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It’s Christmas phonesex time with Mrs Claus!

Wednesday, December 24th, 2014

So, this year, have you been a good boy or a naughty boy! Mrs Claus is at a loose end since Santa’s busy delivering presents, she’s very lonely and all dressed up in her Christmas outfit. Short red skirt with snowy edges, white stockings and red high heels. I’m quite a buxom broad, I think that’s why Santa was first attracted to me, he loves my big tits, I am an older woman now but still as horny as ever! Well, I’m waiting in the grotto now and I need a call, I’m getting so excited my pussy is beginning to twitch! If you’ve been a good boy thia year I’m going to give you the best present you’ve ever had. If you’ve been naughty this year I’m not going to be so nice and you will suffer for my twisted pleasure! Come through to santa’s grotto now and let Mrs Claus show you why santa married her!

Adult phone chat – Leather lovers!

Friday, December 19th, 2014

Smell the leather and sweat as we fuck, my tight outfit hugging my body closely, creaking as we grind against each other. Feel my leather against your skin as you slowly enter me, my wet tight pussy taking every inch of your throbbing sensitive cock! I’ll grip your cock with my pussy muscles massaging you until I feel your warm sticky cum fill my hungry cunt like a river of warm goodness! Maybe you want to be leather clad too! I love a guy in leather and mask, his face encased in my favourite material! I love to rub my hands all over your leather clad head as I feel you pulsating inside me, pounding my pussy over and over. If you share my fetish for leather and rubber then you need to call me we can help each other satisfy our desires.

Cheap sex chat gets extremely hardcore!

Thursday, December 11th, 2014

I want you to fuck my face hole like a cunt making me gag and splutter as you ram your massive throbbing cock down my throat! When you’re ready to blow your load pull out and release your load all over my face, I want to be covered in your spunk! I enjoy sex to be rough, filthy and very very hardcore! I also love to feel a nice head of hair between my thighs, your tongue lapping at my wet pussy! I like to run my long nails through your hair and hold your head in place until I cum in your face! I really am a dirty slut! I like to have my arsehole tongued too feeling your tongue writhing around inside my tight little arse as I tease my clit drives me wild. Whatever filth you want to get up to with me, I’ll want it! Just call xxx

UK Phone Sex with slutty eager teen

Thursday, December 4th, 2014

I discovered sex quite late in life really, I’m 19 now and last year was the first time I had sex and lost my virginity. It was amazing and now I’ve got the taste for it I simply can’t stop fucking. I’m not fussy either I’d fuck a tramp for a chip! I don’t care I just love sex so much, if it’s got a cock, I’d fuck it, in fact even if hasn’t got a cock I’d fuck it, I’m Just Legal but such a slut already! I’ve had a few experiences already with girls and I love to go down on a nice tasty pussy! I saw this posh looking woman in the train station toilets the other day, she was in her 40’s but very attractive and I couldn’t stop looking at her. She must have noticed because she led me in the cubicle and I gave her a good pussy tongue fuck as I fingered myself! If you want to wank and chat with a sex mad teen, call me now!