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Give me more Adult Phone Chat, I am such a greedy girl.

Friday, February 25th, 2011

It was my 18th birthday last month and I celebrated it with my first ever Adult Phone Chat, I have been wanting to do this ever since my friend told me how horny it was. The phone rang for my first call and I told the caller that I was only Just Legal, and that it was my first call. He was much older than me but he put me at ease, telling me that I was a naughty little thing and needed to fucked by a real man. I agreed and let him take my mind on a journey of filth. He imagined doing some work at my flat and that I hadn’t enough money to pay him, and that I could repay the balance in kind. I was so horny thinking about this and my pussy was really sticky, in my mind I was sucking his cock and he was bending me over and fucking me really hard and deep doggie style. Wanting to push his fat cock in my arse too, he came at the same time as I did, it was fantastic! Now I can’t get enough dirty filthy sex chat, I love it.

This office junior is an executive when it cums to phonesex.

Friday, February 25th, 2011

To look at me I look your average girl next door, I work in an office so I like to wear nice clothes. Underneath this quite reserved exterior is an absolute Filthy Phonesex
slut. I come home from answer my phone and then the fun begins! I love talking sex on the phone it is so horny, telling the caller what I would do to them if they were with me, getting into a role play or just letting them hear me fuck myself. What comes out of my mouth is pure filth, I shock myself sometimes as I get so carried away with my dildo’s or vibrators or even just fingers. Sharing a filthy scenario and really getting off on it. I just let my imagination run riot and love to hear the caller wanking and cumming as I tell them what a dirty little slut I am!

Cum on cheap adult chat and be our cheap phone sex Bitch Boy.

Friday, February 25th, 2011

I need to have a ‘bitch boy’ willing to do anything I ask. Love to be in control and domination is what I do best. Imagine yourself naked in front of myself and other Mistresses, stood on my coffee table and I would make you wank, but you would not even consider cumming until I gave you my permission. Your going to experience BDSM with us. The girls would be giggling at you as you try and get hard. Then once you are I would hand you a spunk pot, still not giving you the magic word to cum. Ordering you on your knees getting you to lick the girls pussies, and arses, totally humiliating yourself in front of them. Begging for more, reminding us of your name ‘bitch boy’. Yapping like the fuck puppy that you are as we see you wanking into your little pot. Seeing you shoot your spunk into it, then walking around the girls showing them how much you have delivered. Fuck slut!!

Who would believe this posh PA could be a phonesex slut.

Friday, February 18th, 2011

I would class myself as a very sophisticated woman, more mature in years than I used to be. I have a very good job, nice car etc. I work as a PA for a firm of solicitors. I was getting really bored with my sex life my husband wasn’t that interested any more, but I was, so to spice it up I started having Posh Totty Phonesex. At first it was a little daunting, but as soon as I relaxed and listened to the callers I found myself getting filthier and hornier. The verbal sex that was coming out of my mouth really surprised me, but the dirtier I got the wetter I got too. I found myself cumming over and over, but wanting more. I love to tell the guys of my fantasies, what I would want them to do to me if they were with me, fucking me like a filthy fuck slut is one of my favourite expressions. I am really carnal, and love the guys to hear me. I think posh girls are the best at phone fucking, they just lose any inhibitions and go for it 110%. I go into work after having a night of pleasure and no one would ever know that I can be such a dirty bitch.

Getting more than he bargained for on UK phone sex

Friday, February 18th, 2011

I have a friend who has a gorgeous figure she has really long legs and blonde hair, nice big firm tits and a very sexy cock sucking mouth. She also has a little bit extra, well not that little actually – she has a nice thick 7 inch cock! Her friends come round – all TV’s and Chicks with Dicks, there are 5 of them altogether. We all go out together and they look absolutely fantastic, better than some of the real girls out at night. I was telling a caller on UK phone sex about them and he always wanted to have sex with a she male, I described one of the girls to him and we fantasized about him meeting her in the club taking her home and seducing her, then finding out she is really a he! He said it would be the biggest turn on ever sucking on a nice big cock then getting fucked deep and hard. It really is very horny to watch as I have seen my friend in ‘action’. She is all woman until you take of her silky little panties then you get more than you bargained for!

Party girls love to tell all on cheap sex chat

Friday, February 18th, 2011

I was talking to a guy on cheap sex chat about my latest sexploits and we were having a really horny time. It made me realise that I am a total cock hungry whore and can’t get enough. I am 22 and love living life to the full, I really enjoy going out clubbing with my mates who are all Party Girls. The night I was talking about my friends and I came back here to continue with the party, there were 3 girls and 3 guys. We put some porn on the DVD player and we were all getting turned on. We were sucking and licking everything and everybody, we decided to play a game. We were all blindfolded and had to fumble about in the room looking for cock or pussy. It was so horny not knowing who it was we were fucking, sucking and licking, tasting spunk and not knowing whose it was.  My kind of party!

Be my phone sex chat submissive, I will take you into sub-space.

Friday, February 11th, 2011

I am only not a Mistress – I am a Goddess! Please remember that when you’re having a phone sex chat with me. I expect you to be naked, on your knees awaiting your instructions. I always dress for my callers – stockings, suspenders of course high heels, a gorgeous pure silk robe all in black of course. Be ready and willing to anything I suggest to you, telling me how you have been dominated before. I expect to hear how you enjoy being dominated, and what experience you have had in the past. I will take you to new heights sexually, submitting not only your body to me but your mind as well. You will be taken into subspace and surprise yourself just how far you can go. Be prepared for a Domination session unlike any other you have experienced in the past. That’s if you dare! My voice is gentle but oozed authority, and I expect you to hang onto my every word, and when you call remember that you no longer have control over your thoughts and actions, you belong to me.

Adult phone chat made my gardener grow

Friday, February 11th, 2011

I’ve had webcam sex before many times, and loved watching guys wanking as I use my vibrators on myself. I have always wanted to take it that one step further, doing something a little more daring. During an adult phone chat one day the caller asked me to look out of my window and describe what I could see which I did. In the next house was the gardener it was summer and he was just wearing shorts. I have always loved being an exhibitionist and and loved Voyeurism, I enjoyed the thought of someone watching me whilst I strip or masturbate.  The caller told me to knock on the window and start stripping, I was nervous about this but thought, what the hell so I did. He looked up and I began to unbutton my little cotton dress slipping it off and allowing it to drop to the floor, standing there in just my bra and knickers. He was staring and had his hand in his pocket. I took off my bra and began to play with my tits, and rub my pussy through my knickers. This was too much for him and he beckoned me to go down. I was at my back door on my knees sucking the spunk out of his cock before I knew it. It was filthy, horny but very very hot , and not just the weather!

My horny exploits during phonesex encouraged me to get it for real

Friday, February 11th, 2011

We love going out on a Friday night picking up men, bringing them back to my place and letting my husband watch us getting fucked. He loves the thought of us being out, dressed in sexy clothes, even sexier underwear and going out for one thing – to meet men to bring back. I have always been a horny slut, even now my friends and I are all older Horny Housewives. There are two of my friends who get it on together and when we bring the guys back they start licking and sucking each other, I love to be spit roasted and am the only one who likes to swallow so usually I have three loads of spunk to digest in one session and I love it. The next day when I have phonesex the callers really get off on the fact that I am such a slutty older house wife, and when I re-live my previous night to them and hear them wanking I want more of the same. I think I am turning into a total nympho. My fantasies and desires are becoming more and more extreme, and my husband is having the best sex he has ever had in all our married life!

Big women love phone sex chat too, we have more to give.

Friday, February 4th, 2011

I have really big tits size 42EE, and love having them sucked, licked and played with. When I am having a naughty phone sex chat I love to get dressed in something horny, stockings, suspenders, high heels, and love chatting to guys who appreciate big women. I am quite a round, you can always find me with the Big women on Cheap Adult Chat, older in years than I have been and a size 18, always up for some horny fun. I imagine their cocks in between my big cleavage, giving them a horny tit wanking, teasing the tip of it with my tongue, lapping up that horny precum that they produce. Then imagine them bending me over and feeling my big arse getting fucked deep and hard, feeling the ripples of my body moving with their rhythm.  I love having my tits sprayed with spunk, looking down and seeing it dribbling off my big engorged nipples, then licking them both clean. Horny again now!