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Friday, November 25th, 2011

Girls are as horny as guys these days, they know what they want and know how to get it, and I’m one of those girls. I love going out with my friends meeting guys and having a horny time. We all dress to impress and love to flirt with the guys. Recently we all bought a guy each back so there were 8 of us, we had lots to drink and played a game, and the girls all blindfolded their guys and took off their knickers putting them in a pile in the middle of the room. The guys had to pick a pair and smell and lick them, then go around each girl trying to match the pussies to the panties. We were all giggling as we were getting licked, and the guys were rock hard, they love Party Girls. They were licking our pussies really good, and only one of them got it right, so we all watched her getting fucked by that guy, by now the others were rock hard but had to wait until they guessed correctly, then another guy got his pair right, but by this time all bets were off, everyone was fucking anyone, there were cocks, pussies and tits all over the place, and I got onto my knees and took two  loads over my horny mouth, making sure I swallowed every drop. Girls being pussy fucked, arse fucked and mouth fucked, talk about a night to remember!

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Friday, November 25th, 2011

I am mature older lady who knows what you are going through but, I’ll make sure you will forget what you were upset about by the end of the night. I may not be able to give much advice out, but I can give alot of cock sucking goodness,  and fucking your cock with my wet, shaggy cunt. If you have a problem and dont know what to do, I be a dirty old slut who is Sympathetic and will make you lose your thoughts of why you were upset in the first place. I’ll let you slide your sliky tongue across my old silky pussy lips and your cock right up arse and back the fuck out of my pussy. Take your anger out on me by whipping my wrinkled arse, and slidding your rock hard cock right up my cunt and filling it with cummings. Wanking over by big boobs and squirting your creamy cum all over or just in my mouth where it slowly pours down the back of my throat and swallowing every last drop. Forgotten your feelings. Cum and tell me your feelings and I will make you better.

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Friday, November 25th, 2011

I’m a real horny slut who just dies to have a sweet, tight pussy to have. I’ve tried fucking and licking a girls sweet clit and now I want more. I  lick her young tight pissing hole and fuck her with my tongue, and slide my tongue from side 2 side on her pussy flaps. Just thinking of it now makes me gag for that sweet pussy, and makes my fucking pussy juice squirt so fucking far. My fingers will also be so far up her fucking pussy she want more and more. Maybe you love to see the sight of Lesbians getting off with 1 another. They always say 2 is better then 1. Winding up and down each other with their fingers and tongue, bringing out the strap on cock or the didldo. While fucking her in her tight pussy banging the fuck out of her, I push the dildo right up her tight sweet arse and hear her sexually scream.  Guys cum and wank over our sweet sexual bodies and watch as us girls clean our selfs up or girls cum and join in with the fun. The more the merrier.

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Friday, November 18th, 2011

Im just and old slut who still craves for a guys huge fucking rock of a cock in my shabby, wet pussy.  Old or young, I dont care as long as my cunt is filled with a cock or have a suckulant, wet tongue stroking my saggy pussy flaps making my juice dribble out, and suddenly squirt all over your face. Im such a horny old slat and  I really do know how to make a wanting guy want more. Older Women like me have the experience to make you feel orgasmic. I know the perfect moves to tingle your helmet and just how to suck on your huge penis, making you stiff and fit to explode your hot sticky cum over my saggy tits. I would swallow every last drop of your spunk, and still get you wanting more. I can fuck you hard and rotton, bouncing on your big cock, sliding your huge cock in and out of our wet, juicy pussies, and have you wanting us to give you more. The older I get, the more tricks i have to fuck fuck and fuck some more.

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Friday, November 18th, 2011

I love to lick’n’suck on guys or girls feet. The way that people rub  their feet when been walking non stop, they make that horny sexual groaning sound, that makes me cum in my lacey knickers. I can feel my pussy jucie running down my leg and my cunt wanting more.   My partner also likes feet 2. We love to rub chocolate sauce or put whipped cream on each others feet, just to slowly lick it off, and to get me dribbling from my cunt and him to have a big hard fucking cock. We both feed each other from our Foot Fetish by tieing our feet together, slowly sucking each others feet until the sexual horny pain is to unbearable and just have to fucking cum all over each others feet. He comes over his feet for me to slowly lick every little bit of his white, creamy spunk , and to pay more attention to his big, smooth feet.  Not only do I suck my partners feet, I also suck my girl mates feet, they find it so pleasurable, for some one to suck on their feet, and pay attention to them, rubbing their tight cunts aswell, to make their sweet, creamy cum pour down their leg to their feet for me to lick and suck off.  Want to listen to me suck my feet ? cum and call me then.

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Friday, November 18th, 2011

I’ve got male friends who just loves to dress up in womens clothes and wear some red and black tight lacey thongs just for me to pull them one side, push my huge strap on cock and fuck them hard and rotten right up their fucking arse, just to hear them scream with the pleasure, to make girls cunts wet and jucie ready for me to lick dry . Gays and lesbians love to come and talk to me even the TV&Chicks With Dicks as well. We fuck each other hardcore, rather in the arse or the pussy. Having fun with foreplay and role play.  I have a lot of males come to me about fantasting and dressing up like girls, I give them what they want and fucking suck them good and hard, hear them bitch when I shove my huge cock right up there fucking arse, or deep throat their cock right in my mouth. I’m a chick with a fucking big dick, cum and listen to me and I will make you cum back for more.

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Friday, November 11th, 2011

Hello guys, cum and listen to what I will do for you.  I’m such a fucking slut, and I always gag for some fucking, sucking fun.  I will be sucking that rock hard cock of your’s right down the back of my throat gaging on your cock. You hand-cuff my hands behind my back so I can’t move them, and you wank in my  mouth until you squart you hot creamy cum in my Pure Filth mouth and body. I  lick every bit of your spunk making sure that I haven’t left a drop behind. I get my bare arse out ready for you to whip me into shape. After that work out, you stick your hard rock right into my tight arse and fuck me real fast and hard, hear me scream with pleasure and pain and enjoy the moment.  Tie me up so I can move at all and lay me down, stick your face right im my pussy lips and fuck me with your tongue, make me squart my pussy jucies all in your face. I can go on for hours. How long can you last with this sluty bitch?

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Friday, November 11th, 2011

I’m in 2nd year of college and just recently found about phone sex.  I know i’ve missed out big time. I’m unexperianced women who wants to talk to an experianced guy. I would fucking suck their cock so hard, making it touch the back of my throat, propa deep throat him. Then with my warm silky, wet cunt push his hard, throbbing cock in side. Making him want more, I start to bounch on his hard cock, while my big boobs bounce up and down right in front of his eyes, bending over , I put my big pink nibbles in his mouth, he sucks on them and makes my nibbles firm and hard, at the same time I feel my hot cunt juices running down my leg.  Pushing him of me, I would then push his face in my young pussy and he would fuck me with his tongue, slinding it against my wet flaps, making my cum fire at his face. Me being Just Legal, I can do what ever I like to a guy, and tell him what he wants to hear,  how this younge woman would fucking lick every last bit of his spunk which he fired over my warm tonge. As he wanked himself off,  he can see me slide my fingers in and out of my pussy, playing with myself , then licking them as the  white cream of my pussy juices run down my wet fingers, after that swallowing every last drop of his creamy, hot spunk which then slowly runs down the back of my trobbing throat after all of that sucking on his hard cock. Want to hear more what I can do ?

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Friday, November 11th, 2011

I am a dirty little slut, who wants to get taught a lesson.  A master must need a slave and I will be that fucking little whore on the other side of the line, waiting for your hardcore sex chat.  I will listen to your orders and obey them but sometimes I will ignore you just so you can punish me. We would  do some role play where we are in an office were Master would be my boss and I’m the dirty bitch who works for Master.  Master give me orders, I disobey him, and he sends me into he’s office to tell me how much of a naughty bitch I was.  I never know what Master will do to punish me so that why I love to be into Submission.  This is what Master does , Master bends me over with force and spank me hard with the paddle and makes me say ‘Thank you master’ after each spanking until my arse is red which Master prefers it to be .  He rams he’s hard cock striaght up my fucking tight arse, and while grabbing my hair and holding tight. Master will then turn me around and shove his huge stiff penis right to the back of my throat, fucking me hard in my mouth until all his hot creamy spunk flows deeply into my mouth. I was such a horny filthy slut that I wanted to touch myself so much,  but Master never alouds it, but instead as I was good, Master fucked me with his silky warm tongue, licking my wet flaps and into my pissing hole. He made me lick my sticky pussy jucie of his face and let me get back to work. One problem, as I am such a dirty whore, I want more.

I’m waiting for your Knicker fetish phonesex call

Friday, November 4th, 2011

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