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Cheap Sex Chat domination, can do things to your mind that you’ve never thought of

Friday, September 24th, 2010

I was really born to be dominant, and on a cheap sex line I can put my subjects through their paces. I like to get to know what makes them tick, from spanking to really deep hard BDSM! I like to hear them lighting candles for me, getting their whips or dildo’s ready for some very hard sex chat Domination. Had one guy last week in a gimp mask, his ankles in cuffs, as well as his cock in bondage, a CB2000 was put on, and the key posted by a friend to his Mistress who lives over fifty miles away. With a letter telling her that he had was having some domination over the phone and will await her reply. I am waiting for a return call telling me the outcome. I know for sure that he would be at least three days in bondage, and that satisfies my Dom mind. You can tell me your inner most secrets, telling me your desires – things you have only thought of in your dirty little mind.

Big, Busty and Mature, Phone sex chat has it all for you

Friday, September 24th, 2010

Just because I am in my forties and a larger lady, doesn’t mean I am not sexy! I know men like big women, and I have the smile on my face to prove it. Last week I was having some phone sex chat with a guy who liked big women, size 18 and over, and I said I fit the bill, nice rounded arse and hips, really big FF tits, but I got him to imagine my arse wobbling as he fucked me doggy style, which is what happens when I do get fucked. My big tits swing like pendulums as my pussy or arse gets pounded.  I love wearing stockings, suspenders and high heels which make me feel even more sexy. The guy imagined me, a Horny Older Woman, giving him a tit wank with my huge tits, spurting his load all over them whilst he watched me licking them clean!  I imagined his cock pounding into me doggy style, balls slamming against me deep and hard. A ‘big’ time was had by the both of us!

Coq au vin, or cock in a van?’ For this horny phone sex housewife

Friday, September 24th, 2010

What I love about hardcore phone sex is the fact I can be myself, fuck filthy! My husband doesn’t realise how disgusting I can be, I absolutely love chatting over the phones to hot horny men, it’s a real turn on for me. I explore ALL of my fantasies with the callers, and other’s that I haven’t ever thought of before.  I go out with my friends, and I have totally changed my attitudes, my hair is in a new trendy style, I wear sexier clothes and lingerie, and I love the attention I get now. I have even had affairs with 4 different men in 2years I have been doing phone sex. This is what I am a filthy Horny Housewife, who loves cock!  Anywhere, the last time was in the back of a transit van. So dirty, rough, but horny as hell.

UK Phonesex girls – available anytime, any place, anywhere!!

Friday, September 17th, 2010

If its Pure Filth its UK Phonesex, they have got to have the sweetest sounding voices, but the filthiest girls on there, me being one of them. I love my job, phone sex to me is something I excel at. Love chatting to horny guys over the phone. I get myself showered, my toys at the ready and you guy’s never disappoint me. Two, three even four hours of filthy verbal fucking, it’s such a turn on. They tell me what does it for them, and visa versa. I find myself revealing my most intimate sexual desires and they never fail to talk me through one or the other of them. Fuck, it’s better than real sex at times. What they get is ME, sexy to look at, but a real spunk whore underneath. The dirtier they are, the filthier I am. Finding out more what really turns me on, then wanting more time after time. I eat, drink think sex. Phone sex is the best thing that has happened to me, I can be feel so liberated, I know deep down I am a fuck slut, and on a call I can be!

Phone Sex tennis tease, I love showing my little white panties!

Friday, September 17th, 2010

I play a lot of badminton and in the summer, tennis, love to keep fit, and I would say I am very competitive and sporty. I was having phone sex with a guy one day straight after coming back from the park playing tennis. My knickers were really hot and sticky, I described my little white warm knickers to him and he was really excited. He had a knicker fetish and I was beginning to enjoy it too. We went into a sporty girl scenario where he had been watching me play whilst I was on the park, watching my little white skirt flick up and flare with the wind, and I could imagine how horny it would be for a guy to watch. He continued with the fantasy that he had followed me home. The back door would have been open and he would have watched me undress and shower whilst he picked up my pussy stained panties and was wanking with them. When I got out of the shower I saw him standing in the bathroom, I smiled at him and took his cock deep into my throat, sucking him whilst he sniffed my knickers. In the fantasy he bent me over and fucked me really hard. We both enjoyed such an enormous orgasm whilst having phone sex, it was amazing. Every time I play tennis now I look around to see if anyone’s watching me, if they are my knickers are extra sticky.

I find plenty of horny guys on phone sex chat who would love to dominate me

Friday, September 17th, 2010

Let me tell you about one of my regular callers, Each time he calls, he has a new routine for us to try.  And each time he calls, I come so hard and so long.  My sheets are soaking when we’re done. Tonight, he wanted to try some double penetration and asked me to place a butt plug in my ass and my dildo in my pussy.  Then he asked me to put on a pair of tights to hold them in place.  Once I did that, he told me squat down on my bed and play with myself after putting a silk scarf over my eyes to blindfold me.  He said to imagine that I was squatting over him and his fingers were on my clit.  I did what he said and, in no time, I felt my clit begin to throb and my pussy got wetter and wetter.  He instructed me to hold my orgasm and I did in true  Submission as long as I could.  I could hear by his breathing that he was getting close too and I held out until I heard him begin to groan.  We came together – not an easy feat over the phone.  Call to find out what else I have been up to. x

Pure filthy Phone Sex Chat with spanking submissive slave.

Friday, September 10th, 2010

On occasions my Master calls to see me and orders me to have some Phone Sex Chat, I wait for the phone to ring and tell the caller exactly what is going on. He attaches clamps to my nipples which are weighted, and to my pussy lips. Puts straps on my cuffs, a spreader bar on my ankles and starts whipping me, if I am not being submissive enough he will up the punishment. He likes the fact that women phone me, and are very demanding, telling me things that I already know, that I am Pure Filthy Spanking, submissive little phone sex chat slut. They enjoy the sound of my lashing, of my cries, and me begging for forgiveness and pleading for an orgasm. The Mistress will ask my master if I am ready for fucking, he usually says yes. She tells him to fuck my tight ass whilst pushing my sticky knickers into my mouth. He gets to the point of orgasm and she talks really nicely to him, the orgasm is for her not for me. He just uses me as a spunk bucket!

Cheap Sex Chat changed my sexuality, now it’s best of both

Friday, September 10th, 2010

Girls are far more open between themselves than guys are. When I get a girl having a cheap sex chat conversation with me it’s unbelievable how disgusting it gets. I love it when lesbians call me, they want both her and I to have an orgasm and its so intimate and prolonged. I almost have a mental  picture of her pussy built up in my head and she tells me what to do, or I imagine sucking on her sticky wet pussy. I can hear her vibrator buzzing away, and the moans and groans she makes is such a turn on for me. I cum several times and each time is better than the last. One time I was having a sex chat my best friend called round and listened into our Lesbian conversation, she ended up licking me whilst the girl on the call listened and had a huge orgasm. It was wild as Jay has never touched me ever before. She fucks me on a regular basis now and it’s fantastic. Now I can’t do without pussy as well as cock, my boyfriend thinks it’s his birthday every week.

Adult Phone Chat helps me teach my tutor a thing or two!

Friday, September 10th, 2010

I have only been married for nearly a year, and already my sex life is dull. My friend suggested I try Adult Phone Chat, not only does it perk up my sex life, it gives me more confidence when I am out enjoying myself. I have lots of callers who like the fact that I’m 19, not even reached my 1st anniversary and cheating with hubby left right and centre.  I am such a filthy little cheap phone sex whore, and I love it. I masturbate loads of times a day, before, and after I have finished college. Even found myself having sex with a tutor from another college after I confided in him and told him what I do. He was so turned on knowing a sweet innocent girl could be so downright filthy. I encouraged him to phone me on the younger housewives line, and we had great phone sex. He calls me several times a week from his car, and he knows I am fucking myself with one of the toys he has bought me recently. It’s had a knock on effect on his marriage, he say’s sex with his wife is far better after our conversations.

These party girls REALLY do get off on cheap sex chat

Friday, September 3rd, 2010

Hi all you horny throbbing members of my blog out there.  I never cease to be amazed and incredibly turned on by the sheer amount of  men out there who call me regularly to convince me to let them shoot their hot spunk all over or into various orifices around my soft tight young body.  All of my friends from college say the same.  With a lot of them even going as far as wanting to tie you up and make you helpless to their attentions keeping the fantasy of vulnerability.  Then some of the younger girls are completely in their element.   Party Girls Really do have the power over men, It’s the biggest turn on I know of.