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Hot Phonesex Fantasy – Tranny hunts weak males!

Thursday, August 28th, 2014

I’m the hottest tranny you’ll ever see, I’ve spent thousands of pounds on my transformation! Perfect DD tits, plump lips and I keep myself looking hot with slutty makeup, false eyelashes, high heels, stockings, tight dresses and I have my hair and nails done regularly. I go out at night to hunt for unsuspecting guys to seduce and lure back to my flat. Once in my bedroom I convince them to let me cuff them to the bed and once restrained, unable to escape, I reveal the truth! I’ve got a cock! My bed is actually a special contraption. I can now move him in to any position I want and use him as I wish, humiliating him as he begs me to let him go. Fucking him in the arse, forcing him to suck my cock and inflicting him with intense pain they scream for mercy. If I desire I can keep them for months under my complete control and just dump them somewhere like a piece of rubbish.

Cheap Sex chat – Both holes, twice the pleasure!

Friday, August 22nd, 2014

I just love both my holes filled at the same time. The feeling of a nice fat cock ramming my cunt as a dildo slides in and out of my tight arsehole makes me scream with pleasure, sending me wild! I want to wrap my legs around you as you plunge my sopping wet hole and finger my hole as you nibble on my sensitive nipples. Flip me over and spunk right up my arsehole! I fucking love anal, simple as that, anything to do with my arse and I go crazy for it. Bury your tongue up their so I can feel it writhing around inside me like a snake as your play with my swelling quivering clit! call me now for some filthy anal action!

Married at Over 60, husband’s gone floppy!

Friday, August 15th, 2014

I have and always have had  a rampant appetite for sex but over the past few years my hubby can’t keep up with this kinky older housewife! We are both in our 60’s now and he just can’t perform like he used to, It’s so frustrating and I turned to phone sex to get my kicks and I just can’t stop! I love hearing you guys cum as I tease my moist cunt to wicked extremes. i have loads of sex toys and love to use them all to push my pleasure to the limits! Nipple clamps butt plugs and dildos all at the same time. Wank yourself for me baby My cunt’s aching to be filled with a nice young cock, you guys seem to able to go for ages and I just love it when you cum over me! I spend ages getting prepared, putting on make up, high heels and lingerie and begin to lubricate even as I start this ritual! Come and fuck me now!

Foot Fetish? Try cheap phone sex

Wednesday, August 6th, 2014

Become hypnotised and helpless as you beg me to let you kiss and lick my gorgeous high heels! Watch and salivate like a dog as I strut around you teasing you with my elegant beauty. If you manage to control yourself I might give you the ultimate foot fetish fantasy and give you a heel job, rubbing your cock with my heels until you climax, exploding all over my pretty high heels!  Suck the heel like a cock you sissy boy! You’ll do it because if you don’t I wont give you the pleasure you know I can deliver! In these fuck me heels you’ll do anything, I know how to tease you and keep you begging for more! If high heels drive you crazy with lust then let me satisfy your frustrations with mine, I’ll show you just how sexy and filthy I can be!