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UK Phone Sex – Younger Slut loves to be dominated!

Tuesday, September 26th, 2017

I love to be at your mercy having to do anything you say with no control over what happens! I feel like such a slut but I fucking love feeling like that! Your hands on the back of my head with your rock hard cock thrusting down the back of my throat as I gag and splutter drives me wild! I love submission and to be completely restrained, my hands and feet tied to the bed posts, unable to move as you use me for gratification however you want! Fuck me senseless in all my holes, degrade me and treat me like the slut I am! If you like to dominate little sluts like me then I’m your girl. Call me now and let’s make our fantasies reality!

Domination phone sex – You’re my slave and I am your mistress!

Tuesday, September 19th, 2017

I am an expert in all things domination! After years of practice and discovering control methods I can control my slaves with ease and precision. I will never let my slave forget that I am the mistress and the one in complete control of him. He no longer has control of anything that happens to him! If I want him eating my pussy then he will bury his tongue in my cunt without hesitation. Objections are met with severe pain and punishment and if he doesn’t obey, he soon will once I’ve corrected his behavior. I use many techniques to to do this depending on the slave including humiliation and pain infliction. If you would like to donate yourself to me as a slave and experience your ultimate domination fantasy then call me now but be warned once you dedicate yourself to me there will be no turning back.

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Tuesday, September 12th, 2017

I’m a sexy black babe and proud of it! You’ll get rock hard over my big booty and curves! I love sex and I’m such a dirty slut you’ll go crazy for me! I love to dress up in the sluttiest clothes to show you what a sexy slut I am! If you love a black babe with a big arse and big tits like me then you’ll go wild for me! I give the best blow jobs my plump lips covered in glossy lipstick slowly teasing that delicious cum from your cock. Bend me over and fuck me hard and fast, I love to feel you pounding me from behind hearing your pelvis slamming against my arse as your big cock slides in and out of my wet pussy!   I’m quite load so make me scream, I fucking love it!

Adult phone chat with man hungry slut!

Monday, September 4th, 2017

My husband is away at work a lot and I get so frustrated that you can’t blame me for being a cheating housewife. I’m in my 40’s but our paper boy is so cute I could just gobble him up so I put a plan in place. He delivers at 9:30am every morning so I got up early, did my makeup, hair and wore my sexiest outfit, stockings, high heels, the works! I lay in wait by the door and when he delivered I opened it and said. “Oh my love you couldn’t help me could you? My husband is away and a bulb is gone, Could you just pop in for a second?” I led him up the stairs to the bedroom. After changing the bulb he turned around to see me standing in front of the locked bedroom door! He looked a little worried. “Don’t worry my sweet, everything will be fine if you do as I say, come over here sweetie” I ravished him! Holding his head between my thighs as he ate my flowing pussy. Fucking and sucking his big young cock until he came all over me!