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Adult Phone Chat with Real Older Housewives!

Thursday, August 30th, 2012

I get very frustrated lately! My Husband’s away on work a lot and I have a very high sex drive which needs fulfilling. I’m not the most confident of Older Housewives, find it hard to approach men but phone sex was a great way for me to get my thrills. I started it a couple of years ago when my husband started his job. It really gets me wet and to be honest I have better orgasms now on the sex line than I do with him. I love it when I get a young man come through to me as it’s a bit of fantasy of mine to seduce a younger guy and show him I dirty can be. With my years of sexual experience I know how filthy you guys can get and I love it. The filthier the better for me! Come through now, my hubbies away at the moment and I’m gagging to hear from you. My vibrator’s at the ready and my pussies already weeping with anticipation!

Kinky Fetish Sex on this Adult Phone Chat

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2012

I love to get kinky experimenting with different fetishes, exploring the possibilities with you and discovering new ways of pushing our pleasure levels to the max. Fetish is my speciality and I know all the tricks of the trade. Do you like watching people fucking as you wank? Having your cock teased to the limit and then denied your orgasm? Kinky Shoes and stockings? Pussy soaked panties or Cock and Ball Torture? Let’s think up some perverse role play to play out together, I love playing out filthy scenarios my cunts dripping in minutes!  Any fetish you desire, I can make a reality for you! Let me show you what I can do!

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Friday, August 17th, 2012

I recently had my second Boob Job and I love them even more now! I had the last one about 5 years ago and once I realised the power they had over men I new I wanted to increase the size again. They are huge now and I am getting all the attention I ever wanted. I love it when I get a guy home and he fucks my Huge Tits, the sensation of a nice fat cock sliding up and down between them, his helmet popping up into my face drives me crazy! Tweak, Tease and Squeeze my nipples as you fuck my pussy hard or watch them bounce over your head as I ride your cock! If you like massive tits then you need to call me. Ive got a big pair of sexy tits waiting for you right here so come and indulge yourself in my fun bags, we’ll both get pleasure together!

Naive and young, she needs guidance on this filthy phonesex line!

Friday, August 10th, 2012

’m new to phonesex but I’m eager and willing to learn! I need blokes to tell me what they want. I love to play with myself but I’m always up for trying new things with you guys. I been told I’m great at sucking cock and I know my pussy is nice and tight for your cock and it gets very wet in there. I’ve just turned 18 so I’m Barely Legal and sometimes I get a bit embarrassed after a phone session as my cunt drips so much I always have to change my sheets. Is that normal? I love to dress up too and always spend an hour or two getting ready as it gets me in the mood and makes me feel sexy. I love high heels, they make my legs look even longer than they are. I recently tried anal sex too, a bit painful but the pleasure outweighed the pain and I’m getting more used to it now. If you fancy a Filthy Phone Fuck with me Then call me now and we can cum together. Teach me what you like and I’ll be grateful to you

Call in to Mistresses phone sex Dungeon!

Thursday, August 2nd, 2012

I collect men and play with them, their screams and pleas get me so wet. I am a mean bitch and proud of the power and control I have over my male pets! Many guys visit my dungeon in the hope I will accept them as one of my slaves but I have a very long waiting list and can pick and choose as I wish! I particularly like to inflict pain using electro treatments on their sensitive cocks but I also love to fuck a guy with my strap on! Bent over my bench I take great satisfaction from ramming it deep inside him, making him scream for mercy. Whips, chains and crops adorn my Domination Lair and I always dress to heighten my slaves sensation in my thigh high boots and tight leather bodice. When my slaves are in recovery I love to take calls from you pathetic wankers at home and further inflict pain on my filthy hot sex line. Here’s your chance to become one of my brand new slaves and experience a session with the filthiest strictest mistress available. Come through now, Bitch Boy and belong to me!