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Adult Phone Chat – Creamy white pleasure

Friday, June 26th, 2015

Smoking is such an elegant thing for a woman to do. Watch me as I sit perfectly  poised and place the butt to my glossy red lips ready to take a deep drag on the cigarette. I bet the thought is getting you hard already! I love to tease men with smoking, I know how much it turns you guys on. Imagine my lips almost touching your hard throbbing cock as the creamy white smoke falls over your helmet, caressing your sensitive prick. You can almost feel the smoke edging you to the point of climax as you look down at my beauty! If smoking women turn you on then you need to call now and let me satisfy your fetish for smoking!

Phone sex chat – Treated like the dog you are!

Friday, June 19th, 2015

I am a strict mistress and when you become mine you’ll get your own lead and I’ll walk you around like the dog that you are, You will belong  to me and become my property. I like my slaves on a lead for many reasons. It reinforces my dominance over you, degrades you and humiliates you making sure you know your place in our domination partnership. It also allows me to physically control you. If I need my pussy licked for example I can pull your chain and your head right up against my cunt forcing you to lick me out. After all what use is a slave if I can’t get you to eat my pussy whenever I desire! My kinky fetish wear will keep you eager too! My shiny black, tight dress, high heels and stockings ensure you stay hard at all times, poised to please me at any given moment! Call now for the ultimate domination experience!

Anal Phone Sex Chat with Tight Teen Hole!

Wednesday, June 10th, 2015

I turned 18 a few months ago and realised… I need a job! I’m not very skilled but I love cock and phone sex seemed the perfect job for me. I wasn’t wrong! All you horny guys wanting anal sex, eager to fuck my dumb little brains out, I fucking love it and can’t get enough! My arse is still nice and tight too so give me a call, bend me over and squeeze your throbbing eager cock deep in my little tight hole. I’ll play with my pretty pussy as you ram my rear and fill it to the brim with cum! I love to feel your hot sticky cum flowing deep up inside my tight little arsehole. I scream with pain and pleasure as you stretch me to the limit! Call and experience your anal sex fantasy right now!

Twisted phonesex when husband can’t be used!

Friday, June 5th, 2015

I use the promise of sex to humiliate and dominate my hubby. When he gets in from work I make him crawl around on all floors, lick my high heel boots and beg for my  cunt! I make him lick it for dessert after he eats his dinner like a dog from the plate that I put on the floor for him! All this time he’s crawling around with his pathetic cock standing proud eager to fuck his own housewife. Only once he’s satisfied me, and only then will I allow him to fuck me and release his building frustrations, spunking his load deep inside me! I love to dominate and when he’s at work I like to work on you guys at home! Call me now and let me own you, dominate you and use you for my twisted perverse pleasures.