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Friday, February 24th, 2012

I love the beach! I’ve been spending nearly every weekend there this summer in a little red and white polka dot 2 piece bikini. I adore the water, and swimming’s great excuse, I also find the perfect secret ‘hanky panky spots that are ideal for filthy Outdoor sex to take advantage of the privacy too, I like it where you can see other people, but they can’t see you. I’m so going to miss that in the winter 🙁 still the good thing is I will have loads of filthy Outdoor Girl experiences to tell the horny guys that call me for a phone sex chat.

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Friday, February 17th, 2012

The cable guy, the plumber and two kitchen fitters came to my den of dirty adventures aka ‘my place’ recently. All of them were big and muscled, but the flirty fitters were the hottest. I stood in the doorway of my kitchen, smiling and imagining the thought of a threesome as they installed my new work surfaces, Their muscular, tattooed arms were pounding the units into place as I imagined them pounding me, I could dish out some energetic Pure Filth to these two guy’s I thought to myself! I soon excused myself for a little “quiet time” in my bedroom 🙂 after a while I heard a creek, they were watching me, how horny is that, hold that thought right there, pick up the phone n’ call me to find out more.

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Friday, February 10th, 2012

I’m just starting to discover how tasty pussy can actually be. I may only be young, but I know what I want, and that’s some filthy lesbian cheap sex chat. I really enjoy telling people all about my newest experiences, sucking and munching on hot wet pussy, drinking up pussy juice and sucking on young, firm, pert tits. I had my first lesbian experience while I was at college. We were just nineteen, and we’d gone away on a trip for a few days to Brighton. I’d already had cock, but it wasn’t good enough for me. I had a burning desire to feel a wet pussy rubbing against mine, and it looked like now was going to be the best chance I would get. One of the nights we were there I headed off out to a gay bar, I’d never been to one before, but I wanted a good fuck from a hot woman, and it was the only place I thought I would find one.I love lesbians. I never got to the bar, as soon as I got the bus a really hot woman started looking at me, she asked me to sit with her. She had massive, firm looking tits, and was about my age. By this time my pussy was throbbing, thinking about having her fingers deep inside my dripping wet hole. She pushed me up against a wall, and reached under her skirt only to show me a massive, black strap on. She started to bite on my tits, and ripped my tights at the crotch and pushed her strap on deep inside my fresh, wet pussy and fucked me hard up against the wall. Wanna know what happened next? Give me a call! Lesbians Rock!

I love to feel comfortable all the time, but the only way I do is talking about my wet panties using phone sex!

Friday, February 3rd, 2012

I can feel the damp patch already in my panties. I’ve been at work all day now, wearing these tiny little pants. I wear them because they make me feel so horny while I’m at work, knowing that I can share my experiences with one of you later on in the day. Just think about my damp panties, and how they would feel if I was rubbing my pussy against your face. I bet you would love to give them a sniff as you run your tongue across the crotch of them? I caught a guy at work today looking up my skirt while I was sat at my desk, and think he might be a secret Knicker Lover. Maybe you could let me know what I could do next with him to make sure that I can help him out with the raging hard on he had as I caught him trying to see my damp patch, or maybe you have a knicker fetish you want to talk about with me? I love guys who blow their load over my panties, would you like to be the next? The last guy I spoke to ended up telling me how he’d love for me to rub my damp crotch over his face before he wanked himself off into my pants, but I’m looking for something more than that…