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Mistress phonesex – I always gain control!

Saturday, March 26th, 2016

I am an extremely strict mistress and I do not tolerate slaves who misbehave. A slave who misbehaves is one who is not following my orders and a slave who is not following my orders is one who is not completely under my control and I have no need for him. Domination is my expertise and I have developed many ways that I can control you. I usually begin by restraining you to show you the pain I can inflict on you and on the flip side, the pleasure I can give you if you serve me well. Once this stage is complete I give you some ability to move, usually on a leash, like a little puppy, humiliating you into submission. My crop is always ready to strike and slaves usually are very well behaved at this point. For troublesome slaves, I do have an electric collar which I can put on you, giving you a shock every time you don’t follow my orders. Eventually they learn. Call me now to be completely dominated.

Phone sex chat with bootylicious black babes

Saturday, March 19th, 2016

I’m a proud black woman with a booty that guys go crazy for! I shake it on the dance floor and they swarm around me like bees around honey! It’s a very big booty but nice and firm and with a tight short skirt, you guys just can’t resist me! If you have ever fantasised about fucking a black girl then you need to call me now, I’ll show you just how dirty I can be, I bet you want me to sit on your face with my big bouncy arse  don’t you, smothering my pussy over your face, riding your nose like a dildo. Take a big smell of me, you’ll be addicted to my scent. Maybe you just want to bend me over, lift up my skirt and ram me from behind, I love it all.Call me now and let’s get dirty together.

UK Phone Sex – Older Women looking for fresh meat

Thursday, March 10th, 2016

My husband drives me mad, sitting in front of the box or down the pub all the time never showing me or my pussy any attention anymore! I can get dressed in my sexiest high heels, stockings and suspenders, put on my make up and he’s more interested in the footie! Well, this older wife has had enough and I’m waiting for a nice sexy young stud to come and give me the seeing to I need! Call me now and show me what I’m missing out on! He’s down the pub now and he’ll never know you called! I’ve got my dildo right here so listen as I plunge my old twat for you while you wank yourself to climax!

Fetish Phone Sex – I want a guy to piss on me!

Saturday, March 5th, 2016

I can’t help my obsession and I know it makes me a filthy, dirty little slut but I just love to kneel before a guy, watch him unzip and wait to feel his torrent of hot piss drench me completely! Feeling it splash on my made-up face making my makeup run down, drenching my hair and clothes drives me wild! I don’t know where my obsession comes from but I know I love it and can’t control myself! If you want to be pissing on a filthy slut like me then call now! I need to release all this pent up frustration so get your cock out and shower me in your liquid gold! Call me now and let’s get filthy together!