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Posh Phone Sex – filthy bitch!

Monday, July 30th, 2018

I’m your typical posh totty. I’m in my late forties and I’ve had lots of work done and I’m looking good! My hubby passed on over 5 years ago now and I’ve been lunching with the ladies, meeting at various coffee bars and bistros. I always dress very classy and slightly sexy, pencil skirts, stockings and high heels. They do bore me though so I had an idea. I love the rough looking workman so I called up a few companies for a quote on getting some work done on the house. When the workman turned up I just chose the one I liked the look of. On the second day, after he’d got to know me, I called him to the bedroom to help me with a stuck zip. I had all sorts of ideas to get him to fuck me but as it turned out it wasn’t that difficult and I had a week of free cock from a young hot filthy guy, 3 times a day! He’d come in for breakfast at 8 and give me a good seeing to, then at lunch and again before he went home in the evening! Call me now to fuck some posh totty!

Cheap phone sex with young lingerie fanatic!

Tuesday, July 24th, 2018

I love older men and love to tease them, I’m such a wicked naughty girl! I know how much you like young girls and knickers and to be honest I share your fetish for knickers, in fact, all lingerie! From simple white cotton panties all the way through to stockings, corsets, brassieres and expensive lacey knickers. I love to slip them off my moist pussy and let you sniff the wet patch before wanking you off, teasing your cock with them. I want to see your cum explode all over my beautiful lingerie! If you like a younger and have a thing for lingerie then I’m the girl for you! Call now and let me get you off like never before!

UK Phone Sex with experienced dominatrix

Monday, July 16th, 2018

Ever since I was young I have been fascinated by domination. As I grew older and began to learn more, I realised that somehow. This is what I wanted to do. Somehow I wanted to spend my time completely dominating men. I joined a group of dominatrix and we all worked in a huge complex known as the Red Room, offering our services. I learned a lot there but after a couple of years I set up my own private dungeon, where my clients could come and see me. I have been doing this for 10 years now and have tons of experience! I love to chat on the phone to you guys in my spare time, talking about what gets you off and even making some of your fantasies come true 🙂 I specialize in bondage and humiliation but also love to roleplay, facesit, and tease cock! If you want to experiemce domination like never before, call me now!

Oriental sex crazed nympho wants cheap sex chat!

Monday, July 9th, 2018

Hi boys, I was born in England but my parents are both Chinese and I love my sexy look! I use it to my advantage when it comes to sex, wearing pleated skirts, having my hair in pigtails and playing to the stereotypical Asian girl. I’m 18 years old, very cute and bubbly and always very horny! My upbringing has been quite strict but now I’m 18 I’m exploring my newly found freedom by fucking as much as I can and I love it! I’ve had lots of guys and always pick them up at Prysm, the local nightclub! I’m a student and love older guys so I’m down there most nights and almost always take a guy back to my flat. I always dress up and love club wear, short skirts, tight outfits, high heels and always very bright hair and makeup! I love it and love to chat to you guys on the phone about the filth I get up to. Call me now and let’s get dirty together!

Mature slut preys on young men for her cock!

Monday, July 2nd, 2018

I’m in my late Forties but on a good day with a couple of hours at a mirror I can be the hottest woman in the room! Once I’ve picked out my sexiest high heels and outfit along with stockings, lingerie and makeup any man goes weak at the knees for me. I find I look so hot that many guys find an older woman like me intimidating so I have to do the chasing and when I approach a guy, I never give up! The other month I went to the local pub dressed up to the 9’s and looked around, there were a group of lads, couldn’t have been older than 18 drinking at one of the tables. One of them was so hot and after a while four of them got up and left leaving the hot one alone, I couldn’t believe my luck! I ordered an extra drink and sauntered over to his table. Hi, I said. I saw you from over there and thought you were so adorable I needed to buy you a drink. He was so nervous it made me want to fuck him even more! After a minute of awkward conversation on his part. I whispered to him what was going to happen, I find it better to be direct and a little authoritative with these types. I’m going to get up and you’re going to link arms with me. I live down the road and you’re going to walk home with me, come up to my bedroom and I’m going to fuck you all night long and I’m the filthiest little slut you’ve ever known! If you have a fantasy like this then call me now and we can make it a reality!