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Cheap Phone Sex with the dungeon experience mistress

Thursday, July 28th, 2016

I collect slaves like trinkets, nothing get’s me wetter than walking in my dungeon to see a room full of men, tied up and struggling. All my slaves fear me, I make sure of that the minute they sign the contract. Domination is my passion and I’m an expert in inflicting pain. Once they feel it, they’ll do anything for me. I’m an extreme mistress and all my slaves sign up for a minimum of 4 weeks. Over this time they give all control to me, trapped in my dungeon the only assurance I give is they will not be permanently harmed. I  have various devious outfits, dresses, high heeled boots and shoes, corsets, long sharp nails and tons of equipment to use on them. I run the most severe dungeon experience available and they are pushed to the limits of pain, pleasure and fantasy. I have a domination sex line too which I’m on in spare moments so you can call me for a session.

Filthy phone sex with hungry black pussy!

Friday, July 22nd, 2016

My cunt gets so wet when I know I’m going to have phone sex! I might be at work and think “I’ll go on the sex line tonight”. I feel my cunt get damp and can’t wait to get home and get going. I’m virtually running to my front door when I’m off the bus! tottering along in my high heels rummaging in my hand bag for my keys, I can’t wait to hear you wanking! If you like black girls like me who are horny as fuck for cock and very, very filthy then I want to hear from you now! I’m such a filthy bitch you won’t believe some of the things I’ll do to get you off! Anything goes with me! So get your cock nice and hard for me now, I want you ready to go straight away!

Cheap sex chat – Mature Knickers getting damp!

Tuesday, July 12th, 2016

I’m a mature woman with a hungry pussy and an appetite for young cock! I know from going out on the town that some of you younger guys have a thing for the older woman and would love to get in my knickers! I know you like them too! I’ve got so many pairs, from sexy leopard print, thongs and french to G-strings, lacy red ones and more! A girl can never have too many pairs of knickers! Suck on my nipples and rub my clit until they get damp, then get your head down between my thighs and taste my horny cunt through them damp panties! I’m a squirter so when I cum, I cum hard and it’ll be right in your face so if you want some filthy knicker loving phone sex, call me now!

Cheap phone sex with glamour smoking slut

Saturday, July 9th, 2016

I love glamour, dressing up in my finest stockings and satin gloves, doing my make-up perfectly and slipping on my heels makes me feel so feminine and sexy. I love smoking too when I’m all dressed up and I know for a fact some of you guys get turned on by a woman smoking. You’ll go all weak when you see me, your perfect woman sensually pursing my lips to the butt of a cigarette will get you hard immediately. I love to tease you with my smoke, letting it flow slowly over your cock, gently caressing your helmet. You won’t be able to believe the pleasure as you experience your ultimate fantasy of getting filthy with a glamorous smoking woman! Call me now!