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These girls have cheeky firm bottoms and they’re ready for you on Cheap Adult Chat.

Friday, October 21st, 2011

The girls on here just love to have their bottoms spanked, there is something so submissive yet so naughty about it. The hot sensation as a hand engages onto a bottom and the noise of flesh makes them squeal with both pleasure and pain. They will be so ready to admit all the misdemeanours telling you just how slutty they have been, knowing that there will be repercussions for their filthy ways. Waiting for you instruct them to remove their panties and bend over to receive their harsh Spanking from you. They will have paddles, canes, belts, riding crops ready for use on themselves under your instruction of course.  If they moan or complain you can take it out on them further, you  will know what to do, as you’re in control of these little cock sucking, spunk inducing, sluts. They will expect a severe spanking as this is what they’re used to. They are used to swallowing spunk after a long harsh spanking, so I’m sure you will be able to feed these cock hungry whores fully. If you allow they will come from the heat of their bottoms as they finger their tight little holes.

This Posh totty is an experienced Phone Sex slut!

Friday, October 14th, 2011

The men who I have phone sex with tell me I have a posh voice, this must be down to my schooling – I went to a public school and was taught how to speak eloquently from a young age. I do dress quite sophisticated, nice suits for work, stockings, suspenders and expensive shoes and handbags. What people don’t realise when they see me is what a filthy phone slut I am. I really get off on being an absolute phone whore! Love telling men to fuck me, telling them that I am a Experienced cock sucking, spunk inducing jism drinking bitch, who loves it rough when it comes to sex. Sometimes I shock myself at what comes out of my mouth, I really get off on it. None of my friends know what I do in my spare time, but the guys I go out with know, and they enjoy the fact that they have a posh tart to take home and screw like a slut, knowing that I adore it!

Do you Want Dirty, Smelly, Sticky, Knicker Lovers phonesex?

Friday, October 14th, 2011

There are lots and lots of dirty fuckers out there that love nothing better than getting their noses stuck into the gusset of a heavily soiled pair of panties or a tiny g string that has been tight up the crack of  a sexy babe.  They even get their tongues in that gooey cum stain and lick it clean while they are having a good hard rub of their rock hard cocks.  I was seeing a guy for a while who was really in to sniffing and licking my panties after i had been wearing them all day.  Sometimes he wouldn’t even wait for me to take them off, he would just get right down between my open thighs and suck my gusset for all he was worth.  Sometimes i would slowly trickle some piss in his mouth through my knickers and this would really make him go wild and shag me senseless.  Yes i have to say i’m a big fan of knicker lovers !

She isn’t the Only Girl With Big Boobs On This Filthy Phone Sex Chat Line

Friday, October 14th, 2011

I have always had a very well developed set of Boobies ever since I was sixteen years old.  They have sometimes got me in trouble with some of my friends Dad’s  They just couldn’t keep their eyes off of them.  Now that I am considered to be an older woman, well into my fifties they are a huge asset for me and whenever I tell any of the guys on the phone sex chat lines how massive they are the excited tone of their voice’s tells me they would give anything to be smothered between my huge mammaries.  They really go mental with lust when i describe to them in detail how i would lather up my big Boobs and give them the best soapy tit wank.  They always ask if they can spunk their hot Jism over my tities and watch as I rub it all in, paying particular attention to my hard throbbing nipples !

My phone sex chat guy has another guilty secret

Friday, October 7th, 2011

I had been going out with my boyfriend for a few months and I knew he enjoyed a horny phone sex chat, that didn’t really bother me; it quite turned me on in fact. We were looking after my Dad’s house one week as he’d gone away, and I’d gone out for the afternoon. When I got back the back door was open which was unusual, I went in and heard my boyfriend on the phone talking utter filth. I peeped through the crack of the door and saw him with a pair of black lacy knickers in his hand wanking away, it took me a few minutes to realise that these knickers weren’t mine, they were my Dad’s girlfriend, and he had a photo on his knee which he was looking at. I didn’t say anything as I needed time for it to sink in. I’d spoken to Knicker Lovers myself and knew how much they get guys turned on, and when I was chatting on the phone, the guy told me to go and put on a clean pair of her knickers and masturbate in them, which I did as he listened, this might put a stop to his Knicker fetish the next time he gets them out of the washing basket he will think they are hers, but really they smell of my pussy, not hers! It backfired a bit really because he saw me wearing them, and he knew instantly they weren’t mine, and the fact that they were hers gave him an instant hard on, he fucked me so hard and so desperately I thought he was going to pass out, it certainly perked up our sex life though.

Please, I beg you to make me submit to your commands on Cheap Adult Chat

Friday, October 7th, 2011

I am a very submissive slut, and I am here to carry out whatever commands you have for me. You will find I am compliant to every one of them, doing whatever it takes to please you Master. My only goal during our conversation is to prove myself to you, that I am worthy of your time and energy, Submission is what I do best, and I was born to serve a Master such as yourself. You will find me experienced in all forms of submission, from the bdsm scene to fetish wear, I can take any punishment you wish to give me, and I have a very high pain threshold. My bottom is used to being spanked and caned, and obviously used as a receptacle for your cock if my Master desired. I have had two Masters in the past, and both wrote me glowing references before I was handed over to another one. I have been to sub dom clubs, where I wore just a leather g-string and high heels and a collar, paraded around the subs ring for everyone to look at me, and hopefully admire my high standard of submission. I hope I didn’t come across as inflating my ego by saying that, I just wanted you to know that I am not a novice at this, I come with training and paperwork. I do hope you will call me as I am getting into my slutty ways due to the fact I haven’t a Master at the moment.

Love chatting to guys on cheap sex chat about my Lesbian ways.

Friday, October 7th, 2011

Let’s face it; doesn’t the sight of two girls licking each other’s pussies turn you on? Two lots of tits rubbing against each other and getting harder, one bending over so you can get a glimpse of a swollen pussy dribbling in creamy juice is enough to make me cum never mind a guy. I love girls as well as guys, and have lots of friends that are Lesbians, and watching them fuck and sometimes joining in is such a turn on for me. I love the way they lick pussy so gently and tenderly, fingers slowly probing each other, and smearing their juices over each other’s mouths and kissing each other so deeply and passionately as they have their hands over each other’s bodies.  I love it when I chat to guys on cheap sex chat about lesbian sex, because I do know what I’m talking about, the last time I had sex with a girl was the first time my boyfriend caught me, he didn’t know I was bi. He came into the room as I was eating her pussy, he was supposed to be off to the pub with his mates but had forgotten his wallet. He walked straight into the bedroom and I was tonguing her deeply and she was writhing around on the bed, he stood there and watched before he got his cock out and fucked me so hard and so fast I came all over his cock as she came over my face.