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Worship your shiny new Mistress

Monday, June 25th, 2018

I’m obsessed with dressing in leather, rubber and PVC. I love to slip into my tightest outfits that hug my curvaceous figure and show off my curves. You’ll get rock hard at the sight of me completely encased in leather, Rubber and PVC  and won’t be able to resist my demands. Obsessed by my beauty you’ll do anything I desire. I might use you as my little sex toy ordering you to lick my pussy, or riding your face whenever I want! You’re obsessed with PVC and I love to dress in the shiniest tight outfits for you using silicone to buff to the brightest shine. High heel boots, long sharp nails, corset, thick high gloss lipstick and plenty of makeup complete my look that will hold you fast under my spell, you’ll be helpless against me. I love to dominate and control and I love latex as much as you do so call me now and let’s explore our fetish together in the most perverse way you’ve ever experienced!

Cheap phone sex with filthy estate woman

Tuesday, June 19th, 2018

I’m in my late 40’s and unemployed but I make sure I look good where I can! I always go for the slutty look and I just love sex. The filthier the better for me, I’m just pure filth! I live on an estate and all the boys know me round here! One afternoon I had a knock on the door and it was the postman. I say postman he couldn’t have been over 18 and looked so cute in his little uniform. I just couldn’t help myself! I pretty much dragged him in the house and told him I needed a filthy afternoon of dirty sex. He looked so scared but I knew he wouldn’t resist, all you guys are the same. I threw him down on the sofa and began to ride his face smothering him with my dripping wet cunt! He pounded me from behind and he was so big! Once he came he finished me off with his tongue and we went for it again after a few minutes and did it all again! Once I was satisfied I let him out and had a nice long sleep! If you want to fuck a filthy woman like me then call me now!

College girl wants to try adult phone chat

Tuesday, June 12th, 2018

All my friends at college have been going on about making money from phone sex and I’ve decided to give it a go. I’m a bit nervous as I’m only Just Legal and haven’t had much experience when it comes to boys but I’m sure you guys will help me along. I’d love to know what you like and I’m sure I can please! I’m 18 and blonde with C cup tits, a perfect handful. I have a nice tight pussy and I don’t know if it’s normal but when I cum a lot of juice comes out but maybe you guys like that! I want to hear you wank for me. It will get me so turned on. I’m cute and bubbly with pigtails that you could hold on to as you take me from behind. I’d love to be the submissive one and let you take control so if you like the sound of me, give me a call and  let’s get dirty right now!

Phonesex nympho wants to capture a man!

Wednesday, June 6th, 2018

I have this fantasy I’d love to roleplay with you guys. It’s a bit twisted and perverse but I bet you love it kinky! I’m actually a total nympho, in my early 40’s and I can never get enough cock!  I’ve always dreamt of going to a club and looking for a guy who turns me on. I would be dressed up in the sexiest outfit, high heels and stockings and I’d do everything to seduce him. Once I got him back to my house, I’d offer him a glass of champagne but It would be spiked. Once he was fully sedated I would take him down to my fully prepared and equipped soundproof dungeon. He would wake up restrained and this is where he would stay as my sex slave, servicing my insatiable appetite for sex. I would reprimand him for any disobedience exhibited and force him to do anything I required and as the years rolled by I would mould him physically and psychologically into the sex toy I desire! Call me and let’s explore my fantasy together!