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Now I’m pregnant I love phone sex chat even more!

Friday, March 30th, 2012

Getting pregnant, I thought I would lose my libido and have to give up the phone sex and leave all my admirers in the lurch. How wrong I was! Since getting pregnant my sex drive has shot through the roof and I ‘m now hornier than I have ever been. My Pussy is wetter and my tits have swollen to what I can only describe as massive melons! I crave cock in my cunt like never before and I have bought some new dildos to satisfy my new found urges. They are much longer and have more girth than I usually go for but I need it! I was worried that my callers wouldn’t want me anymore but they love it more than ever now I’m Pregnant. I get twice the amount of men calling me now than I ever have. Give me a call now and hear me fuck my sloppy cunt until I squeal and drip with pleasure.

Black Bitch craves Cock and squirts on this phone sex line

Thursday, March 22nd, 2012

I love Cock! I’m not ashamed to admit it, I can’t get enough, black, white, big and even small. If it’s a cock, I’ll fuck and  suck it. If you like a big arsed filthy Black Bitch then you need to call me now! I love to feel your cock spunk deep inside my sloppy pussy. I squirt too which men seem to love! I had this bloke once and when I told him I squirted he begged me to show him. He instantly buried his head under my tight little skirt, between my thighs and began to lap and tongue my increasingly wet cunt. It was awesome as I felt myself cumming knowing I was about to release my full gush spraying his face with my filthy love juice. He was blown away and kept coming back for more, he couldn’t get enough of my squirting pussy. Once you’ve gone black you’ll never go back!

Finally 18 and free to be a sex crazed phonesex slut.

Friday, March 16th, 2012

I was brought up by very strict parents and was stopped from doing lots of things that normal teenagers get up to. I turned 18 last year and immediatley moved out into a shared house with a few of my girlfriends. They are all such loose sluts and it’s kinda began to rub off on me! We all go out together now on the pull and see who can snare the fittest bloke. We have a bit of competition going on and we sometimes even share him when we get him back to the house. They never seem to mind, fucking 4 different Just Legal girls in one night! I also started this phonesex line as I was enjoying my sex life so much and wanted to explore and push it further. Wow! I get so fucking filthy now, I’ve got 12 Dildos! I’m worried that I’m turning into a nympho but I can’t stop fucking, whether it’s real cock or my plastic friends. Give me a call and fuck my nice tight pussy please, I’ve just shaven it for you and It’s quivering with excitement, glistening with anticipation. I need your cock lads Come and fuck me now!

Cheap phone sex with Horny little sex mad Asians.

Friday, March 9th, 2012

I love you Western Guys! Your Cocks are so Big! When I first came to the UK I couldn’t believe the attention I was getting from all you Brits, some of you can’t resist an Asian girl can you? Since arriving here I’ve just gone sex crazy. I’ve tried things I would have never tried back home! Maybe it’s our culture, I don’t know but I recently started up Sex chat and I Love it! I can’t get enough sex now and doing phone sex is the perfect way of me getting my kicks when I’m home alone! I love hearing you cum, telling me how hard you want to fuck me as I slide my fingers in and out of my moist pussy, squealing with pleasure and eastern delight. My pussy drips with my sweet cunt honey and I imagine your head buried between my thighs as you lap up the goodness pouring from my pussy. Please give me a call! I need more British cock and I need it now!

Old, Flithy Slut who just Loves phone sex!

Friday, March 2nd, 2012

If you saw me walking down the street you’d think I was very prim and proper. I do take pride in my appearance and enjoy wearing my business suits, pencil skirt with my shiny black high heels and stockings, it makes me feel so feminine and sexy and I love the attention I get off all the men on the commute into work. I’m an Older Women, 50 years old but I can tell that doesn’t matter to some of the blokes on the train! I like to tease them sometimes, crossing my legs, flashing them a glimpse of my stocking tops! I don’t take things any further than that but when I get home after a hard days work I can’t wait to let loose and chat to you horny guys on these sex lines. I love to describe my wank worthy outfit to you horny men as you jerk off. I have a large collection of dildos which I slide in and out of my tired old loose cunt which drips with fanny juice as I listen to you cumming! I particularly like you young callers it’s a fantasy of mine to fuck a much younger guy and I cum so hard when I get a call from one of you shy guys! Give me a ring darling, We can get so filthy together!