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Wednesday, March 25th, 2020

If you think you’ve had kinky sex with an experienced woman then think again.  Call me now and I’ll show you what a REALLY experienced woman can do! I’m in my late forties now but I look better than I ever have. I love to make myself look slutty, wearing high heels, stockings, short skirts and lots of makeup! The things I can do in the bedroom will blow your mind, so call me now! I love to feel a nice full head of hair between my thighs as I ride your face until I squirt my sweet pussy juices in your face! Maybe you want me to show you my special blowjob technique, giving you intense pleasure for as long as I want keeping you from the edge in a constant state of orgasm! Call me now!  

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Wednesday, March 18th, 2020

I know that some of you guys love a filthy slut! Some of you like big boobs, some like sexy high heels and some of you are knicker lovers. If you’re filthy and love lingerie then we need to chat and make sure that itch of yours is well and truly scratched! I’m a very dominant woman, with very large breasts and long jet black hair. I love to wear heavy makeup and always wear very high heels and short skirts. I often stop at the local pub after work which is always full of guys and the other month, I took this guy home. He was very skinny and young and I had some filth in mind for him! I towered above him and that alone got my pussy so wet! He told my he had a thing for lingerie so I made him eat my pussy through my sexy leopard print knickers. As I got more exited I could feel the juices flowing and could hear him spluttering and gasping from between my thick thighs that straddled his face. Once I’d cum I got up and saw his face drenched in my pussy juice. I pulled of my knickers and shoved them in his mouth, told him to be quiet and proceeded to wank him off as he sucked on my soaked knix, He was such a filthy boy and he fucking loved it! Call me now and let’s chat about your fantasy!

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Wednesday, March 11th, 2020

I realized a few years ago just how many men have a foot fetish and can’t control themselves around a woman in a pair of sexy high heels! Being a dominent woman I wanted to see if I could get any married man with a fetish for high heels to cheat on his wife! After work I would wear the sexiest pair of six inch high heels and walk the length of the night train looking for a man. I would look for a ring on his finger and I would watch his eyes. If they followed my shoes, I would sit opposite him and cross my legs showing the slightest bit of my stocking tops! I would spark up a conversation and without fail, after 15 minutes I’d have him either coming home with me or fucking me in the train toilets! If you’ve got a foot fetish then call me now and I’ll make it worth your while!

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Wednesday, March 4th, 2020

About 6 years ago I started dating this guy. We had been getting friendly for a few months and eventually we got together and made it official. It didn’t last long but I learned something very important from him. I thought it was odd that he had only ever dated black girls but thought nothing more of it. After a few months of dating he really opened up to me. I mean we talked about everything and got up to some pretty naughty stuff in the bedroom. He confessed that he found black girls irresistible! I’d not been very confident about my ethnicity but hearing him confess his deep desire for me gave me a confidence I will always be grateful for. I understand the effect my colour has on some guys and I love to play on it and use it to my advantage! I can feel the intense pleasure in their eyes as I’m grinding my warm wet pussy on their cock! It’s an amazing feeling! So if you have a craving for a black girl then call me now and let me fulfil your fantasy.