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Thursday, April 23rd, 2015

I love to be dominant and my husband loves it! The minute he gets in from a hard days work he has to wear his high heels, put his apron on and cook my dinner for me while I verbally abuse him. You can see little willy getting hard as I tell him how pathetic he looks in them high heels! I drip with excitement but can’t show him how much it’s turning his wife on! When dinner is done I sit there and eat while he kisses my sexy thigh high boot heels. I leave some leftovers on the plate and he eats it off the floor like a dirty dog. Once I fed him from my cunt! Getting him to eat the food directly from my Pussy! The whole evening is spent like this but don’t think I’m being cruel he loves it as much as I do! Call me if you want some of the same treatment. I’m on the line all day while he’s out so call me now!

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Friday, April 17th, 2015

I love to feel helpless as you fuck me and use me for your perverse pleasure. I want you to tie me up so I can barely move a muscle. I want to try to be able to escape and not be able to, It might sound fucked up but I love that feeling of helplessness. Bind me up any way you want and have your wicked way with me. Spank me, humiliate me and fuck me, use me as you desire I’m just your filthy captive submissive slut slave. I’m just a piece of meat for you to fuck now, a sex toy for your pleasure, merely a receptacle for you to shoot your load into. Do what you want with me, spunk all over me or inside me, you’re the one in control now!

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Friday, April 10th, 2015

I’m literally addicted to sex! I can’t spend a night aloneand  I need to get a guy home to give me a good seeing to every single evening or I freak and I fhe leaves I get on the sex lines to hear a guy wank as I fuck myself with my favourite dildo! I do get concerned sometimes but what’s wrong with sex. I like it so why not enjoy it, I mean at my age I haven’t got forever and I want to enjoy life while I still can! I’m a total nympho and when I go out my clothes scream “Fuck me”. I look so hot and slutty for a womwn of over 40 and you young guys can’t seem to resist a slutty kinky milf can you. Imagine your cock slipping slowly inside my loose wet hole, my velvety pussy caressing you until you can’t hold it in any longer and shoot a full load of that sticky cum deep inside me. I fucking love it and I’m getting so horny now so please call me!

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Friday, April 3rd, 2015

Pushing the boundaries when it comes to sex is what I do best! I love to see how far I can take things! Dressing up in extreme fetish wear, roleplaying, dominating, bondage, there’s literally nothing I haven’t tried! I love to encase you in latex completely, leaving just a hole for your mouth and cock, everything else is completely covered. There’s something so sensual about rubbing my hands all over a man’s body encased in black, shiny rubber or latex! I love to tease your cock, your face and body hidden beneath the shiny veneer that covers you. Whatever fetish desires you have I want to try them out with you, so give me a call and we will help you experience your ultimate fantasy right now!