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Do you get off on phone sex chat while sniffing a used pair of panties

Friday, July 30th, 2010

I’m a typical woman when it comes to wearing sexy underwear, I always want to look my best for the person I’m with whether it is with a man or a woman, that’s right guys I do like an occasional bit of pussy too!  well we have had my husbands friend staying with us for a couple of weeks now as he is having problems with his wife.  I have noticed when doing the washing the last few times that my panties are all screwed up in one place.  So i am pretty certain our lodger is a Knicker Lover.  I find this quite a turn on really as he is getting sexually excited while smelling my intimate sexual aroma.  Next time he finds my knickers they are gonna be soaked in my cum juice for him. Maybe he will spunk into them then i could get to have a sniff too

When I was younger I was seduced with Cheap Sex Chat by my friends gay Auntie

Friday, July 23rd, 2010

Im going back a couple of years now to when I was 18 years old. I was at a house party for my best friends 18th birthday, there was loads of us there girls and guys, and all night I was getting eyed up by one woman in particular, she was one of my friends aunties and I knew she was a lesbian which I found a huge turn on, I had never had any experience of Lesbians, and damn she looked fucking hot that night.  She was rubbing her self against me more and more as we were dancing, and I was getting wetter by the minute,  So I went upstairs to the bathroom.  When I came out of the toilet there she was waiting for me.  She pushed me up against the wall and gave me the most amazing snog I’d ever had. As you can imagine I was dripping wet by this point, then she started to feel my tits though my top and my nipples were standing erect, rock hard. I could have let her lick my pussy there and then, she was so fucking hot and incredibly talented with her fingers. Im dripping wet just thinking about it, she always made me have the most intense orgasms!

I have an incredible sex Drive, and phonesex, extremely hardcore and pure filth get me squirting

Friday, July 23rd, 2010

Hi there my name is Alison and I guess I am a complete sex addict.  I would Fuck or Suck or finger my soaking wet fanny every minute of every day if I could.   I can’t help myself.  I spend a lot of my time  having phonesex with horny men or women who  tell me that no one else can talk such pure filth as me which gives them the most intense mind blowing orgasms they have ever had.  I always cum very loudly and my cunt juice sprays out everywhere.  I cum even harder when I know that the other person is wanking themselves closer and closer to orgasm as they listen to my squelching cum cream streaming out from my swollen and throbbing cunt lips.  call and cum with me now, I am always up for whatever weird or kinky fetish that presses your buttons xx

Cheap Phone Sex Just got better, A New Mistress, She will Humiliate you!

Friday, July 23rd, 2010

If you have not been to my dungeon before slave then you must learn to obey my every command.  I will expect total submission at all times.  When you address me you will always call me mistress, failure to do so will involve severe punishment.  I employ both physical and mental domination so your body mind and soul belong to me to use and abuse exactly as i see fit.  If i want to i will put a collar and chain on you and force you to walk on all fours barking and whimpering like a dog ! a very mangey dog with flees and a shitty arse.  I may even get you to lick the arse of any other dogs who may be around.  I have no problem in whipping you into line if your dissobedient so remember your arse is mine you piece of shit

I look forward to a really steamy phone sex session after a day at the office keeping up appearances

Friday, July 16th, 2010

After my Day job, 20 yrs working as a P.A. to the company CEO, I look forward to the release of phone sex, I receive calls in the Posh Totty Theme, It was the only group that accommodated my elegant sounding voice.  I have many gentlemen who seek out my attentions on a regular basis.  They can always tell I am one of the older ladies on the phone sex lines and are very stimulated by my affinity with all the posh girls they come across in their daily routines.  I have many sexy and erotic adventures into their fantasy lands which always lead to a very satisfying climax.  cheerio for now then cum again soon xx

Do you prefer to walk on the TV side of UK Phone Sex or maybe chicks with a little extra are your thing

Friday, July 16th, 2010

Are you going to come and be my sissy slave and let me dress you in all my pretty dresses and sexy undies.  I love to see a man in womens stockings and suspender belts and if they can find the right size seeing a man dressed up all slutty and wearing stilletoes makes me all hot and wet between my legs.  I have a friend who is derek in real life,  but when he calls the UK Phone Sex TV and Chicks with Dicks line she calls herself Dierdrie and has lots of nice chats with other she-males who also enjoy the anonimity the uk phone sex line gives them.  Every so often Derek/Dierdrie asks me round for tea and biscuits as he does love me to fuck his arse hard and deep with my eight inch strap-on dildoe.  Call and find out what else I get up to with my fetish friends x x

You will submit to your mistress demanding Cheap Phone Sex from her worthless slave

Friday, July 16th, 2010

I am a strict life style Mistress so be warned all you weak and pathetic little maggots who would dare to engage in conversation with your Mistress,  I will make you obey me and you will bend to my will.  Whatever tasks I set you will be completed to my demanding standards.  Failure is not an option in my domain.  You will learn quickly that mistakes, no matter how trivial will be severely punished.  Should I at any point take pity on you and allow you to  pleasure your pathetic shrivelled little cock momentarily never forget I have total domination over you at all times.  You wont call because you can’t handle the humiliation you gutless scum bag.

Young Mandy calls a Cheap Phone Sex line craving some hot girl on girl action

Friday, July 9th, 2010

I have found a lot of very sexy young girls to have fun with over the last six months since I turned eighteen, especially on the cheap phone sex lines that I call and chat on.  There are lots of horny girls who are more than willing to meet up with another girl for some very naughty and steamy fucking sessions.  Most of them are bisexual so there is always a chance when they come to play that they will bring some hard cock with them to play with too.  Making love with a lesbian is the ultimate in sensual pleasure but when it comes down to a good hard grinding fuck gimme a man every time.  In fact if you call maybe I will be on the other end with my lesbian lover.  Try it and see ! !

Filthy Cheap Sex Chat with party girls that suck fuck rub & play with everyone at the party

Friday, July 9th, 2010

I love to be out and about with a group of hardcore party girls who really know how to have the maximum fun you could possibly imagine.  I went to a friends twenty first birthday party last saturday night and it really got explicit after the two male strippers were blown away by some real cheap sex chat dispensed by the party girls that could only be around 19 or 20 in the first place.  I bet they all had a proper good shafting that night.  I was so shit faced I barely remember getting home that night.  I did wake up with a very sore pussy so I must have got some steamy sex somewhere along the night.  Cant wait for the next party party girls go every night all night long too ! !

A Peeping Tom Calls me for an adult phone chat & confessess to perving on the girls in the shower!

Friday, July 9th, 2010

I do get some unusual guys calling when I am online and having  kinky fun doing some wild adult phone chat.  You never know what might be the next conversation.  Well, the other night I was chatting away when this guy came on and told me he was a peeping tom and got very excited by seeing girls or women in various states of undress without them knowing he was watching.  He was telling me about when he was at the swimming pool and they had unisex changing rooms which were ideal for a spot of voyeurism,  so he had made a little hole through to the next cubicle and waited till someone went into the cubicle.  He said he was amazed to see two young ladies maybe around 19 or 20 had both gone into the same cubicle and he was even more surprised and excited when he could see them snogging each other and groping and fondling each others breasts.  He was rock hard by this time and rubbing his cock for all he was worth.  I will tell you the rest of the story he told me when you call cos I know you will