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Your phone sex bdsm Mistress wants you.

Friday, May 27th, 2011

Welcome to my world of bdsm filled with horny sex, bondage, torture, and of course fetish wear. Whilst we are having a very horny phone sex chat with you I shall be wearing leather or rubber or pvc, it just depends what mood I’m in that particular day. I will talk you through what I would do to you if you were with me right now, and of course you would address me as Mistress!

I want to give you pleasure as well as pain but as we both know it’s a very fine line between the both so to receive one  you have to endure the other. I like my men tied, teased and tormented. I would have your balls tied and your arms secured above your head, legs apart either with a spreader bar or simply shackled. Then your body belongs to me doesn’t it? Imagine that – a scantily clad rubber Mistress in control of your mind and your body, come and call me if you want the sensation of a life time.

My raging hormones whilst pregnant getting satisfied on uk phone sex.

Friday, May 27th, 2011

Since I’ve been pregnant all I’ve thought about is sex, my hormones have been raging and my pussy has never had so much cock ever! My boyfriend loves it, and the fact that my tits have got so big just lately, and my nipples have gone dark brown, I am still very slim just a bump on my tummy, but my pussy is permanently sticky, and all I can think of is cock. I sit and watch porn, I love to have uk phone sex and let the guys hear my sticky pussy over the phone. My pussy lips have got broader also since I’ve been pregnant, and my clitoris is definitely much more sensitive as are my nipples. And my horny thoughts are blowing any other ones out of the water, I am so filthy in what my imagination is feeding me and I have acted out a lot of my horny thoughts already. I have posed for a porno mag, done web camming on the Internet, been dogging because two guys wanted to see me fuck myself, there’s no end to what I will do. Come and give me what I really enjoy though a good hard horny uk phone sex call, let me squirt my juices for you.

Hardcore cheap sex chat is making me into a nympho!

Friday, May 27th, 2011

If you want a real filthy, hard cheap sex chat call me now. I talk total filth when I’m on the phone, dirtier hornier the better for me, love anything and everything. Whatever you want I can give you, whether it be role play, hearing me pee, bdsm, dressing, toys you name it I am more than willing to do it for you and for me too, because I get such a buzz out of it, and you can tell by how intense my calls are that I love it. I really fuck myself whilst chatting to you, and enjoy hearing you wanking your hard cock for me. I am capable of multiple orgasms and love it when my pussy is so wet and sticky that by the time my husband gets home he gets the fucking he’s been looking forward to all day. He knows cheap sex chat makes me so wet and horny for the real thing and loves me doing it. He’s even listened and watched as I cum with a caller, he didn’t last very long whilst we were fucking though so he’s been banned from doing that anymore. I find the more I get the more I want, sex to me is like an addiction, but a healthy one. I have never felt so good ever, and also never felt so confident about sex. I think I’m a nympho, cum and call me and I’ll let you decide.

Phonesex Knicker Lovers cum and make me cream mine

Friday, May 20th, 2011

I am most definitely a knicker lover, my favourite have to be a nice pair of fresh and new white silky ones, I love to feel all my moisture oozing into the fabric as I pull them between my pussy lips and my ass cheek the contrast of the cool material against my hot pussy and then smelling my aroma as I finger myself into orgasm is heaven to me.

I really do love to describe all this whilst having a phonesex conversation, chatting to someone who has the same knicker fetish as I do is lovely. I even smell my friends panties when I go round to their houses, whenever I go to the loo I open the wash basket and take out a couple of pairs to smell whilst I masturbate. Have you ever done that? It’s so naughty but a huge turn on for me. My boyfriend shares the same fascination for knickers, and I often take him a pair of my friends, usually the ones that have made me cum whilst I was in her bathroom, seeing him wanking with another girls pussy juiced knickers is so hot and horny!

Older women do phone sex chat so much better, cum and hear more!

Friday, May 20th, 2011

Older women have the experience when it comes to a phone chat sex, that’s the top and bottom of it, they love to be as filthy as you can give it, the dirtier you get the more it fires their imaginations and you get much more in return. I don’t think there is anything that these older women haven’t done, or aren’t willing to do. They are real dirty milfs, and love to please and be pleased. I get loads of calls from horny men and will do everything they ask, from letting them hear my play with toys, to dressing, to pissing too. I love to let them hear me cum, and for me to do the same, imagining all that spunk spurting into my horny cock sucking mouth. Phone sex is so erotic because the brain is the biggest sex organ, and boy does it get stimulated when talking to an older woman. Cum and have a horny role play session with me and I promise it won’t only be your mind that’s stimulated!

Hear my spanking secrets on Adult Phone Chat.

Friday, May 20th, 2011

So you enjoy being spanked do you? I love having my men with nice red bottoms, I would have you over my knee like a naughty boy, your trousers and boxer shorts around your ankles, you would be able to feel my stockings and suspenders underneath my short skirt, then you would feel the wrath of my hand as it makes contact with those little round buttocks of yours. The noise is heavenly to me, love to hear the sound resounding around the room as I slap first one then the other, and then your little yelps as you feel the pain on your arse. Feeling you writhing on my knee would be wonderful, having to give you an extra spanking to keep you there nice and still until I have finished with you. Cum and hear more ways how I punish my naughty boys on Adult Phone Chat, I shall be waiting smoothing my skirt down on my lap as I do so.

Close your eyes and enjoy a uk phone sex foot fetish fantasy.

Friday, May 13th, 2011

Let me help you visualise what I would do to you if you were with me. Your hands would be behind your back tied to your ankles; you would be blindfolded or hooded at first, clamps on your nipples, your arse just resting on a dildo on the floor so if you were to relax you would get a big surprise. I would walk in and you would hear my gorgeous heels on the tiled floor. I would sit opposite you and you’d feel the stiletto heel running over your thigh towards your cock, the metal heel would run up that muscle to the head of it, then up your chest to your mouth where I would expect you to take it inch by inch into your throat and suck it as if it were a cock. Remember that dildo poised underneath you!

If you have a foot fetish you will love my sexy little feet, I would slip my bare foot into your mouth and you would be sucking my toes one by one, you will explore the tops of my nails with your tongue, I would ask you if they were painted, you can find this out by running your tongue over each toe and if it’s very smooth and silky then yes, they are painted.

Imagine me describing this whilst your wanking listening to me on uk phone sex, imagine all your hot spunk being splattered over my feet and having you lick it all up for me, if you have a genuine foot fetish I suggest you make that call!

Let’s have a cheap phone sex session and you’re first time won’t be your last.

Friday, May 13th, 2011

I am still quite shy myself, so I understand how it is for a first time caller. But as soon as we get chatting on a Cheap phone sex call all my shyness just disappears and I’m sure yours will too. In fact I’ve been told I’m quite a little phone slut now.  I chat to all ages and I love them all, they have taught me so much about sex and some of it I’ve actually tried it out. I would love to share my fantasies with you, I have so many. Maybe we can have some role-play I always enjoy that, I would love you to be my boss at work and having me work late for not doing my work properly during the day, having my sweet little ass bent over your desk, raising my skirt and taking me deep and hard doggy style. Whatever it is that turns you on I would love to hear it, and I know if you’re anything like me your first time will definitely NOT be your last. The more phone sex I get the more I want. It has also given me the confidence to talk more openly to my boyfriend about my fantasies and desires, and if he won’t go along with them I have lots of callers who will!

Horny flatmates phone sex released the beast in this little Asian babe.

Friday, May 13th, 2011

I am an Asian girl, 22 with black hair, big brown eyes and a very slim figure. My upbringing was very strict and I couldn’t wait to move away from home to get my own place with a friend. The two of us share a flat and we get on great. I suppose I’ve lived a sheltered life until now that is, I had only been living with her for four months when I heard her having phone sex with her boyfriend, my ears pricked up and although it shocked me at first, I found it a real turn on. I lay in my bed and masturbated imagining it was him fucking me. She seemed to have been on the phone for ages and I could hear her squealing in ecstasy over and over. I wanted to get to sleep so I banged on the wall; there was no response she just carried on. I ended up going into her room really annoyed that I couldn’t get to sleep, she was naked on the bed, and legs wide open a huge dildo deep inside of her and the receiver in her hand. The call ended and she laughed at the look on my face, she told me she had phone sex every night with strangers, not her boyfriend! She asked me if I wanted to take a call, I was really nervous by now I was in bed with her, the duvet tight over my thighs, she was smiling as she handed me the phone, the guy was really nice – quite charming and we got chatting. I relaxed within minutes and even started masturbating. That was my introduction to phone sex and I haven’t stopped since, every night we hop into bed together and listen to each other’s callers.

Please cum and please this nympho on cheap sex chat!

Friday, May 6th, 2011

Since I’ve started having cheap sex chats my sex life has rocketed. My boyfriend and I thought we had a varied sex life, but after listening to what the callers get up to it was pale in comparison. We’d never considered dogging or swinging, but we go once a month now, for him to see me getting fucked by lots of hardcore cocks is such a turn on for him and for me the taste of a strangers spunk just tips my orgasms into orbit. Every opportunity to have sex we take it, and we keep a record of where and when, the last time was in a traffic jam and a lorry driver could see into our car, I started rubbing myself through my panties at first and saw him smile, after getting his full attention I slipped my knickers off, threw them into his cab and proceeded to give my boyfriend a blow job whilst on all fours on the passenger seat so the lorry driver could see my ass and pussy. I showed him how much spunk I had on my tongue and saw him cum, it was so naughty yet nice! I am a self confessed nympho now, I live and breathe sex, if we’re not having it I am thinking about it, his friends cum over and fuck me, even his Dad came round the other day and I took him, my boyfriend was at work and I couldn’t resist. He thinks I may have a problem, I’ve told him the only problem I have is that I haven’t enough cock to keep me satisfied!