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Friday, December 30th, 2011

I am just 19 and already have had loads of guys fuck my arse, I just love it, the feeling of pleasure and pain is just incredible for me. I love to lube my ass with my pussy juice and feel it being stretched open as if it’s going to tear – a nice chunky hard cock balls deep buried up there is what I get off on. My boyfriend didn’t even know I loved it that much, as he hasn’t ever given Anal, I would ask him to do it and, because I am petite he said no. Really he didn’t want to try, until one day I really begged him to, he’d heard me having a uk phone sex chat and I was getting off on a caller wanting to shoot his thick load in my arse, I was using a vibrator in mine and really going for it. He was watching and when I looked over he was wanking his already hard cock. He’d had a couple of drinks and simply took my vibrator off me bent me over and replaced it with is cock.  It felt absolutely out of this world, his cock deep inside me and fucking me like the whore that I am, feeling his hot spunk shooting deep up there, oh man! Did I cum! It was incredible, and then I fingered my arse to see how wide he’d made me and sucked my fingers dry from all his cream. He just needed that little bit of persuasion from you guys!

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Friday, December 23rd, 2011

For years I’ve loved having phone sex, there is something so raw and open about it, it means I can be as filthy as I want and fuck am I filthy, the more I get the more I want. My sexy phone calls have even spilled into my real life, they have incited me to go and get it for real. One caller wanted me to strip in front of my window, whilst my neighbour watched. He’s a real dirty bastard the neighbour and at first I was reluctant, but because the caller was getting hard thinking about it, I decided what the hell, and started stripping off my top and then my skirt ending in just my little panties. I was being really flirty, and the neighbour was wanking that was obvious. I then wanted this to make this even more pleasurable so I got out my vibrator and started to fuck myself with it. The caller came really hard and so did the neighbour, it was such a turn on. Now the caller phones me and has me doing hornier and more daring things, the last time I spoke to him it was a real Hardcore sex chat, he knew that I had the window cleaner that morning and told me to be waiting on the bed naked with a dildo inside of me waiting for him to call. I didn’t have to wait long, and when he called me back I was in full flow fucking my hot sticky pussy whilst the window cleaner was watching up his ladder.

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Friday, December 16th, 2011

If you have any worries about anything sexual and you don’t know who to discuss it with someone you know, let these older women take care of your problems, they will certainly listen and encourage you to realise that it better shared, after all they have lots of experience, and within a few minutes they will put you at ease and you will find yourself relaxing and enjoying what she is telling you. Whether it’s the size of your cock that you are worried about, or you maybe inexperienced or even a virgin, you will get rid of any hang-ups and find yourself getting hard and horny listening to her.  The older ladies on Adult Phone Chat are Sympathetic and will boost your ego as well as your hard on. I’m sure you will experience that tender touch approach that you’re seeking; they will be gentle with you and very understanding. Once you’ve had a chat with one of the ladies, you will feel relieved in more than one sense of the word. These women love to coax you out of your shell and get off your chest your worries, whilst she wishes you were getting off on hers! Go on, pluck up that little bit of courage it needs to call these sexy women and give them a call, you will be glad you did.

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Friday, December 9th, 2011

If you feel like a little spice in your day these sexy submissive Asian babes will give you a wild and exotic time with an anything approach to life they are naturally submissive and so eager to please you. At first they are shy and reserved, but just wait, their aim is to please men and that’s what they can do for you. They are young and keen to keep you hard, they have beautiful coffee bodies, juicy tight pussies and pert arses and tits. They take time to make themselves look gorgeous, and their sexy accents will drive you wild with desire. They have beautiful clear skin which needs very little make up, and hair like silk, black and glossy.  Because they are naturally submissive they go out of their way to please their men, remembering that you’re in charge, they are always smiling and these Asian babes know how to please, such experts at sucking cocks and bending over backwards to accommodate all your sexual needs. Giving you an Eastern Cheap Adult chat with that little bit of a difference.

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Friday, December 9th, 2011

My friends would never ever believe what I love to do in my spare time; I am a professional woman with a good job and nice home etc. I am eloquent and have a ‘posh’ sounding voice some would say, but when I am having phone sex the tirade of sexual filth that comes out of my mouth surprises me sometimes. I get so carried away by what the callers are saying I become a filthy phone fucking whore. Posh girls can be so filthy you wouldn’t realise just by speaking to them in everyday life.  Hearing the guys wanking does it for me, entices me to reach for my toys, letting the callers hear how wet my pussy is. My biggest fantasy is for my gardener to watch as I have phone sex, he stands in my conservatory and hears me being absolutely fuck filthy over the phone and has a jolly good wank, I love to see him shooting his cream all over the floor, he begs me to let him fuck me, but of course I decline. Maybe one day I might, I am tempted although he is half my age in his 20’s, he is the only person who knows I love phone fucking, my husband doesn’t even know, I know he would frown on such things. Makes me smile whilst I’m entertaining his ‘well to do’ friends, thinking to myself I would love to be under that table sucking this guys cock right now, and I often go off on a fantasy, one of them I know wouldn’t say no!

I’m only barely an adult, but I love Cheap adult chat!

Friday, December 9th, 2011

I bet you all think that all I lust after is throbbing cock, well, you’d be right – but I also like having a nice munch on pussy from time to time. At the local council office, I got chatting to this other woman who was in the same position as me. She started talking abot sex, and how she longed to rub her hot, pink cunt lips across the face of another woman. I didn’t have much to do that day, so I thought ‘Why not?’ I took her back to my place, and we put some porn on to get ourselves in the mood. There was one with two thai girls, who were fucking other hard and fast with a double ended dildo. I grabbed mine from my box of toys, and suggested to my friend that we give it a go. As I slid my tongue between her fresh Just Legal cunt lips, I could feel her cum in my mouth. She moaned and started grinding against my face as I put one end of the double ender into my pussy and started rubbing my clit hard… Why don’t you get in touch with this Younger Housewife to find out what happened next, or you can wait for my next blog to find out more….

Talk about phonesex improving my sex drive, I’m a complete Nympho now!!

Friday, December 2nd, 2011

I have always loved sex, and my husband and I were quite adventurous, or so we thought. It wasn’t until I caught him having phonesex that things really took off. He was sat in the bedroom with a pair of my panties on and was wanking like crazy. He put the phone down and stood up shocked to see me there, but he’d been caught red handed. I wasn’t annoyed more intrigued really, and asked him to let me listen next time he wanted phonesex  I wanted to listen and he agreed. He called me up into the bedroom that evening, he said he couldn’t wait any longer, he had the girl on the line and the phone on loud speaker, I could hear him being seduced, she was only young and had a gorgeous voice, he told her I was listening and we said hello to each other. She then told my, husband that he was going to be giving me the best sex I’ve ever had, I took the receiver off him and he continued to lick me whilst I spoke to this gorgeous  young  Nympho myself. He licked  me to several orgasms, then got me onto all fours and began fucking harder than he’s ever done, the girl was fingering her pussy as she heard his big cock slipping in and out of me. It was so good to hear her cumming as I swallowed his whole load.

I told my husband I needed more variety, he didn’t realise I meant cheap adult chat.

Friday, December 2nd, 2011

Sex with my husband was ok, nothing great really we’d got to that stage after only 2 years of marriage that it was a little stale and I wanted to perk it up a little. A big turn on for him was having a filthy full on sexy chat over the phone with him, and I must admit it turned me on also, but what he didn’t bargain or was for me to do it with strangers. One day he came back from football early and could hear me having the horniest of calls I’ve ever had, I was cumming so hard and loudly that he could hear me from the garden. As he walked into the bedroom he had a raging hard on, he’d been listening at the door for a while, I just got onto my knees and started sucking him off, he was rigid. The phone rang again and I wanted a really hot Hardcore conversation with this guy because he sounded fucking hot, so I told him that my husband was in the room and if he minded him listening. He told me he was fine with it and instructed me how to fuck, suck and lick him which was out of this world, being told what to do whilst I’m getting a meaty fuck off my man. The caller came when he heard me swallowing my husband’s creamy load, and so did I.  I have uk phone sex every day now, and it’s such a massive turn on for me, I’m not bothered if my hubby is there or not because the callers satisfy me in ways my husband can’t.

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Friday, December 2nd, 2011

It was my first time i had called a sex line but it weas not going to be my last.  As i was letting all the guys i chatted with that i was gonna be a regular participant from now on as it made me so fucking horny when they would describe how they were going to soap up my massive titties and thrust their slippery soapy stiff cocks up and down between my huge Big Boobs then shoot their thick creamy spunk all over my face and in my mouth.  I am getting hot and steamy just thinking about the fun i have with my generous assets !!  I love to have more than one man shoot all over my boobs and i always rub it in for them.  I am also very clean and tidy so i always lick their dicks squeeky clean.