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When you’ve had black you won’t look for white pussy again

Friday, October 29th, 2010

I am 5ft 8 very slim with big boobs and I am black. I love having phone sex with sex hungry men, I’ve been doing it for about 5months now, and I absolutely adore it. I always dress for sex whether it be on the phone or for real, I find it makes me feel so much hornier. I like to wear stockings, suspenders or even fetish wear.

The guy who lives in the next flat knows what I do in my spare time and he sometimes comes in and listens to me fuck myself, and watches as I play with my ‘toys’. He has a really lovely white chunky cock, and it looks so good dipping in and out of my hot pussy, he likes to fuck my ass to which at first I wasn’t too keen on, but after the first time he fucked me there I wanted more of it. He is a real heavy cummer and his spunk looks gorgeous on my Hot black Girls body, it’s all white, thick and glistening, I always scoop it up on my fingers and lick them clean. I would love you to imagine its you fucking me when you call, I am sure we will have hell of a horny  time!

Dress me for phonesex in my kinkiest of outftits

Friday, October 29th, 2010

I love wearing anything kinky, I have Leather, Rubber and PVC outfits and love callers to tell me what to dress in whilst having phonesex. When I wear my rubber or leather catsuit I feel far more dominant and love to take control, but when I wear my tiniest of PVC dresses I am submissive, love the guys to take over and describe to me what they would do to me if they were with me. I really get off on the smell and texture of the outfits as well as hearing the caller’s voice. I wear it to go out in also, my friend and I go to a fetish club where we watch lots of bottom’s getting spanked either on the bare or just underneath the tiny outfits. Last time my naughty bottom was striped for a few days afterwards.  Come and describe to me how you would fuck me in my sexiest, tightest, horniest outfits!

Phone sex chat led me to masturbate for strangers

Friday, October 29th, 2010

I have just turned 18 so I am Just Legal to have a phone sex chat. I love talking to older men on here, the way they are so honest and open about what turns them on. I have a guy who gets me to go over to my window and pull up my little skirt, my fingers in my knickers and start masturbating, and two guys have actually looked up at me and seen me doing it. He imagines himself stood at the bus stop watching me, then coming over to my flat and fucking me hard on my bed in every position. Love the thought of him taking me doggy and sliding his cock deep into my arse, I’ve never had anal and would love a stranger to take my anal cherry, there is something so naughty and raw about it, just getting fucked hard and not knowing who it is that’s fucking me then leaving me with all of their spunk inside my arse! Now I love masturbating in front of strangers, I want several guys now to look up at my window to see if I’m there, and I’d love it. What am I going to be like in a few years time? A total phone sex chat fuck junkie I think!

Ever seduced a virgin whilst having Adult Phone Chat

Friday, October 22nd, 2010

I am a more mature lady, and I have found the older I get the hornier I become. Since using Adult Phone Chat I have realised just what I have been missing in my sex life all these years – variety! The calls I get are from guys who are usually very experienced, but sometimes that isn’t the case. I had a 30 year old virgin chatting to me, he was very shy, and of course I was sympathetic, but I really wanted to seduce him. He had never wanked on the phone before, but it didn’t take me long to have him playing with himself. I was describing to him how I would seduce him. I would have on sexy lingerie I told him, high heels, lots of lip gloss and described how I would suck his cock, taking it inch by inch deep into the back of my throat slowly. I could hear his moans and groans, and it was turning me on too. It didn’t take him long to cum,   Older Women have the advantage with years of hardcore fucking to know that the cherry can be popped in the most fuckable ways resulting in you spunking your load like you can never imagine until it’s been experienced in this way, and afterwards he didn’t know what to say.  He was soon back on the phone wanting more.

I was spanked for being a cheap sex chat slut

Friday, October 22nd, 2010

My Master called round one day whilst I was having a cheap sex chat. He didn’t know I was doing it, and boy, was I in deep trouble!

He stood at the door whilst I played with my pussy, totally engrossed in what the caller had to say. As I put the phone down he looked at me in disgust, and told me I was going to be sorry. He made me bend over the table, laying my hands flat on the surface he very slowly walked around me, and told me I was just a cheap fuck slut. I had my head bowed and knew I was in for a damned good Spanking.

I wasn’t wrong. He rolled his sleeves up, and lifted my skirt around my hips. My knickers were wet from the caller, and he pulled them down to the back of my knees. He started to spank me very hard, and I was yelping like a scolded kitten. My bottom was so sore afterwards I could barely sit down. Didn’t stop me though, perhaps I am a little sex chat slut after all?

Do young guys crave Adult Phone Chat with Big, Black girls?

Friday, October 22nd, 2010

When I first had sex with a white guy I was hooked. I suppose it’s like a white girl having a black guy.  The contrast of white cock against a black body is wonderful.  Talking to all you horny white guys on adult phone chat makes my hot black box tingle. When my pussy is aroused my lips really swell, and my pink bits are exposed, my clit is really large and it’s like a tiny cock poking through, and I can wank it like one too. Love folding back my lips and feeling a lovely pink tongue lapping at my juicy hot cream.  Then bending over and opening my tight Big Black Girls arse for a big white cock to fuck it. My big juicy tits swinging as I get fucked, so horny. But finishing off over my face, gorgeous hot white spunk splattered over my horny lips watching me licking it all up.

Is it Really Filthy Anal Phonesex your looking for?

Friday, October 15th, 2010

I had never tried anal until a guy I spoke to whilst having phone sex. He asked me if I had any toys, which I have, he told me to put a small vibrator in my arse.  To be honest with you it hurt, but when I relaxed it got better! I put another one in my pussy and could feel them buzzing together, just my pussy separating the two holes. God, did I cum deep and hard! I am so grateful to this guy for my introduction to anal sex.  Now I can’t get enough Anal, every time I have sex, I tell them to shoot their loads in my tight hot arse, the feeling of all that cream spurting into me is incredible, and when I finger myself at the same time, and can feel that cock buried deep inside me – fuck! I cum almost immediately.  Even got my boyfriend into it, I bought a strap on as a joke, telling him not to knock it till he’s tried it, what an arse slut he is now!

Can this Party Girl seduce you with Cheap Sex Chat!

Friday, October 15th, 2010

I would say that I am a party girl, I love going out to pubs and clubs, dressing in a nice tight little dress high heels of course, sometimes stockings and suspenders. I am 19 and love to show off my figure. I get noticed when I am out, and I love the attention. Not long ago I was wearing this really ass hugging dress, no knickers which was obvious and my gorgeous new shoes. I was stood at the bar trying to get the barmaids attention and I could feel a guy stood behind me, he was very close. I began to lean over the bar so my ass rubbed against his cock which was now hard. I was there for about 5 minutes, I got the drinks, turned round and asked him if he wanted to go outside! He obviously said yes, and I gave him such a quick horny blow job, I adore spunk and swallowed the whole load, then went inside to meet my friends as if nothing had happened. I was telling a guy this whilst having cheap sex chat, and imagined him to be that guy, he soon found out that there was far more to my Sexy Party Girl Phone Sex antics than a quick blow job!

Pregnant girl works on UK Phone sex line, That’s 9 months of horny! sex

Friday, October 8th, 2010

When I was pregnant I couldn’t believe how horny I was, my tits were big to begin with, but they were like balloons towards the end, my pussy was always wet, and all I could think about was sex. I loved having UK phone sex, the guys who enjoyed a pregnant girl knew exactly how I felt, my pussy lips used to be swollen by the time I had finished a call. My knickers were permanently wet when I thought about the chats, everywhere I went I found myself looking at guy’s cocks. I even let my friends husband fuck me whilst I was Pregnant because he found it so horny. He bent me over the stairs and gave it to me deep and hard whilst she stood and watched, fucking herself with a vibrator! I didn’t know so many men could have a pregnancy fetish, it’s worth getting pregnant again just for the thrill of it.

Does full on hardcore phonesex get you hard and throbbing? read on !!

Friday, October 8th, 2010

Some of the best calls that have made me really wet and horny are the ones that always describe what they are going to do to me in detail, from the way they are going to take my sexy clothes off piece by piece, to the way they are going to suck and caress my tits. Then finally the best part when they tell me what they are going to do to my soaking wet pussy, of course using their fingers first to get me nice and wet, then the hot wet tongue around my clit and my love hole, then finally how they are gonna fuck me real Hardcore.  First slamming their thick throbbing cocks in and out of my gaping slit, then sliding deep and long into my tight shitty ass till they flood my back passage with their hot thick spunk.  Watching them lap up all that spunk with their tongues as i squeeze it out with my anal muscles makes me cum all over again.  My cunt is starting to get all wet and sticky just imagining it !!!  Gets me going every time.