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Cheap phone sex girl satisfies your foot fetish

Sunday, January 29th, 2017

I know that you guys have some strange tastes and I have some odd ones too but my favourite is having a guy worship me, particularly being at my feet, licking and sucking my toes. If you’ve got a foot fetish then I want you to call me. I’m sitting on a sofa right now in stockings and my highest sexy heels and I want you here to slowly remove them to reveal my beautifully painted toes. Kneel before me and kiss them feet, I want them covered in your kisses and when you’re done kissing them I want you to lick them all over and finally suck each toe as I finger my pussy. In return I’ll wank you off with my feet! You’d like that wouldn’t you? Call me now!

Phone sex – seceratary seduces married guy fantasy

Tuesday, January 24th, 2017

I want to be your secratary. You’re my boss and I secretly fancy the pants off you! I’m always wearing high heels, stockings and short skirts to get your attention. At first you’re really uncomfortable with it because you’re married but as I ramp up the stakes, wearing sluttier and sluttier make up and shorter skirts you start thinking of the possibility of fucking me! The final straw happens when you call me in the office to take some notes and I purposefully drop my pen, bend over to pick it up and give you an eyeful. You stand up unable to take it any longer, bend me over your desk roughly, unzip and fuck me hard! I love anal so I tell you “stick it in my arse”. You fuck me for ages pounding my arse over and over a part of you loving it and a part of you hating me for making you succumb to your desires! Call me and we can chat about our fantasies

Tranny mistress humiliates you on phone sex

Wednesday, January 18th, 2017

I’ve spent thousands of pounds sculpting myself into the perfect slutty woman! Plump lips, perfect hair, long nails, large silicone breasts. You name it, I’ve done it. I used to be a David but now I’m Davina and I’m so fucking hot you’d never know I used to be a guy. I’m a tranny and I’ve kept my cock, for now at least and I’m into domination. If you like to be dominated and want to take things to the next level I might just be the answer to your prayers. I’ll make you do such humiliating things you won’t be able to look yourself in the eye but you will love every second. I’ll make you kiss my feet, suck my cock and even take it upi your arse, thanking me with every hard ram!

UK phone sex with seriously submissive slut!

Tuesday, January 17th, 2017

Hi guys! Are you a big strong man who likes to dominate and control girls? I’m only 18 and I’ve discovered I love to be dominated! I mean not just told to take your cock and stuff like that but seriously dominated! I read that book about it and now I’ve become a total submissive! I love to be completely bound from head to toe so I can’t even move a muscle and fucked again and again, used for whatever purpose you see fit. I like you to humiliate me too dressing me up in sexy heels and making me walk for you in the correct posture. I don’t want to feel like me anymore, I want to feel like I’m an object that belongs to you. treat me like a slut and call me now!

Phone sex chat with a group of curious lesbians

Monday, January 2nd, 2017

Fancy trying something different? Something a little exotic, well me and my girlfriends are here and we’re curious. We are all lesbians and have been fucking all day, scissoring, eating pussy together and using strap ons on one another! We’ve all started talking about cock, giggling and getting horny again, wondering what it would be like. We all love our dildos but to feel a real warm fleshy cock inside us would be totally different. Feeling your warm cum shooting up inside me would be amazing and we are all so excited to get a man on the phone and explore this fantasy of ours! Call us now and fuck a group of hungry lesbians!