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Pissing Phone sex chat started as an accident, it’s a real life fetish now!

Friday, August 27th, 2010

It’s so nice to get a guy on the phone sex chat line that’s into pissing. I love to do it, and for them to hear me soaking my wet panties. I first got into it when I was in a fetish club, there was a wet room there, and people were pissing over each other. It was such a turn on for me, so when a stranger asked if I would pee over him, I jumped at the chance. I had on a little white pair of cotton knickers and sat on his face. I could feel his warm breath on my pussy. I couldn’t pee at first, think I was a little nervous, but then it all came gushing out. Hearing him coughing, and swallowing was so sexy. He drank as much as he could. When I got off his face his girlfriend went straight over to him, she was kissing him and wanking his nice hard cock until he spunked into her mouth. That was the beginning of my pissing adventures.

Black Girls love talking dirty on Adult Phone Chat

Friday, August 27th, 2010

When I first had sex with a white guy I was hooked. I suppose it’s like a white girl having a black guy.  The contrast of white cock against a black body is wonderful.  Talking to all you horny white guys on adult phone chat makes my hot black box tingle. When my pussy is aroused my lips really swell, and my pink bits are exposed, my clit is really large and it’s like a tiny cock poking through, and I can wank it like one too.

Love folding back my lips and feeling a lovely pink tongue lapping at my juicy hot cream.  Then bending over and opening my tight big black girls arse for a big white cock to fuck it. My big juicy tits swinging as I get fucked, so horny. But finishing off over my face, gorgeous hot white spunk splattered over my horny lips watching me licking it all up.

Cheap sex chat girl confesses to lesbian fling with her boss!

Friday, August 20th, 2010

I am not the stereotypical lesbian, I dress in sexy dresses, high heels, stockings, suspenders and every inch a woman. I attract older ladies usually, I am 20. I like wearing nice suits for work, I’m a PA for a law firm. My latest boss has always had a thing for me, and I suppose I get preferential treatment at work. She takes me out to dinner, has even bought me a company car. She is in her early 40’s nice figure. A few weeks ago she invited me back to her house for a drink, her husband was working away. We ended up having sex together, my first full lesbian affair, and I loved it. Since then  I can’t get enough of cheap sex chat, telling guys how fantastic my experience with a woman was. Describing how her pussy tasted, felt etc. And, how she fucked me with a big strap on and videoed it all.  Going through the details with a caller brings it all back to me, and the best thing is I know I am going to fuck her again. Her husband goes away regularly.

24/7 Cock hungry whore is a filthy phone sex slut

Friday, August 20th, 2010

Since I started having phone sex my real sex life has taken off so much, I have become such a cock hungry slut.  The conversations I have over the phone has made me want to go out there and do it all for real. In the past few months I have tried swinging, dogging, threesomes. I wouldn’t ever have had the bottle to do it previously.  I have even had a bukkake session which was out of this world. I love telling guys of my sexploits, and I know it turns them on too, knowing they have helped me be such a horny little slut. I even had a role play with a guy and pretended to be an Escort girl for him,  now I have found how horny role play can be. I love the taste of spunk, anal, oral, outdoor. In fact there is nothing I have tried that I don’t like!! It’s all pure filth. And, the more I get the more I want, I wake up every morning wondering if I will get cock that day.

Can you break this filthy phonesex submissive slut?

Friday, August 20th, 2010

Please, I beg you to have phonesex with me. I am a young submissive who adores being dominated over the phone. I will comply to each of your wishes. I will be on the floor with my head bowed addressing you as Master when you call. I will humiliate, punish, spank myself for you. I am totally yours for the duration of the call. I want to be a filthy submissive little fuck slut Sir. I need to have this as running off free will is getting me into all kinds of mischief, and I need to be controlled mentally as well as physically. I need this Master, Please!!

Find out how sticky mine Knickers are with phone sex chat

Friday, August 13th, 2010

I have always liked the smell of my own knickers and could quite easily understand how guys could get turned on by them . When I chat to them on the phone sex chat lines. I like to press the silky fabric against my pussy absorb all my juices, then, when I have cum in them, take them off and taste and smell them. Love the thought of wrapping them round a guys cock and wanking him in them. I would imagine the warm sticky silky material would be such a turn on. I also like knicker lover guys wearing girls panties, knowing that the head of the cock is rubbing against where the pussy has been.  Even wearing the spunky panties after he has cum in them would be lovely, rubbing the gooey fabric against my swollen clit! These ones are so sticky just thinking about it!

I loved cheap phone sex from day one

Friday, August 13th, 2010

I tried cheap phone sex for the first time last month. I am really shy and only 19. The caller asked me to describe what I was wearing, which wasn’t much. I just had on a pair of knickers and a man’s shirt, he seemed to find it sexy. He was describing how he would fuck me if he were with me, and I found my knickers getting wet. I couldn’t believe I was actually masturbating, my pussy got damper and damper the more he turned me on.  I heard him cumming and that did it for me, my orgasm came hard and fast, and was left trembling. From that day on  I love getting off with strangers that wanted a younger, Just Legal girl.  over the phone,  knowing they are wanking and me doing the same, letting them hear all my pussy juices is amazing for the both of us. I have even done it whilst my best friend was here, we ended up licking and fucking each other. The caller loved having his threesome!

So young, so sweet, yet so filthy on Adult Phone Chat

Friday, August 13th, 2010

It was just a week after my 18th birthday that I had my first adult phone chat. It was with a guy much older than myself, he knew I was young and very nervous. But I loved what he was describing in fantasy, how he would give me a lift home, walk me to my flat. Then I would invite him in he would be groping my tits and putting his fingers inside my sticky knickers. I was so turned on by this thought I found myself playing with my pussy! He was obviously wanking and the thought of him being in the room with me, fucking me deep and hard made me cum so quickly is was incredible. We spoke about him taking my ass virginity too, and for me to swallow his hot load of spunk.

That very first call had me hooked, and my pussy was sore by the time I had finished. Since then I have to have an adult phone chat every day, and I have lots of horny sessions, and they spill over to my private life, my boyfriend thinks I’m a nympho, and think he’s right!

My big boobs getting a white-washing with a hard creamy load!

Saturday, August 7th, 2010

I started having UK phone sex when I was 36, three years ago now.  I have really big boobs, and  love talking about them, letting the callers hear  them as I spank or slap them together.

I adore giving a good tit wank. You can’t beat it, a nice big stiff cock in-between these GG’s squeezing and wanking a guys cock so his cream splatters all over them. When I have a tan it looks even more horny.

White spunk on a nice tanned body! I like to wear clothes to show them off, a deep cleavage, and big nipples pushing against the fabric of a dress or blouse is always certain to catch a horny guy’s eye.

I see them looking over at me, or rather – them! Knowing they would love to have their cocks or faces buried in-betweenmy Big Boobs. I go topless whilst I’m away and I know my husband is the envy of many men, he loves me getting the attention I get too.