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Sharing a fetish for knickers whilst having phonesex.

Friday, September 30th, 2011

If you have a knicker fetish you want to share with one of these sexy babes I am sure she wants to hear all about it. Girls love talking about their knickers, and what those sexy silky skimpy sticky knickers do to a guys cock. Hopefully you will be wearing a pair, there is nothing quite like a nice swollen cock bulging out of a silky pair of panties, even better if they are worn ones. Hearing you smelling them and then wrapping them around your cock is horny!  Sometimes it’s nice to force a guy to wear a pair of knickers, I caught a boyfriend smelling a pair of my friends once, we were staying at her flat, I made him smell them as I wanked him, and then forced him to wear them all day. Knicker Lovers are really horny because it’s usually someone else’s knickers that they are wanking into other than their partners. I had a boyfriend who used to ‘borrow’ a pair of panties and had me watching him spunk into them.

I’ve been a very naughty girl; I think I need you to reprimand me on adult phone chat.

Friday, September 30th, 2011

For a long time now I’ve loved the whole bdsm scene, I love going to clubs where I am sold in an auction for an hour to a Master or Mistress, and spanked in public. The last time I went I had my hands and ankles tied to a St. Andrew’s cross, it wasn’t the conventional sort, this one was on like a rotisserie, so I could be spanked and whipped on the front and back.  I was pussy spanked and arse spanked, and my nipples were whipped slightly with a riding crop, that fine line between pleasure and pain felt so good, I needed and wanted more. My stripes the next day confirmed to me that I had been a naughty girl, and I had earned my stripes, and took my punishment good, my Master and Mistress were pleased with me.  The thing is the more I get the more I want, this is why I love having an adult phone chat with a guy who is also into Spanking Phonesex , I love to have to tell him what I’ve been doing and how filthy I’ve been and for him tell me to spank myself accordingly. The orgasm that I get from being punished is so intense, and I know the caller is having a good time off it too.

I keep a diary of how many orgasms I have and why I had them, my Master checks it once a week, and God, do I get spanked for being such a filthy little phone slut. Then he fucks my tight little arse and asks if I’ve learned my lesson, I have – until the next time!

How I love to seduce newbies on Cheap phone sex.

Friday, September 30th, 2011

I love having phone sex and always have done since day one, my first caller was wonderfully wicked and had me doing all sorts of things to myself, and I had two orgasms during the call, I can remember it so well and I was hooked on phone sex from then on. The guys I chat to all have different likes and dislikes and I love the variety, I really get turned on by all of them. The calls I love the most are the First Time Callers they are usually quiet at first, and a little reserved, that is until I coax them out of their shells, I like to suggest things to them, like how they enjoy licking pussy, and telling them what a cock feels as it goes into my throat, and before long you know they are wanking their cocks . It becomes obvious that they haven’t ever had a phone call like it, and this is what I love, the shock factor. Sometimes it’s good to be a little gentler with them at first until you get a feel what they like. Once you know they are wanking you can really go for it with them, and that’s when I have to have my orgasm, knowing that the seduction has worked!

I am such a phone slut on cheap sex chat, and I love it!

Friday, September 23rd, 2011

I’ve always been quite adventurous sexually, but never like I am now, and that’s all down to the fact that I love having phone sex, it inspires me to go out and do all the things that the callers suggest. I’m 32 and my sex life has never been so horny as it is today, I am an absolute Nympho and I love it. Recently I had my first dogging session, I’d heard the callers chatting about it so often, and have cum so many times imagining it with them that I thought it was about time I went out and tried it. My friend and I went together, to a little place near to where we live. We both looked hot in our short skirts and high heels with very tight tops showing off our tits. We’d seen videos of what to expect and we weren’t disappointed.

As soon as we got there an opened the car doors, four men came up chatting, and when they knew we up for it they were hard and horny for us, we stripped off down to our panties and began rubbing our pussies through the fabric, the guys started wanking, we were so wet and ready for a good fucking, and that’s what we got. We were knelt on the grass on all fours next to each other, a cock in our mouths and our pussies, getting spit-roasted as two other guys watched and tossed their cocks off.  They were fucking us hard and fast, we said we wanted their spunk over our tits, so all six of them stood around us and gave us what we needed, a horny thick whitewashing of hot spunk all over us.

Erotic Asian babes who just need more phone sex from you

Friday, September 23rd, 2011

Oh wow am I a rebel, I’m just a filthy little Asian phone slut who loves talking utter hardcore sex over the phone. The dirtier the better for me and really it gets me off listening to what you would do if I were there with you. I love fucking my nice tight little pussy with a big thick vibrator as you tell me all your secret desires and fantasies, I watch porn and love seeing a nice thick white cock dipping into my dark hole all coated in my juices.  My biggest fantasy is to be caught playing with myself by my sister’s boyfriend, he is really hot and I know he fancies me, I would love him to walk into her room where I would be, he would expect her to be in there, but what he’d find is me with my legs open fingering myself, I would be having phone sex, hopefully he wouldn’t be able to resist, his cock would be bulging out of his trousers and it wouldn’t take much persuasion from me to get him to fuck my tight little arse, I know my sister doesn’t like anal, but I would love to have his big cock buried deep in my hole.  I would have to swallow his spunk too, just for the sheer shock factor and again knowing she doesn’t do that for him, I would be such a filthy Asian slut. I want to go dogging with him, so he can fuck me in front of strangers and get whitewashed in all of that spunk. He knows I enjoy phone sex but I’m not sure if he knows just how much I crave his cock.

Finding out my little fetish for feet whilst having uk phone sex.

Friday, September 23rd, 2011

I’d never really thought of my feet as being a turn on, I have nice ones and I look after them but it’s done as part of a weekly routine along with the rest of my body. After having a phone sex chat with a caller one day we were talking about my feet, I described them and could tell he was getting turned on. He wanted to suck my toes and for me to wank him off with the arches of my soft feet, he came within minutes of me describing this and it was good for me too. After we’d both calmed down I wanted to know more about his Foot Fetish and he told me that it was a total turn on for him, hot sweaty feet with painted nails, especially if she was dominant with him. I was ready for him the next time he called, I got him to imagine I was dressed in a very tight black rubber dress with high heels on, no knickers, and I had him tied to my bed. My shoes had to be worshipped by him and taken off by his teeth, then feeling my bare foot smearing my sweat all over his face he had to lick my toes one by one, then I would sit opposite and whilst I was finger fucking myself, I would wank him off with my hot sweaty feet, he came there and then and so did I. The second call was far hornier than the first, I love to imagine my feet coated in hot spunk and it drives me crazy. I too have the same fetish now!

Guys love well rounded girls for phone sex chat.

Friday, September 16th, 2011

My friend is size 18 and very curvy, when we go out she always pulls for the guys and she is so sexy when she is flirting with them. She has massive tits and knows how to use them to her advantage by wearing revealing clothes, a bit skimpy so they hug her well rounded ass. I have watched her having sex with two guys at once, and she can really fuck like a slut, she had one pounding  her arse whilst the other one was fucking her throat, she was well up for it, and swallowed the double dose of hot spunk whilst I sat there and fucked myself with a big dildo. Big Women are far more at ease with their bodies, and with that comes confidence.  Seeing her body ripple as the guys fuck her is lovely, her massive big boobs swinging together like pendulums is lovely, and when she squeezes them together and invites the guys to spunk all over them I get quite jealous as mine are tiny in comparison.  Once by mistake we bought the same dress and when we arrived at the party she looked far better in it than I did, so I went home to get changed.  There isn’t anything she won’t do sexually, recently whilst she was out dogging with her fella, she had her own bukkake party, seven guys surrounded her, and after she got a hard fucking they emptied their balls over her face and tits.

The older I get the dirtier this Mature Phonesex slut gets.

Friday, September 16th, 2011

With my kids all grown up and leaving home I found myself with more time on my hands than I wanted, I started looking round for a part time job, there was one going in my local pub which I took as soon as it was offered. My husband wasn’t too pleased but I wanted some spare cash, I loved it, getting dressed in sexy dresses and skirts for work, something I never did for my other regular job. The guys really teased me about my big tits, and I gave them more than an eyeful sometimes. At the end of my shift when I got home I found myself fantasizing about fucking one or two of them, and my imagination was running wild, I needed to tell someone, but obviously I couldn’t tell my husband. This is when I found a phonesex line for  Older Housewives, this was just what I needed. I started having the filthiest horniest sex ever, the guys knew I was an older woman, but that’s what they wanted. I started playing with myself on the line, using a dildo or vibrator and my fingers. This one guy I’d had my eye on in the pub knew what I did in my spare time and one day he phoned me, I’d never have guessed he would, he was such a turn on, no holding back, we were telling each other everything that we’d do if we were together, I creamed my fingers several times, and he came twice too, I am such a horny phonesex slut.

Life really is one big party for the naughty girls on adult phone chat.

Friday, September 16th, 2011

The sexy younger girls who chat on the phone come from all walks of life, some have other jobs such as office workers, temps, hotel staff, others are solicitors, business women or housewives, the one thing they all have in common is their love of sex! They love anything and everything, and not only do they love having it they love telling you about it too.  Their calls are first rate full on filth, and the dirtier you are with them the hornier they become and are filthier with you in return. They love to fuck themselves whilst chatting to you, these younger Party Girls get off on getting you off, when they can hear you wanking your hard cocks just for them talking you through a horny scenario or fantasy that you have.  They will dress for you or use toys on themselves, they are so eager to please; knowing you are hot and horny makes them feel the same. Even though they are younger they know lots about sex, and what they don’t know will make them wet learning from you about it.  So, cum and tell these sexy younger babes your deepest horniest fantasy and I’m sure they will shock you with theirs, as they are not as sweet as they sound. They are the filthiest, horniest, sexiest little phone sluts you could ever listen to

No one would ever know I am such a filthy Phone Sex Chat slut, I look too sweet!

Friday, September 9th, 2011

I have been told I look ‘sweet’, I suppose I have the girl next door look. Believe me, I’m not sweet at all, I am the filthiest, horniest phone sex chat slut that you could ever chat to. I really get off on getting men off, and I love every single aspect of sex, whether it be swinging, dogging, girls, outdoor fun, every bit of it has to be Pure Filth.

My boyfriends know I am a sex addict, but they don’t complain they get their share, and that’s all their interested in. I get more than my share for real and over the phone. If I’m honest my phone sex is often far more intense than the real thing. Allowing the imagination to run on free will is a very horny thing; no wonder the brain is the largest sex organ. I fuck myself with fingers, toys and virtually anything I can fit in my holes. I love oral and anal, preferably both together at the same time. I have had a bukakke session at a swinging club where I swallowed nine lots of hot fresh horny spunk, that still remains one of the horniest nights of my life, and when I told my caller the next day whilst on the phones he had a massive orgasm also.

I’ve been blindfolded and had to guess whose cock I had inside me that was fun. Having a choice of six cocks and trying to fathom out which one it was, if I got it correct I was allowed to swallow their cum.

I’m just a cock hungry little whore and I love it!