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Phonesex with kinky old wife!

Tuesday, January 29th, 2019

I’ve been married for years but things have got so boring over the years! Older Housewives like me are desperate to chat to horny guys like you and release some of that tension that’s built up! I’m very filthy and love to get dirty in the bedroom! My husband is always in front of the telly or down the pub so I’ll be waiting dildo ready to get kinky with you! I’m in my late forties but I’m good looking for my age and so fucking kinky I’ll blow your mind! I’d love to feel your swollen throbbing cock filling my mouth as slip my fingers deep inside my pussy or maybe you want to take me from behind? Whatever you want I’ll get you off! Call me now!

UK phone sex with high heel lover!

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2019

I’m always looking for guys who have a foot fetish, particularly men who get hard for high heels. I love high heels and I never leave the house without at least a 4 inch heel on. I have hundreds of pairs but I like them high, some of mine are 8 inches! I’ll wear whatever kind you like but I want to hear you cum for me! I got on an empty late train the other night and sat opposite this hot guy.  I was wearing my favourite pair of black six inch high heels, black stockings and very short skirt. I crossed my legs just revealing a touch of stocking top and waited for his reaction. I could tell he was aroused so began rubbing his leg with my sexy high heel and working my wat up to his cock, by the end I was rubbing him off with it while teasing my pussy! We both came and I got off, in more ways than one!

Adult phone chat – Taste my filthy Knickers!

Wednesday, January 16th, 2019

I’m a proper knicker lover and I love to dominate! I have hundreds of pairs of knickers from thongs to French and everything inbetween! I love to have a guy tied down to my four poster bed and watch him squirm and struggle as I tease and torment him to wicked extremes! I love to straddle his face and smother him with my pussy so he can smell my pussy through my favourite knickers. Sometimes I peel them off and stuff them in his mouth to stifle his groans and grind my clit on his nose until I climax and squirt my pussy juices all over his face! If you love knickers like I do and want to be dominated then call me now and let’s get filthy!

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Wednesday, January 9th, 2019

Get filthy with teenage nympho girls right now! They have just started on their own road of sexual discovery and once the flood gates were opened they’ve gone crazy for it! They can’t stop fucking and are looking for guys to help them quench their thirst for cock! Call them now and fuck them right now! Last week I was on the night train and was so horny I sat opposite this guy who was alone on the train and I just started rubbing his cock with my shoe, a very beautiful red six inch high heel. I startled him at first but once he saw me his eyes lit up! I climbed on top of him right there and then on that empty train and we fucked! ILt was so dirty! Call me now and give me what I want!

UK phone sex with wicked mistress!

Wednesday, January 2nd, 2019

I love to dominate and I have been a professional mistress for over a decade now! I always wear leather, rubber and PVC and my slaves love to feel my tight figure hugging outfits against their skin as I clamp their nipples and balls and play with them for my amusement! Of course I always end the session with pleasure but it takes a while for them to get it! I inflict them with pain and humiliation forcing them to eat my pussy and tongue fuck my arse as I yank their nipples and crush their balls! Sometimes I even fuck them at the end draining his swollen balls dry as I whisper filth in his ear, I can literally feel the intense pleasure coming from his throbbing cock as he moans and writhes in pleasure! If you like to be dominated and have a kink for leather and PVC then call me now!