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This is Serious Hardcore UK Phone SEX! Babes are Hot Sexy & Ready to Fuck

Friday, March 26th, 2010

I’m not going to lie. I stand up and admit it. My name is Kerry and I am a slut. I like dirty sex, hot hard fucking and I make sure I never miss a chance to do it. I’m an exhibitionist and love having an audience while I am getting fucked from behind with my face buried in a juicy sweet pussy. So if you’re looking for a dirty bitch, don’t pass me by.

But don’t be fooled.  I do know how to walk & talks like a lady, I just like to do it with no knickers on.

I do love my HardCore PhoneSeX sessions. I love describing in detail how I would lick and suck your cock or eat your girlfriends’ pussy while you watch. I also like a little gentle domination, but nothing too serious, although I am partial to strapping on a dildo and fucking the arse off a real man. I love the ones who want to be fucked like a bitch, and aren’t afraid to admit it.  I also adore having my feet worshipped, and if you’re lucky, and real good, I might let you touch them.

However, if you have the balls to take charge of me, just do it! I’ll hand over the reins to you, you can use me as you like. I will be your own personal slutty toy to play and have fun with.

xxx Kerry xxx

Is It Really Filthy Phone sex your looking for?

Friday, March 26th, 2010

I spent the most of my time being a dirty slut on the phone today. I get sooo turned on by Filthy phone sex. You guys are such a horny bunch! I love it!

I keep a fat dildo right by my side when I am stretched out on my sofa. It’s hard to resist the temptation to use it between calls, but I get so hot when I have someone talking I my ear, telling me to fuck my wet pussy with my dildo, so I do try to restrain myself at least a little bit.

I had a caller today who wanted to fuck his own arse, while I did mine. He drove me wild, my pussy was dripping, I just loved it.  I know that horny fucker did too, as he cum everywhere, I could almost taste his sweet spunk on my wanting lips. I could hear him panting and moaning, just like me lol then, while he recovered, I talked about how I’d sucked his cock back to hardness so we could do it all again.

Sound like something you’d like?   You know how to reach me…

Check back soon                xxx Kerry xxx

Spanking: Love It Even More Now That It’s Cheap Sex Chat!

Friday, March 26th, 2010

There’s a new fetish store opened not far from my college, and I just couldn’t resist a visit. The site of all that leather and PVC gave me the raging horn and after buying a gorgeous leather paddle, I couldn’t wait to get back to college and try it out.

My favourite strict Headmaster was eager to hear me use it as well, telling me I’d been such a dirty bitch and needed some serious punishment. He’s so masterful, he gets off on Spanking a saucy little arse until it blushes, he loves CP as much as I do, so before he’d even bent me over his desk, I knew my white cotton knickers were going to be soaking.

So there I was, bent over, my knickers at half-mast while he spanked my cheeks until they were red raw. When he ran his fingers over my pussy lips, I knew straightaway I was in for more, because I’d gotten so wet while being thrashed so hard. That’s when my new paddle was christened. It felt so good, slapping across my vulnerable cheeks as I cried and begged him for forgiveness, promising to be a good girl for now on and do as I was told.

I should have known better than to do that, and earned myself a whopping 30 strokes of the cane across my naughty little nates. God, I was so sore! I can still feel those welts now and the soreness in them is making my cunt so juicy. I’m such a naughty girl aren’t I? Maybe I need another strict Master to drive the lesson home………………….   Call me!

Yours Summer x

Sympathetic Sex Line Girls, Invite You To Their Sanctuary

Saturday, March 20th, 2010

Come to me. Come play in my sanctuary.
You and I alone, left to our own wicked devices.
Find some means of pleasure and come be with me.
A place where we can be alone, to explore each other and live in a fantasy world of our creation.
I know you want it. You won’t regret our time together.
Call me on the sex line, I can be sympathetic to your needs in more ways than you can imagine, making your feel so comfortable that you cast out your inhibitions.
I am the one you have been craving…
the one who gives you all those restless nights…

show me how much you want it and I will give it to you…     just the way you like it.

The Art Of Anal phone sex chat with sexy uk girls

Friday, March 19th, 2010

As a young & experimenting bisexual in a girl-boy relationship I found myself becoming bored with cock. While threesomes are fun they aren’t always available and although I fancy my boyfriend I’m not always in a sharing mood.

However I did miss rolling my tongue inside of someone so this is how I discovered the art of analingus.

My boyfriend and I both enjoy a little bit of anal play here and there. Our fun with the bum has also had us discover the greatness of all the different types as lube as well.

You know when you hear someone say, “eww this tastes like crap”? Well I assure you most of them do not know the taste of crap. It isn’t the best thing in the world but you can get use to it. I recommend a nice shower or bath together before any anal play or perhaps (My Ex prefers an enema).

So how do you get over the unpleasant taste? Well there are flavoured lubes out there but I found most effective to kill the taste of the bum is a good old fashioned mint, a tic-tac in the anus or just put two in your mouth in the side of your cheeks is enough to kill the taste.

Some guys like the idea of their girl friend’s tongues in their bums & are incredibly turned on by the idea of the taboo fetish.

…to be continued 2moro
The Art Of Anal from the sex advice girl at cheap adult chat

Does That Make Me A Lesbian Phonesex Girl?

Friday, March 19th, 2010

I’m going back a few years now to when I was 18 years old, I was at a house party for my best friends 18th birthday, there was loads of us there girls and guys, and all night I was getting eyed up by one woman in particular, she was one of my friends aunties and I knew she was a lesbian which I found a huge turn on, and damn she looked fucking hot that night.

As the night when on we were all dancing and drinking as you do, and my mates auntie was rubbing her self against me more and more as we were dancing, and I was getting wetter by the minute. She didn’t half tease me that night, so I thought I’d play her at her own game. So I went upstairs to the bathroom adjusting my little skirt as I went up the stairs because I knew her eyes were all over me. When I came out of the toilet there she was waiting for me.

She pushed me up against the wall put my hand above my head and gave me the most amazing snog I’d ever had. As you can imagine I was dripping wet by this point, then she started to feel my tits though my top and my nipples were standing erect, rock hard. I could have let her lick my pussy there and then, she was do fucking hot and incredibly talented with her fingers. Im dripping wet just thinking back, she always made me so fucking horny!

uk phone sex with a GILF @ cheap adult chat

Friday, March 12th, 2010

Cum fuck a well used Granny! I haven’t had a big enough cock that can touch the sides of my granny fanny.

You can slam your cock into my dry  and ‘gagging for it’ pussy and you can make my loose, saggin fanny want more of your rock hard cock.

My pussy may be old, but let me tell you one thing I sure know how to grind this pussy up and down and all over your cock and balls. You can shove that cock down this GILFS throat and watch how far I can deep throat.

Fuck Bingo when I can Stay Home and Fuck You!

Transvestites & Chicks with dicks get what they want from this phone sex

Friday, March 12th, 2010

Sometimes, being a chat line operator is more than playing with my pussy and getting off on making all you sexy guys cum all over the place. There are times when I get to lend an ear and give advice.

This was especially the case today when a closet TV came through, looking for advice on how to expand his kink. He has been dressing for a while, keeping it secret from his wife, but wanted to include some form of domination in it too. Sadly, where he comes from, it’s not the sort of thing you can easily find.

However, I live in a very well known gay capital of the UK, where Transvestites & Chicks with dicks etc are an everyday occurrence. There are themed parties, and plenty of opportunities for him to experiment.

We talked about ways forward, suggesting that maybe he trawl the internet for ideas and just go for it. At the end of the day, it’s an itch that needs to be scratched. I know that only too well, because when I get super horny, I need to do something about it and fast.

So anybody wanting advice about this then come through to me. I’m full of great ideas which will expand your horizons!

Foot fetish and cheap phone sex has never been more fun

Friday, March 12th, 2010

If I’m feeling generous enough, I might even let you slip my patent leather stiletto heels onto my smooth, soft, silky arched feet.
I love making men like you suffer the denial and experience the agony of sniffing and touching my thighs, boots and feet, bringing your cock to the point of pain, only to make you serve me more, while I grin like a Cheshire Cat, enslaving you to the purrrrr fection of my being.
Perhaps I’ll let you spurt your cum juice over them…perhaps I won’t.
It really does depend on how willing and obedient you are…
If you are shuddering at the thought of getting the
chance to smell and possibly even lick my foot, ankle or thigh, then I suggest you
don’t delay, connect to me Now by picking up the phone.

As always yours, xXx Candy xXx

Call Me for some hardcore cheap sex chat

Friday, March 5th, 2010

Come to me. Come play in my sanctuary. You and I alone, left to our own wicked devices. Find some means of pleasure and come be with me.  A place where we can be alone, to explore each other and live in a fantasy world of our creation. I know you want it and I know you want it hardcore, you won’t regret our time together. Call me and cast out your inhibitions. I am the one you have been craving… the one who gives you all those restless nights… show me how much you want it and I will give it to you… just the way you like it.

Call me NOW for the hardcore cheap sex chat the you know you want!!

Xxx Kandi Koxx xxx