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Friday, December 25th, 2015

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Saturday, December 19th, 2015

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UK Phone Sex – Smoking 1950’s slut wants to tease!

Friday, December 11th, 2015

You can’t resist a lady who smokes! I just love to dress up in my seamed stockings and pencil skirt like a woman from the 1950’s. I love that era and get wet as soon as I start putting on the clothes. Watch my red lips purse as I slip the cigarette butt between them and begin to suck. Get hard and wank your cock to this smoking hot honey as I seduce you with smoke, the creamy white plumes seeping from my red glossy plump lips. Listen as I slide my perfectly manicured fingers deep inside my pussy and masturbate to your moans and groans so that we come together, feeling each others orgasms. Lick my polished red nails and taste my cum you filthy boy! Call me now to experience your smoking fantasy!

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Friday, December 4th, 2015

I need guys and lots of them! I’m a diagnosed nymphomaniac and I need men who can give me the hardcore fuck I need. My hunger is never satisfied and I’m always looking for guys who can give me a good hard ramming. I love it in the arse, doggy style in the cunt and sucking cock right to the back of my throat! Anything goes with me! As long as there’s a cock involved I’m there. As a nympho I’m always on the prowl for guys to take back to my flat and as long as they’re dirty, hardcore and have a fair size cock I’m up for it. I’m not into all this making love stuff I just want to fuck and fuck filthy! Call me now for some hardcore phone sex action that I guarantee will blow your mind!