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I didn’t realise how horny I could get watching or being watched by someone!

Friday, July 29th, 2011

One of my biggest fantasies is being caught by a man I don’t know whilst masturbating! The idea of a total stranger stood at the foot of my bed watching me fuck myself to orgasm with my vibrator is such a turn on. I love watching men wanking, the way they hold their cocks, their breathing, seeing that precum appearing on the tips of their cocks, just makes me want to get down onto my knees and take one deep into the back of my throat until they cum in my mouth is just the ultimate for me. On Cheap Adult Chat I can fulfil my  Voyeurism fantasy and I have found I have lots more. It has really given me and my boyfriend the spark back to our sex lives. He comes home from work and asks if I have had a good day, he knows I have been playing with my pussy for most of it, I tell him about some of the things I have talked about during the day, and he gets really turned on by it all. Since then we have tried swinging and dogging, which just adds another level to our sex. We are so much more adventurous fucking anywhere and everywhere now, I sometimes go out without any knickers with my ‘just in case’ dress on, which is a very short clingy one, just in case that stranger wants to come back and watch me masturbate. Threesomes are a big thing for us too now, both with another guy or a girl, finding out different ways to excite each other is wonderful. And now, a lot of my fantasies are becoming a reality and I am loving every minute of it.

You WILL submit to my every demand during our Cheap Adult Chat

Friday, July 29th, 2011

Address me as Goddess when you call me, I play with your mind whilst you play with your pathetic body. You will be naked and on your knees your head bowed and listening to my every command. Whether it be humiliation, pain, foot worship, or spanking – I will discover how far I can take you and exceed that beyond your wildest dreams. I love to dominate as you can tell, some of the calls I have had have been very powerful both for me and the caller, I really get into the role of ‘Goddess’ and it takes over, I know when and if the subs are being compliant and doing as instructed. Hearing the whimpering simpering moaning from the Bitch Boys inspires me to be nastier and more demanding on whilst having uk phone sex, I love the feeling of superiority. Sometimes I will tell them to get something to spunk into, and measure how much the have delivered for me, other times it is a case of orgasm denial, and their balls are tied. The realms of  Domination has no boundaries really, I issue a safety word which can be used only when necessary. I issue tasks to do for me, and take their imagination on a very strict, very submissive journey. Makes me feel wonderful. Why shouldn’t it, I am a Goddess

Laying more than the drive after hearing Cheap Adult chat

Friday, July 29th, 2011

I have been married for a number of years now, and my husband doesn’t realise that I am a filthy phone sex chat slut. He goes to work and I always feel so horny, I shower, get myself something sexy to wear and then have a horny conversation and its such a turn on. One day recently I was having a new patio laid, and the two guys who were doing it were hot. I had been flirting with them the day before, and I loved it. I was upstairs taking a call and didn’t hear one of them use the bathroom, I was engrossed in the conversation a really filthy phone sex chat with a guy, I was telling him how I would like to fuck the pair of workers who were laying the drive. He must have gone downstairs to tell the older one, because  when I asked them if they would like a drink they were smiling at me in  knowing way. We sat outside having a cold drink, and they were just wearing shorts, I had a pair of denim shorts and  a vest top on. The older guy said to me how sexy I looked, and went on to ask if the warm weather made me feel horny. He said that the conversation he’d heard me having had made him horny and would I like to go inside. Being one of those Horny Housewives you hear all about I couldn’t resist, we were in the lounge, the younger one following, all three of us were soon at it, ripping what little clothes we had off, I was on my knees getting spit roasted. God, it was so horny, like a father and son fantasy I have had for years. They were fucking my mouth, pussy and ass too, and I was in seventh heaven. I had 3 orgasms, and it was there turn, I was on my knees wanking one, sucking the other and was whitewashed in two lots of hot horny spunk. Licking up every single drop. Talk about horny!

So easy being explicit about pissing when I’m on Cheap Adult Chat

Friday, July 22nd, 2011

I got into watersports last year, I was 19, and it happened quite by accident. I was having sex with this guy, and it was really horny, I pissed myself whilst having an orgasm, I was really embarrassed but he found it a huge turn on. Ever since I have enjoyed it. I love wearing a little pair of white cotton knickers, straddling a guys face, letting a little pee trickle through them slowly, as the guy is sucking on my knickers I like to then let it all go, hearing him gargling on it, flooding his mouth with my hot fresh  piss. Then kissing him so I can snowball it, swapping it from his mouth to mine. Its such a turn on. I have even found myself  Pissing in public now, even standing in a queue for the bus I have wet my panties. Feeling it trickle down my legs, and making a horny puddle on the pavement, it’s usually better to do it if it’s raining, that way you don’t get looked at. Mind you, one man did catch me doing exactly that, he sat near me on the bus, and came straight out with it, saying ‘Couldn’t wait eh?’ I just smiled, opened my legs and let him see how wet my knickers were, he had a raging hard on and wanked himself into the jogging pants he was wearing. Both of us had to get off the bus soaking wet through. I am such a little pissy slut. Hee!! I couldn’t wait to have Adult Phone Sex and  tell my callers all about my experience, I found reliving it made me want more. The guy also had a major orgasm hearing my story, since then I have pissed myself more and more, and the callers love it hearing me.

I Got a lot more than i expected while frigging off to Cheap Adult Chat !

Friday, July 22nd, 2011

It was summer and I was enjoying a horny afternoon, I just had a pair of bikini bottoms on and a smile. Sprawled on the sofa having phone sex and was really enjoying myself, I always have loved the feel of lycra against my skin. They were getting really wet, and I loved the feel of it against my pussy. All the doors to the flats were open as it was so warm, and I didn’t know that the guy from upstairs had come in, and was stood at my door watching me play with myself. He was twice my age and to be honest I always thought he was a bit of a perv. I had that feeling of being watched, and when I opened my eyes I saw him standing there with his cock in his hand. I was really shocked and reached for the cushion. ‘Don’t stop on my account’. He said. I was embarrassed but turned on at the same time, and to be honest, too far gone to care if he was watching or not, after the initial shock i found it was turning me on even more. He was wanking like crazy, and came over to me and offered me his cock which I took into my mouth straight away, who cares if he was twice my age, I needed fucking. He  bend me over doggy style, and I could feel his cock banging deep inside of me, and I was loving it, spanking my ass as his cock dipped in and out of my tight little pussy. His big swollen balls were slamming against me, I couldn’t believe I was getting such a Hardcore fucking. I was cumming, and my pussy was like a vice on his cock, so young and tight, he was moaning in ecstasy. I saw myself in the mirror and was looking like a dirty filthy whore, and I was loving it. He was spreading my arse cheeks and sank it deep in there, I was gasping by now, finger fucking myself cumming on him. His spunk was delivered deep into my throat, just how I like it!!

I am Gagging for Some Pure Filth on the Phonesex line!

Friday, July 22nd, 2011

My friends wouldn’t believe what a cheap phonesex slut I am,  I am the girl next door type during the day, but when I get home from work, I kick off my shoes and  get down to some dirty horny hardcore sex on the phones. I truthfully love anything and everything, from straight stuff to the hot and kinky Pure Filth kind. I have confided in my best friend and told her what a turn on it is, and she agreed to come round and listen, wow! What a horny night that was, neither of us ever considered girl on girl action before, but we were getting so turned on by the caller we ended up licking and fucking each other, and it was amazing! The smell of our sex in the air was delicious, as was her pussy. Now every time she comes round she loves to either listen, join in or drive me wild by fucking me with her tongue or her strap on! Our pussies end up dripping with juice. The only way to end the day!

My men like big women slutty on phonesex.

Friday, July 15th, 2011

I don’t know what it is about big women but they are far hornier and willing to do much more for their man. I should know I’m a size 18 and I love my big tits, bum and my curvaceous body and so does my husband. I love to wear stockings, suspenders and look my best for him and for others. He has always love my massive tits and gets horny when other guys comment on them. He came home early one day and heard me having phonesex, I was laid on the sofa my legs wide open fucking myself with a big dildo, he just stood in the doorway and started taking photo’s on his mobile. I looked over at him and smiled, he was sending the pics to his mate who lives further down the road, within minutes his friend was at the door too watching and listening to me talking filth on the phone. I came as I watched the guy’s spunking all over me and listened to the guy cumming who was on the phone. That was the start of our threesomes, I don’t think I will ever be slim, and to be honest with you I get so much more attention than my slimmer friends I wouldn’t want to be. With a lot of men weight equals horny big women!

Knicker Lovers listen and learn on Adult Phone Chat!

Friday, July 15th, 2011

If you’re a knicker lover you will love chatting to me, both myself and my boyfriend have a real knicker fetish. He has me going to my friends and ‘borrowing’ a couple of pairs out of their laundry baskets, and when we get home he loves to smell and wrap them around his cock and have a horny wank looking at pictures of them on his computer. For me to see him doing this is a massive turn on, and I love to see a pair in his hands wanking away like crazy whilst I smell another pair and imagine her and I fucking each other. Once he got caught putting a pair back, and she got the truth out of him, he was embarrassed but she found it a turn on and bought him downstairs to admit to me what he’d been up to, I didn’t know at this stage. She suggested he be taught a lesson, and she tied his hands behind his back, blindfolded him, made him stand there naked as she got both of us to take off our knickers and made him smell them and feel the texture against his naked cock. He was so hard I couldn’t believe it, he was cumming without actually touching himself.

I got home and told a guy on Adult Phone Chat how I’d discovered he was a knicker lover, the guy loved it, and wished it was him. I suggested he try it, ask his partner to borrow a pair of someone’s and do it for real. Much later he phoned back and told me that he’d actually done it, it was the best night of his life!

Just cannot stop having phone sex chat, am I a nympho?

Friday, July 15th, 2011

To say I love sex is an understatement, I live and breathe it, and I’ve done soft porn, hard porn, swinging, dogging, girls, anything you can think of I’ve had a go, but sex to me is like a drug, the more I get the more I want. I wake up in a morning and that’s all I think of, where my next cock is cumming from. I get myself prepared for some phone sex chat, and you guy’s never let me down, you always make me cum loads telling me of your experiences and me telling you of mine. I love fantasy chat’s too, imagining myself as a filthy nurse, or a rampant secretary getting spunked over the board table by loads of guys. So you know my mind is in the gutter you can imagine what sort of phone sex chat you get from me, hardcore with a capital H. I love talking sex, so if you think you can cope with my sexy x-rated chat let’s do it. My fella says I am a nympho, maybe he’s right, but I’ve been called worse than that. I’ll let you decide, I know I would love to hear your dirtiest fantasies, or your true life experiences, cum through I bet you can’t shock me!

I am a cheap phone sex submissive slut that needs a Master.

Friday, July 8th, 2011

I really need to be dominated; to me submission is all I know. Ever since I can remember I have enjoyed the feeling of handing over my mind and my body to someone dominant and the thrill I get both mentally and physically is unbelievable. When I am having a cheap phone sex chat with one of my Masters he knows I am doing exactly what he tells me. I am naked on my knees when I realise it’s him on the phone, I have to admit how many orgasms I’ve had that day, and what a filthy little phone sex slut I am. He sometimes puts clamps on my nipples and pussy, pegs on my tongue which hurts like hell, but he says that’s what my filthy mouth needs. He will make me attach my chains to the collar so if I straighten my body the clamps are pulled and he enjoys hearing me whimper. I have to tell him how masterful he is and what an honour and a privilege it is for me to be listening to him and having him dominate me over the phone. Then he gets my dildos or vibrators to work in both holes, stretching me wide and imagining his cock being where they are. Sometimes if I’ve been a good little slut he will allow me to cum, but I have to go through the pain to be rewarded with the pleasure. Cum and chat to me and let me show you just how submissive I can be, I am sure you will be pleased by my efforts to be a good little phone slut.