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Hubby has just found out I’m having phone sex and loving it more than him!

Friday, April 29th, 2011

Recently my husband has been asking me all sorts of questions, asking if I’m having an affair, do I watch porn on the Internet etc. This is all because I’ve just started having phone sex and my libido is through the roof. I’ve been buying sex toys, sexy lingerie and dvd’s. He does see some of the benefits of my increased sex drive, and we have started going dogging for the first time which is amazing, getting watched whilst fucking is so horny. The last time two guys watched us and I sucked them both off much to the amazement of my husband! I am hornier now than when we first got married.

He thinks all I do all day is come home from work at lunch time and prepare his tea, he doesn’t realise that i have become a Horny Housewife and that I have anonymous sex with my callers. He does question why I am wearing my sexiest of underwear and my stiletto shoes if I’ve only been ironing.

Hear my bitch-boys pleading with me whilst I have phonesex.

Friday, April 29th, 2011

I am an older housewife in my mid forties, and during the day whilst my husband thinks I am doing what good housewives of my age do I dress for my little bitch boys to visit me and received some serious bdsm. I have a thing for rubber and leather and also pvc, and when my two little subs arrive I tie them up at separate ends of a very long solid oak coffee table their heads together. I put a spreader bar between their ankles, and then their wrists are tied to each other so they are attached to one another. I like nipple play so clamps are attached to the nipple and pegs around the balls. They have to tell me what dirty filthy little wankers they have been whilst I sit opposite them and play with my gorgeous pussy usually with a dildo which one of them has the privilege of sucking clean after my orgasms. Then my fun really begins I start with my crop and flicking it over their balls detaching the pegs one by one, hearing them whimper is wonderful, I will stop half way through and take a horny phonesex call telling the caller exactly what this Older Housewife is doing. Then get back to more peg removing!

Their nipples are let until last and I make sure it takes several lashes for those to be released, if they are simpering too much I will gag them with my sticky knickers, the caller usually gets to hear this, if not I will tell him what I have just done to my two little fuck bitches and that usually does the trick!

A good time is usually had by all.

My Steamy pissing session whilst having Cheap phone sex!

Friday, April 29th, 2011

I have always wanted more and diverse things from sex, and since I was introduced to pissing and water sports a while ago I’ve found a new avenue open to me. I was having a cheap phone sex call, I hadn’t been doing it for very long, and he asked me if I needed to pee, I was honest and said that I really needed to pee, but was quite taken aback when he said he wanted to hear me go.  I took the phone up into the bathroom and put it on loud speaker, I was describing what I was doing and I could hear him wanking his cock. He told me to start playing with my clit whilst peeing which I did, and it was one of the best orgasms I’ve ever had, really horny knowing he was listening to me having a piss. Since then my boyfriend and I have got into it more and he has tasted me through a nice sheer pair of knickers which was wonderful, squatting over his face whilst he drank me. Since then we have found other couples that are into it and we have pissing parties, cum and listen to more of our adventures maybe I will need a pee for you.

Big on satisfying our men on phone sex chat, big women to pleasure you.

Friday, April 22nd, 2011

You will find having a phone sex chat with big women is far more enjoyable, you can hear them fucking their hot pussies with dildo’s or vibrators and it sounds so much more horny hearing a nice big pussy being dealt with by a big thick one. And I am sure bigger women love to pleasure men verbally more, they can be absolute phone sluts, loving masturbating at the end of a phone whilst you guys wank to their description of what they would like to do with you if you were there. Having a horny role play is one of my biggest turn ons whilst having a phone sex chat, fantasy is wonderful because to me sex has to be stimulating for the mind as well as the body. Love the idea of being tied up, used and abused by lots of different guys, various ages, all  spunking over my massive tits. Being made to suck big black cocks too, gagging and retching on them as they shoot their loads into my throat. Then the ultimate is having double penetration by two cocks deep up my ass, love anal but never had two at once, maybe one of you sexy guys could persuade me to try it?

Calling all you Knicker Lovers, call me on uk phone sex and let’s talk creamy panties.

Friday, April 22nd, 2011

If you’re a real Knicker lover you will already have a few pairs of your favourite panties stashed away at home. What are your favourites? Silky cotton briefs thongs? I like to wear little silky briefs, I love the feel of the cool fabric against my hot pussy. What I like to do is pull the fabric in between my pussy lips move my ass on the bed and rub myself, the friction of the knickers against my clitoris drives me crazy, then they are soaking wet afterwards because of my orgasm. I often find my boyfriend with his face wrapped in a pair, and wanking off with another pair which are wrapped around his cock. I’ve even swapped the knickers without him knowing and unbeknown to him he has been wanking into my best friends! I did tell him afterwards and that turned him on even more, he had to go back to the basket and have another wank. I like wearing them after he has cum in them, the warm sticky cream oozing around my pussy is lovely lubrication to masturbate with. So, if you’re a genuine knicker lover come and call me on uk phone sex and we can discuss panties. I will describe mine to you and hopefully you will have a pair to hand to wank into?

Be my slutty fuck puppet on cheap sex chat.

Friday, April 22nd, 2011

‘I want you on your knees and lower your head do not look at me until I give you permission to do so. Admire my gorgeous boots then you may kiss them for me. Lift your head and look into my hypnotic green eyes, they tell you I am both beautiful but powerful don’t they’?    This is how I started my first bdsm session with a caller on cheap sex chat; it was so descriptive even I believed for those few minutes that he was there with me in the room.  Setting the scene for a successful bdsm session over the phone is fundamental. I am a strong woman but not one who will tell you to lash yourself uncontrollably or set fire to your genitals. I have a softer approach but has a massive result, because my little phone wimps trust me and know I wouldn’t step over their mark. Well, sometimes I might – just a little. Some pain is required but the most stimulation you will get from a domination call off me is in the head, the endorphins that can be released just by opening your imagination will send you on an orgasm you won’t have had for a very long time. Always remember your manners and address me as Mistress and just hear what I have to say, I will have you performing for me like a little fuck puppet!

Fetish domination on Adult Phone Chat for my rubber loving wimp.

Friday, April 15th, 2011

You address me as Mistress when you call me for an Adult Phone Chat, and I expect you to listen to how I enjoy using and abusing my little fuck puppies, then you will explain to me exactly how you enjoy being dominated. I will see if you are capable of taking this extreme domination that I am renowned for. You will be made to hear me putting on my rubber or leather fetish wear, especially my thigh high boots, over the top of seamed stockings. I want you to imagine yourself on your knees licking up these boots, to the lace at the top of my stockings, but you won’t go any further is that clear? Inhale the aroma of leather and rubber; enjoy it as I make your tongue sore by opening my arse and expecting you to get your tongue in as deep as it can go making your Mistress cum with anal pleasure.  You may or may not be allowed to wank over my rubber dress but be warned if you do you will be expected to lick it all off, I won’t allow mess on my beautiful expensive rubber clothes. I also like to tie my subs and force them to watch as I put on my long rubber gloves, black and shiny, even shinier when I push my fingers deep inside my pussy and make myself cum, then get you to suck my cream off them. And that’s just for starters!

Nympho Cum Queen needs more phonesex fucking.

Friday, April 15th, 2011

I’m 19 and single but have an insatiable appetite when it comes to sex. I watch porn all the time, love wearing sexy lingerie, fetish wear, using the toys I have around the place, but I’d only ever had two guys! That was until I started having phonesex, and to tell you now that I’m a Nympho is an understatement. The suggestions I have had from the callers have been so horny I have just had to try them for real. So much so that I’m now into fucking my boyfriends Dad, my neighbour and my boyfriends mate, all in one week, as well as going swinging every weekend. Love it when we go swinging I’m such an exhibitionist – love ‘greedy girls night’ that’s where I get to have at least 25 guys wanking off all over my face and tits, and they love it watching me swallowing like a real cum queen.  But sex is like a drug, the more I get the more I want, this is why I love phonesex so much hearing and talking about it is second best to doing it, and masturbating with someone else is far better than going solo, and the fact that it’s strangers turns me on even more. So, come on, feed my habit of constant orgasms, I need to hear if you’re as horny as I am – let’s chat!

Having a wild cheap phone sex chat whilst blindfolded and tied.

Friday, April 15th, 2011

My boyfriend and I love the whole bdsm scene, he is quite dominant and likes me to dress as a little rubber slut for him, we go to parties and have group sex which is out of this world. Not knowing who is going to be fucking you, male or female it doesn’t really matter. He knows I love having phone sex, and on one night whilst we were having some real Party Girl friends round he told me to go upstairs and make a horny call. He followed me up and put on a rubber mask, I was already in a tight rubber dress and thigh boots, and he tied my hands behind my back and laid the phone on the bed and put it on speaker phone. I was talking to a guy i speak to regularly and he is very dominant, he is a wonderful phone master and i told him what position I was in and that my boyfriend was downstairs getting sucked off by my friend. My boyfriend picked up the extension and started talking to my phone master, then I heard them coming up the stairs all three of them were in my bedroom, listening to me obeying instructions from the caller. He heard me being spanked, licked, fucked and caned, and all this whilst I was still blindfolded was amazing for me. The fine line between pleasure and pain was amazing.

Let me blow your mind as well as your cock on UK phone sex.

Friday, April 8th, 2011

I love it when I get a 1st time caller on UK phone sex. They tend to be a little nervous and not too sure what to say, which isn’t a problem for me because I can talk sex for England. Love getting to know them and what makes them horny. It doesn’t take long before they are getting into it either in a horny role play or telling me about their last horny sex session. I explain what turns me on and we both end up masturbating over the phone. I am usually propped up in my bed watching myself in the mirror listening to the guy’s voice as he gets hornier, imagining him walking in and taking over from my fingers with his tongue. They aren’t 1st Time Callers for long, they love to cum back for seconds. It’s really good building up a rapport with a caller finding out more each time about each other.