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Friday, December 28th, 2012

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Wednesday, December 19th, 2012

I just love to be dominated by a big strong man! To lay there helpless heightens the pleasure and turns me on so much more than standard sex. Tied down and fucked, unable to do anything but lay there and take your huge cock deep inside me is total heaven! I’ll squeak and squeal with delight as my pussy gushes with pleasure juice! Flip me over and push my face in to the pillow as you push your cock in, squeezing into my tight little arsehole! I let out a scream of pleasure as you pound the arse off me and tease my cunt with your fingers giving me orgasm after orgasm. If you want to dominate a submissive little slut like me then what are you waiting for? Come through to me now and we can both cum together!

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Monday, December 10th, 2012

I might be young but I’m always really horny! I’m a little naive so need someone to teach me a few things. I want to learn how to be a filthy slut, I know it turns you guys on so come and tell me what filthy things I can do to get you hard!  My Just Legal pussy is still nice and tight and it will feel so good when you squeeze deep inside me! My pussy gets very wet and I have to change my sheets all the time with the amount I pleasure myself! I want to feel your spunk splash on me, dirtying my pretty face, transforming me into the filthy little bitch you’ve always dreamt of! Come through and let’s explore the filthy possibilities together, pushing the limits to the edges of filth and perversion!

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Friday, December 7th, 2012

Enter the Dark and twisted world of Domination with our sick and perverted Mistresses. Sacrifice your body and mind for your mistresses pleasure and suffer as she inflicts you with pain and terrible humiliation. You will be broken, you may resist, but eventually you will be reduced to a worthless shell of a man, pandering to your superiors every demand no matter how filthy! Mistresses all have different ways to gain control over you, whether it be good old fashioned hand cuffs to immobilise or verbal abuse to warp your mind and reduce your confidence until you hang on her every word! Forced to fuck her with her face dildo you will be so close you can almost taste her pussy juice, but you receive no release, it’s for her pleasure and hers alone. You are merely a human sex toy for her to play with!