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Telling phonesex caller that my husbands girl is all man!

Friday, June 24th, 2011

After six years of marriage my husband came out and told me he is a transvestite, I’d had my suspicions so I wasn’t too shocked when he told me. He said he has a friend and would I like to meet her, I wasn’t prepared for what I saw. She was over 6ft, long dark hair, blue radiant eyes and legs that seemed to go on forever, gorgeous tits and looked all woman, she was beautiful. I fancied her myself if I’m honest. One night whilst I was having a horny phonesex call telling a caller about my husband in the next room with his friend the caller persuaded me to peep in the door and take a look at them. I was really nervous as I wasn’t too sure about this, but did it all the same, I pushed the door open and my husband was on all fours on the bed wearing MY stockings, suspenders, bra he had full make up on and his chick with a dick was fucking him from behind. The caller could hear my husband’s moans and groans as she slipped his well endowed cock into him. I shut the door and went back to my caller who had gone, it was all too much for him he’d obviously cum. I sat in the chair and closed my eyes and visualised what was going on in the bedroom and masturbated myself, it was so horny. The next time I am going to join in that’s for sure!

Phone sex spanking session for a sub slut.

Friday, June 24th, 2011

Get yourself prepared because naughty boys deserve a damned good spanking don’t they? I want you over my knee to begin with, totally naked and take the spanking you need. I will administer enough punishment that I feel necessary and you will have to take them for being such a filthy little submissive. The last time I spanked a man was for masturbating without permission, he came to my house and I had him crawling naked on his hands and knees over to my cupboard where he took out my bag of tricks and I began spanking his arse with my hand, then moving onto a flogger, then to a nice short whippy cane. The marks left were a reminder of his disobedience and he wore them for quite a few days. I made him wank into a pot and marked the pot at the amount of cum in there, and told him not to masturbate without seeing me, and that there had to be more in the pot the next time to prove to his Mistress that he’s being doing as instructed, otherwise the punishment would be doubled.

If you’ve been naughty I think you deserve some phone sex spanking, so get yourself prepared, naked and on that telephone and cum and admit how filthy you’ve been and let this Mistress’ punishment begin.

Slutty party girls tell all on Cheap phone sex.

Friday, June 24th, 2011

Once a month my friends and I all meet up and go out on the town, and we are ten times worse when we are together than any gang of guys. It’s like a competition between us who can look the sexiest, and who can get the attention of the most men. Can you imagine six girls all looking hot, going out on the piss and looking for cock. The last time four of us bought home four guys and it was a gang bang, we were there getting fucked by all of them, not knowing which guy belonged to which girl, and actually not really caring just as long as we were getting fucked in all holes. My friend was licking the spunk out of me, and snowballing it with another girl, whilst I was doing the same licking cum out of a freshly spunk painted pussy. The thing is after they’d all gone I was left still wanting more, so this is when I love to have a Cheap phone sex chat because I can tell the callers exactly what we party girls have been getting up to the night before, and as I re-live it in my head for them it makes me so horny all over again. Hearing the guys wanking on the other end of the phone to our antics drives me crazy and they really hear me fuck myself with a toy or my fingers, cumming with a stranger is nearly as horny as having a gang bang!

Opening more than my eyes now I’m just legan having a phone sex chat.

Friday, June 17th, 2011

Love you to come and chat to me, I am now just legal to have a phone sex chat, and started a few months ago, what can I say? I absolutely love it, the guys on the phone have had me cumming for England, and I get so turned on listening to their likes and actually some of their dislikes. I have bought loads of toys some of which I’m not too sure how to use, but every day I cum and cum and cum online, it’s brilliant. I am quite a shy person in real life, but get me on a phone sex chat call and I am a total little slut. I have heard so many fetishes that have actually made me want to try, I have been spanked by my boyfriend and I do enjoy being a little submissive, I have let his friend watch me masturbate, I’ve dressed in really sexy gear for him, I even swallowed for the first time and this is all because of you guys. I really want to find out  more, I’m desperate for a threesome and want to try anal for the first time, maybe you have some hints and ideas for me. Or maybe we could have a role play and you could talk me through it how you would take my anal virginity. Would it be nice and slow and sexy or rough, hard and horny? I think I would like to try it both ways so I can see which I would like to do for real.

on cheap sex chat will set you on fire!

Friday, June 17th, 2011

Long finger nails painted neatly with red varnish, stockings, suspenders nice long legs, a long black silky gown slightly open, a leg draped over one arm of a chair, and holding a cigarette in between my fingers is how I would describe the ultimate Smoking fetish right now. All I need is someone here between my legs licking my horny sticky pussy. Putting the long white tip of the cigarette to my ruby lips all glossy and shiny matching my nails and inhaling on the king sized menthol cigarette as you look up from  pleasuring me you would see me inhale deeply and slowly and as I take the cigarette out of my mouth you would see me exhaling the smoke and it would surround you like a cloud of sex. As I put it back to my  mouth you would imagine it to be your cock and this time as it rests on my beautiful lips it would seem like you have your cock there, sucking on my cigarette very slowly and seductively I would blow the smoke back out this time over your cock as y our wanking it. I can’t tell you how much it turns me on knowing I am smoking and you appreciating what I’m doing, not just having a cigarette but having sex with your mind. My fingers gently rolling over my swollen clitoris as I watch you wank for me harder and harder. You know when you’re about to cum I shall blow out an almighty cloud of smoke which you can wank into. If this appeals to you, our cheap sex chat will set you on fire!

Older women and the art of uk phone sex seduction!

Friday, June 17th, 2011

Curvy well groomed older women simply ooze sex, you see one on the television or in the street and you just know they are able to fuck like you’ve never been fucked before. The way they walk and look at you just says ‘I want you and I know how to get you’.  There isn’t anything that these women haven’t done when it comes to sex, and because of their maturity you know they are going to do it far better than younger girls. They can almost make you cum there and then in your trousers. Imagine being seduced, she would be wearing heels, stockings, suspenders and a nice tight skirt to enhance her curves, tight top with just enough buttons open to reveal her ample cleavage. If you get close you will smell her skin, it will smell of sex and the way she looks at you will make you realise that you need this woman and need her now. She will undress you slowly and take off her clothes really slowly as she watches you wanking, her technique at sucking your cock will make you want to shoot straight away, taking every inch all the way into her throat without complaining, gagging or retching, just looking up at you and smiling with just her eyes. This is just the starters for you, you know her pussy is shaven and want to taste it for  yourself, she will squat on you and you can pleasure her to orgasm. Want more? Call this sexy older woman on uk phone sex, and I will give you what you need.

Listen as I dominate you on Adult Phone Chat, your mind will be stimulated as well as your body

Friday, June 10th, 2011

Allow me to play with your mind, whilst you play with your body. Although I am a Mistress and I love to dominate my men I also realise that we are having an Adult Phone Chat and because I cannot dominate your body in person I can still dominate your mind over the phone. I love to play mind games. I will allow you to hear me boots as the steel heels walk on the wooden floors of my home, you will hear the swish of my cane, the thwack of my paddle and the flick of my crop. You can imagine I have you in bondage, clamps on your nipples as I walk around you whilst you’re tied to my bed. I would be examining you and seeing your cock getting bigger and longer for me. That of course deserves a spank in itself, and YOU can administer that over the phone. I will tell you of tales of real life domination and you can imagine yourself being in one, you  may play with your pathetic cock, but you do not cum until I give you permission, that is the only ground rule of our conversation, you have to abide by that. You will be begging me to let you, and I will do, but at my own pace, and I assure you it will be well worth the wait. The orgasm derived from a conversation from me will be one to remember for a very long time, so what are you waiting for?

Telling my cheap phone sex knicker lover of our house mate’s sticky present.

Friday, June 10th, 2011

I share a house with two girls and a guy, and we are always teasing him. We’ve all fucked him at some point, and he is always pestering us for more, but we very rarely let him have anything. We are real prick teasers, we know he’s a real knicker lover and have often caught him wanking into a pair that belongs to one of us. One day we caught him, and we decided that we would give him a treat for his birthday, so for a whole week all three of us wore one pair each so obviously at the end of the week they were very sticky.  We popped them in a bag and sealed it, wrapped it up and gave it to him his birthday. I was having a cheap phone sex conversation with a guy who also loved knickers, and he was saying how lucky our house mate was to have such sexy girls giving into his fetish. I told the guy to go upstairs and find a pair of his girlfriends which he did, and by the end of the call he was creaming into them. I told him to tell me if his girlfriend noticed the next day, but he said he would have to wash them before she got home. We all sat round to watch Paul open his bag, he hadn’t a clue what it was, but when he did his cock was enormous, he pulled out three pairs of very smelly, very sticky knickers. He did blush a little, but thanked us, he was in bed by 10.15pm and didn’t surface until the afternoon the next day! I wonder why?

Phonesex filth from full on girls who wanna have fun.

Friday, June 10th, 2011

If its pure filth you want then this is the place where it’s at. Nothing but horny girls talking x-rated phonesex. Why not try a filthy role-play that’s always a huge turn on for me, I enjoy being a sophisticated secretary on the outside, but a dirty little office whore on the inside. Love wearing sexy lingerie stockings, suspenders and high heels the thought of a nice little tight office skirt and jacket, tight blouse to show off my big tits and then getting seduced by ‘the boss’ as I lean over my desk and take your full length from behind with my knickers around my knees is such a turn on for me. But you forcing me onto my knees and sucking all my moisture off your cock whilst I look up at you with my filthy cum to bed eyes, and take every drop of your hot fresh horny spunk from your tight balls, erupting deep into the back of my throat, I’d open my mouth and show you how much you’ve given me before running the cream over my teeth and swallowing every drop. Pulling up my knickers and straightening my skirt, calming my hair with my hands and re-applying my lipstick I would look at you and smile as I leave your office.  This is just a taste of what you’d get from these phonesex sluts.

My big boobs lover phone sex caller encouraged me to seduce hubby’s apprentice.

Friday, June 3rd, 2011

I am an older woman, mature and well rounded in every way! I have a FF chest, and they have always been the first thing anyone noticed all my life. I love showing them off, I like to wear sexy tight tops, or low cut blouses, I’m slim so when I’m wearing a tight belt they look even bigger. My husband has just got a new apprentice and he came round the other day for the first time, and when he saw me he nearly fainted, he’s a tit man, so you can imagine. I really teased him, and he did leave with a massive bulge in his pants.

Later that night I was having phone sex with a younger guy who also loves big boobs, and he was putting himself in the lad’s shoes, he said he would have loved me to seduce him, and take him upstairs to fuck his brains out, then ending up giving him a nice horny tit wanking. I was really turned on with this caller, and I couldn’t stop thinking about it days afterwards. I suggested to my husband that he bring the lad round for dinner or drinks. He turned up and was blushing the moment he saw me, after a few drinks I sat next to him on the sofa,  I leaned over to put my glass on the table and heard him whimper. I smiled knowingly at him and suggested that we go upstairs. I did exactly as the caller asked whilst my husband watched me go to work on this young guy’s cock, pushing it between these huge bits and giving him a night to remember.