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My cheap phone sex fetish – darkroom sex, see what develops.

Friday, March 25th, 2011

Just lately I have been having calls on cheap phone sex about dark room sex. It’s where you go into a room totally pitch black where there are lots of other men and women, you get groped, fingered, licked and fucked, and you have no idea whether it is male or female, it he/she is young or old. My friend tried it a few weeks ago at a Fetish Swinging Club, and the thought of it is driving me crazy. Imagining myself with a dirty old man licking my sweet pussy, not knowing what he looks like or if it’s his cock in my pussy or arse fucking me. Being licked and thinking this can only be a woman’s lips on mine because they are too soft for a man, but then him kissing me and me finding out otherwise. I have been masturbating so much about this, and next month I am going to try it for myself. Know guys that have tried it and got more than they bargained for. Cum and tell me about it if you’ve tried it!

Dressing for UK phone sex – less isn’t necessarily best.

Friday, March 25th, 2011

I love dressing for sex, but it has to be something a little more kinky than just stockings and suspenders. I love wearing Leather, Rubber or PVC. Love chatting to guys on UK phone sex about my fetish, telling them what clothes I have and what I like to get up to whilst wearing them. I have just bought a PVC catsuit, it is a high collar, crotchless one and so sexy to wear. I have really high ankle boots to wear with it and had it on for the first time last week when I went to my first ever fetish fair. I felt so dominant it was unreal. I had a little thong on underneath because I was in public, but that soon came off as I was getting fucked by a more dominant man in a room smelling of leather, what a mixture, someone else taking control instead of me, my ass being spanked and fucked by him, with the sensual smell of leather.  Fetish heaven.

Dirty phone sex with older women who know exactly what they want.

Friday, March 25th, 2011

I thought because I was getting older my sex drive was becoming less, not the case! I started having phone sex, and it has come back with a vengeance. I am such a dirty filthy whore on there, they guys really turn me on by telling me what they would like to do to me, and I just let them have all my years of pent up sexual frustration and release it all in a phone call. I fuck myself with toys and fingers, but it leaves me wanting more. I have more sex now than I ever did, and I am loving every minute of it. Older Women really are hornier. Whatever the guys suggest I am open to try it, dirtier, filthier the better for me. By day I run a florist shop, by night I am a cock hungry dirty older slut. You can cum and de-flower me any day of the week. When I am not having sex for real I am having phone sex, and when I’m not doing that I am thinking about cocks. My fantasy is to have a bukkake session, and I am in the middle of arranging one right now!

Had to submit my pussy to lesbians whilst on cheap sex chat

Friday, March 18th, 2011

My friends who are lesbians called round my flat one day when I was having a cheap sex chat. It was summer and my door was open. At first they thought I was having sex with my boyfriend, but when they looked round the door and saw me fucking myself with a huge dildo in one hand and the receiver in the other they knew what I was up to. They watched for a short while but soon had to come in, what a horny summer afternoon that was. They took over, one of them squatting over my face and making me lick her, the other licking away at my pussy and ass, pushing the dildo in and out, the caller came and went, we continued most of the afternoon. I had never had Lesbian Phonesex before, but I know one thing, I will definitely do it again. They way they licked me into orgasm after orgasm was far nicer than my boyfriend ever does. I find myself playing with my pussy thinking about it, wanting it desperately, but wanting my boyfriend to watch and learn.

Love letting you hear me on a pissing phone sex chat.

Friday, March 18th, 2011

There is something so naughty about pissing my panties, even at my age. I’m 30. I love to be out, either shopping or in a bar and feel the lovely warm fluid dribbling into my knickers and down my stockings. My husband loves to be fingering me in public whilst I do this, he finds it a major turn on. Last time we were stood waiting for a taxi, his hand went up my short dress and started to press my knickers against me, I just let it all go over his fingers. When we got home he couldn’t wait for me to squat over his face and finish what I started, he was sucking on my pee soaked knickers and drinking me. He loves to hear me on a long call, on Pissing Phone Sex Chat – he knows I am desperate to go, and hopefully the caller is into pissing, he cums so quickly watching me squatting over the loo fingering my pussy and pissing. And so does the caller. It really is a case of cumming and going It’s such a turn on!

Once you’ve tried black on Adult Phone Chat, you will want to have one 4 real.

Friday, March 18th, 2011

It’s nice to see a big thick white cock being pumped into a black girl’s pussy. My cousin and I go into the next big town on the weekend and pick up guys. It’s love her watching me as I suck off a nice pussy hungry cock. I live in a little village and being one of the only Black Girls I really stand out and have no shortage of cocks on offer.  Getting taken from behind whilst I suck her guy off, being spit roasted is out of this world. I have nice big tits and huge very dark nipples which look nice with a white cock in between them. My body also looks nice decorated in fresh hot spunk! My neighbour who can see in through the French windows loves to see us having a good time and she sometimes comes and joins us, white pussy tastes good too. I was telling a caller about my antics on Adult Phone Chat and he was blowing his load nearly straight away imagining himself with two black girls and a white one. Have to admit we really are the talk of the village.

Let this young cheap phone sex slut take your phone virginity.

Friday, March 11th, 2011

I am 21 and already a cheap phone sex slut, I love talking to horny men over the phone. Especially if it’s a 1st Time Caller. I am really open- minded and adventurous sexually and love to tell them of my experiences. It is so horny knowing they are wanking on the other end of the phone, usually a bit quiet at first, but then they open up and start to tell me what really turns them on also. They imagine me doing to them what they describe and I let them hear me playing with my pussy, either with my fingers or my toys. As they become more turned on so does the conversation, leading sometimes into a horny role play. I cum so quickly knowing he is wanking his length, and cum loudly as I finger fuck myself. Come on and share a really hot horny phone session with me and let me take your phone virginity. Once you’ve tried it you will want more! That’s a promise.

My husband is going to know what a phone sex whore I am.

Friday, March 11th, 2011

I have only been married over 12 months and already I have been unfaithful four times. I can’t help myself. It all started when I first had phone sex. The caller really turned me on, I had three orgasms and wanted more. That night I went out, picked up a stranger and fucked him in his car. Now I go out with my two friends who are also Horny Housewives and we have group sex with guys we know. The thing is the more I get the more I want, and my husband isn’t enough for me. I asked him how he would feel about watching me getting screwed, he said he would love it. So I think the first thing to do is introduce him to it slowly, getting him to listen to me having phone sex first, then he can see what a whore I am for real. I know he will get off on it, who wouldn’t? Seeing your wife getting fucked by a younger more virile cock, and I do things with other men that I don’t do with my hubby!!

Phonesex sub needing to be controlled by a strict Master.

Friday, March 11th, 2011

Having phonesex with a very strict Master is such a turn on, hearing the authority in his voice making me weak with in trepidation as he gives me his instructions makes me tingle from head to toe. I totally give myself to a Master, physically and mentally and will do everything that I am told to do. I adore it all from self degradation to actual punishment. Submission is the only thing I know. I have been submissive all my life, going to any lengths to please a Master. Hoping that if my Master is pleased with me I may be allowed to have an orgasm, but of course that is entirely up to you.  I am an experienced submissive, and have been made to endure humiliation, pain, long periods of abstinence from playing with my hot tight pussy, and I genuinely need to be kept on a tight rein as I can be far too wilful at times. Could you be my new Master?

My husband loves me getting off on UK phone sex, whilst he cums over my big boobs.

Friday, March 4th, 2011

My husband loves me to wear clothes which show them off, he loves other guys looking at them. He said his ultimate fantasy was to have me coated in hot fresh spunk dribbling onto my big tits. That is exactly what he got when he got in from work one day. I had been out with my friends she and I came back here with 4 guys, we had not planned to be as filthy as we were but the drink took over. We both got spit roasted and when my husband came in from night shift we were in full flow. Ever since I was young I have always had Big Boobs, I take a 36EE bra and they have always got me what I wanted sexually. Now I am a little older and this is still the case. He knows I go with other men, but this was the first time he’d seen me. He was so shocked at first, but his cock took over his jealousy and he began wanking. I was sat on the floor sucking and licking cock then the first guy came all over my face, closely followed by the other three! My husband lost control and pushed his cock into my mouth and emptied himself into my throat. I was telling a caller on uk phone sex about this and he was really turned on, my husband was in the room and as soon as I began telling the caller about my antics that night my husband shot his load again! Uk phonesex is fantastic foreplay, he fucks me far better now that he’s ever done!