with my orgasm, he let it go and I felt that hot jet of spunk shoot out deep into my ass.

(This is my naughty fantasy that i indulge myself with on the Party Girls line here at the cheap adult chat line)

He collapsed on top of me, pulling his limp cock out.  We’d laid there for a minute or two before, he kissed my back again and got up to take his shower.

What a way to start the day!

How would you like to wake me up?  Call me and tell me.


Ever shared a secret fantasy with a horny Phone Sex homemaker that loves cock?

Friday, June 4th, 2010

I have this caller that I’ve been talking to for years.  We’ve always had a really good time together but over the last 6 months or so, his wife has been joining us on our calls.

During our last few calls, I’ve been talking to her more than him and I’ve been really enjoying talking to her.  A couple of times she has sent pic’s to me while we talked and I enjoyed that so much.

She’s a beautiful redhead with the most gorgeous breasts that I have ever seen.    I have to admit that I have been thinking about her a lot outside of our calls.  I’ve been fantasizing about her and I’ve even had a sexy dream about her, the horny housewife.

I have always had a thing for redheads anyway but this lady drives me wild.  I find myself getting a little tingly every time the phone rings in the hopes that it is them calling.
Kisses x NiKKi xxXxx

When it comes to Phonesex, Older Housewives are the Masters of pleasure

Friday, June 4th, 2010

Welcome to my blog, My Names Candy, I’m a sexy Older Woman that enjoys nothing more than sexy fun, triple XXX phone sex is where I get my enjoyment & zest for more.  I’m new to online journals, so I’m going to begin by opening your eyes to what I have to offer.

I’m extremely out going & very open minded, I enjoy most of all exploring the forbidden taboos, thats why my callers like an older housewife.

If you’ve held back with telling your deepest secret desires, be bold today. You can tell me everything & anything; your words are safe with me. Together we can explore those naughty, nasty fantasies, developing them, taking them to extreme heights. You’ll never have to wank alone, imagining those forbidden taboos is a thing of the past. Now, we can indulge ourselves by exploring together, cumming together, becoming each other’s obsession, over and over again.

I will be updating often so be sure to check back often.

xXx Candy xXx

If Your Into Water sports You’ll Find Plenty Of Pissing On This Cheap Phone Sex Line

Friday, June 4th, 2010

I love sex with lots of people at the same time.  I just can’t get enough of it !  I am a regular Fuck slut who has to have at least three or four stiff cocks before she’s satisfied,  The kinkier they are the more I love it.

I particularly love to squat naked over a man or a woman and dribble my warm piss over their faces and make them drink my salty golden rain.  It doesn’t take long before I can’t hold it any more and my golden juices come pouring down onto whoever is enjoying the feel of it flooding over their writhing ecstatic bodies.

That is usually when I cum so they get to taste my sticky cunt juice as well.  I have also had the pleasure of kneeling in the middle of a circle of six or seven naked guys Pissing all over me, soaking me as I spasm with the most intense of orgasms they all took turns to fuck me as well.