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UK phone sex heel fetish fantasy!

Wednesday, July 31st, 2019

I’m in my late forties and have always worked in an office. One thing I’ve noticed about men is how erotic they find feet! Especially when I’m wearing my six inch high heels, I always catch them perving over them. If you have a foot fetish then you need to give me acall and I’ll make your ultimate fantasy a reality! Imagine laying on the floor naked as I walk around you, your head at eye level with my sexy six inch high heels! I might get you to kiss them or lick them or I might even use them to wank you off rubbing your cock with the sole or stiletto heel. Whatever foot fetish fantasy you have, call me and I’ll make it a reality!

Adult Phone Chat with big boob slut!

Wednesday, July 24th, 2019

I love my sex to be hardcore! You know when a girl is a proper slut because, like me she has huge boobs! I got mine enlarged a few years ago because I wanted every guy to know I was available for filthy fucking! It was amazing after I had them enlarged, I got so much more attention and my sex life ramped up! I’m such a nympho and having guys fighting over me every weekend is a dream for me! I’m sometimes disappointed though, when I get a guy back to my flat and he just wants missionary, I can get really depressed! Sex to me is something to be expored and very very filthy! I like to use strapons on guys and love to rim! Anyrthing goes with me so if you’re a filthy guy then call me now and lets get hardcore!

Phone sex – Smoke and lipstick!

Wednesday, July 17th, 2019

I love to seduce you guys with smoking, I know that when I purse my bright red glossy lips to the cigarrette you’re getting hard already!  I love to give blowjobs while smoking and teasing you delicately with the thick white plumes of smoke as they caress your sensitive cock! I love to edge you with smoke, teasing you until you are begging me to let you cum! You’ll be drooling over my upperclass look and personality. My lipstick caressing your cock as I delicately puff on my cigarette will drive you wild! Whatever fantasy you have when it comes to smoking, I’ll make it a reality so get your cock out now, call me and let me take you to your ultimate pleasure!

Black babe loves white guys on phonesex!

Wednesday, July 10th, 2019

I’m a strong black woman with a feisty personality, a little on the dominant and kinky side! I’ve always had a thing for white guys and nothing gets me wetter than taking a white guy and giving him the ride of his life! I always start off with sucking him off, the taste of a big hard white cock gets me so wet! Before you cum I’ll stop and throw you down on the bed, by this time my cunt will be so wet and you’ll slide in with ease! I must confess I’m a squirter so when I cum I cum hard and wet! I love it up the arse and I know you like a big black booty so call me now and discover what a real black babe fucks like!

Strict bitch with knicker fetish on cheap phone sex!

Wednesday, July 3rd, 2019

I love to dominate men, especially those who share my fetish for knickers and panties. I’ve had mine on all day and once I get you tied firmly down on my bed I’ll indulge you in your fetish for lingerie! I’m going to straddle your face and thrust my pussy soaked knickers in your face forcing you to inhale my sweet pussy scent/ You’ll get hard the minute you smell me and as I get more and more aroused I’ll rake them off and hold them over your face ensuring you breathe in every little bit of my scent! I might even stuff them in your mouth if you get too vocal, sometimes I want a slave to just be quiet and I know you love a mouth full of your mistresses stinky knickers! Call me now and indulge in your knicker lovers fantasy!