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I’m Just 18, and I’ve found that Phone Sex is great to get off on!

Friday, April 30th, 2010

Before I actually had my first hard cock thrusting into my tight little pussy I was more than a little bit scared that it would hurt too much for me as after all I was only Just Legal !!  How stupid was I after having a right royal mind blowing Fuck,  I soon became a Cock Hungry slut gagging for a good shafting as often as possible.  If I go more than a day or two without some man meat to satisfy my needs I end  rubbing my fanny red raw  stop it throbbing and aching for Cock.  Wanna be my next victim ?

All Yours – Randy Mandy xx

Erotic Smoking Fetish with a UK Phone Sex slut gets better each time!

Friday, April 30th, 2010

I could hardly believe a month had passed since I first flirted with the idea of sexy phone calls.  But come and gone it had and now it was something I seriously couldn’t wait to settle down to every night. Sometimes, on my way home from work, I would see a guy eyeing me up as I lit my long menthol cigarette, seductivly exhaling the small perfectly round smoke rings, it’s making me horny, my sexy nylon stocking legs and my pussy would start to get wet just knowing that he wanted me, I do hope I get a caller tonight with a smoking fetish.

I always set myself up with a nice glass of wine and pampered myself with a nice hot bubble bath first, just to set the mood. Then I lit a couple of candles, extinguished the lights and waited for the excitement to begin.

A very sexy brunette in a low cut blouse exposing her ample cleavage iinhales deeply on a menthol ciggy,  her chest rising as her lungs fill with the minty smoke.  She is trying to be as quick as possible as it is strictly forbidden to light up and even have just a few puffs of the satisfying warm smoke that is now saturating her nostrils and throat.  It feels so much more pleasurable knowing she could be found out at any moment.  She cant help it though she has to have it as often as possible.

When it comes to cheap phone sex older women know what’s best!

Friday, April 30th, 2010

When a woman gets to a certain age there are very few things she hasn’t had the pleasure to experience.  She instinctively knows how to press all the right buttons for a man she wants to give complete satisfaction. Older Women have absolutely no inhibitions and no mad rush to get the desired results.  Building up towards one of the most intense and erotic orgasms you have ever felt.  Taking you to the edge time after time.  I love the surprised look on the faces of the men when i reach their “G” spot and they spurt everywhere uncontrollably !  Sound like your kind of fun ?  Call me to hear some more of my many sexual exploits

Saucy Shirley xx

Trannies & Chicks with Dicks need a sex line Too!

Friday, April 23rd, 2010

Sometimes, being a chat line operator is more than playing with my pussy and getting off on making all you sexy guys cum all over the place. There are times when I get to lend an ear and give advice.

This was especially the case today when a closet TV came through, looking for advice on how to expand his kink. He has been dressing for a while, keeping it secret from his wife, but wanted to include some form of domination in it too. Sadly, where he comes from, it’s not the sort of thing you can easily find.

However, I live in a very well known gay capital of the UK, which cross-dressing; transgender, Transvestites & Chicks with Dicks are  an everyday occurrence. There are themed parties, and plenty of opportunities for him to experiment.

We talked about ways forward, suggesting that maybe he trawl the internet for ideas and just go for it. At the end of the day, it’s an itch that needs to be scratched. I know that only too well, because when I get super horny, I need to do something about it and fast.

So anybody wanting advice about this then come through to me. I’m full of great ideas which will expand your horizons!                       Summer xx

Housework’s done, now it’s time for some hardcore phonesex fun and satisfaction!

Friday, April 23rd, 2010

The thing that turns me on most about phonesex is that your never sure what sexual perversion will be coming next !  I have been amazed at what things get me panting with sexual cravings.  They all love the idea of a young housewife who is sexually deprived,  I can imagine them really slamming their stiff throbbing cock’s into my soaking wet slot.  If I am in a particularly filthy mood I imagine them slowly stretching open my tight little bum hole till they pop their bell end inside.  I have been known to squirt sticky cunt juice everywhere while stuffing a finger or two up my arse as i wank with my rampant rabbit.

Wanna know more of what i get up to ?  I’d really like to get your thick shaft hard while you listen to me tell you about my perverted phonesex calls.

Call me !

Chloe xxx

Phone Sex with Just 18 Virgins, inexperienced and eager to learn from a guided hand!

Friday, April 23rd, 2010

Well, I had set the scene for my special evening with a nice glass of wine in my hand and a pretty pink negligee with little matching panties.  That would set their pulses racing …. If only they could see!  I pulled my silky blonde hair back off my face in an alice band, laid back on the bed, and waited for the fun to begin.

Within seconds I was rewarded with the first ring of the telephone. My heart almost skipped a beat, I was that nervous.  But then I heard his voice.  A very sexy voice actually, deep and strong, from a man who knew exactly what he wanted and expected me to give it to him.

I closed my eyes, imagined for a moment that I was really there with him and all the lovely things we could do to each other.  Soon I was lost in the flow of the conversation and realized my fingers had wandered under my nightie.  My breath started to come faster as I imagined kissing him and licking him and sucking him, even putting my fingers into my mouth and sucking them as if they were his ever hardening cock.

When he told me how he wanted my sweet just leagal – 18 yr old body, spread my legs and let his tongue get to work, my pert nipples started to tingle so hard and a little moan escaped my lips. His tongue went to work harder and harder as he pushed his fingers inside my now dripping wet pussy.  I could almost feel him stretching me. At that moment I wanted him so badly I begged him to fuck me.

I could hear the excitement in his voice and how hard he had become.  And then he pushed it inside me.  He thrust slowly at first, stretching me to accommodate, until he was all the way in.  Then it all started to change.  Grabbing my hips from behind he got caught up in the moment, pushing me forward, spreading me wider until what seemed like only seconds later he let out an almighty wail and shot his load deep, deep inside me.

I heard his panting lessen and when he spoke again it was to ask me if I had an extension number and would like to play with him again.  And then he was gone.

Not bad for my first caller.  Can’t believe I had been so nervous really.  But now I was a phone-sex virgin no more, and loving every second of it.

And there it was again, the ringing of the phone and those all so familiar tingles.

I wonder who it will be this time ……. Maybe you???                                Kisses x NiKKi xxXxx

Indulge your fetish with one of our horny phone sex babes

Friday, April 16th, 2010

I love fucking in highly public places, Outdoors is much more of a thrill than indoors, the more people watching the better.

I told this  really sexy guy today about my naughty fantasy, So the next thing i know  he’s taking me to a crowded all-male bar where i’m forced to my knees to suck his huge great cock.

All eyes were on my face and the rude display and pretty soon, I was on the pool table, skirt rolled up, tits out, and a pool cue sliding in and out of my pussy. I could see my audience rubbing and squeezing their stiff dicks before the got them out and covered me in their jizz. Oh FUCK  YES ! Jizz all over my tits and face and a pool cue rammed up to the hilt in my hot sticky pussy.

So what’s your public fucking fantasy?    Call me to tell me all about it!

Summer xx

Foot fetish and cheap phone sex has never been more fun

Friday, April 16th, 2010

“The pure admiration or sexual attraction of barefeet. Usually pertaining to men who can become sexually aroused from the sight of any part of women’s feet(including, toes, arches and soles – Foot Fetish

Do you like to watch a woman seat herself in front of you, cross her long legs, and dangle the heel of one shoe off her foot while she lights up a cigarette, inhales, and then turns her head slightly to purse her lips and blow a gray haze of smoke out? Or do you prefer it if she blows the smoke directly at you? Do you like to watch her lips, her hands, her chest as she smokes the cigarette, perhaps paying attention to you, perhaps not? Does it make you tingle when the smoke blows between those full lips? A lot of men find women who smoke to be sexy; maybe because it was once thought that only “bad” girls do it. We can be as bad as you want, smoking our cigarettes, and telling you about other bad things we enjoy doing during a phone sex call.

Kinky Cheap Phone Sex with Leather, Rubber, PVC you name it, I’m into it!

Friday, April 16th, 2010

Another of my biggest kinks is leather. I adore it. I love the way it looks. I love the way it feels next to my silky skin, the smell and the sexy creaking it makes as I move.

I like to share my kink with others, while running my hands over the smooth material as I get soaking wet of the leather sexploits of others.

I’m VERY kinky;  leather, PVC, Rubber,  feet, CP, anal, watersports, you name it. The kinkier the better.

I’m just a horny little slut that aims to please xx

So what leather items do I have? Call me to find out!                  Summer xx

Horny Wives are the Dirtiest phone sex chat Sluts!

Saturday, April 10th, 2010

My Husband has no interest in Sex, so I out source nowadays, It was the best decision EVER!

When I get a guy wanting me to be a real dirty bitch, you can be sure I always deliver. I can’t help it. I like it rough and I like it naughty!

Horny Wives are the Dirtiest phone sex chat Sluts!

A guy I spoke to today wanted it too because straight away he plunged his cock down my throat and made me gag. I love deep-throat, especially when he nibbles and sucks at my cunt. I get so turned out at moaning around my mouthful of meat.

I ground my cunt hard on his face, soaking his chin and neck with my juice. He grabbed his cock, pulled it from my hot mouth and slapped it against my face, reinforcing just what a whore I am.

Next, I felt his finger sliding up to my arse, so I did the same, first digging it into my wet fig then gently pushing it into his hole while I went back to sucking that delicious dick. He filled my throat with his jizz, wanking out every last drop, while I massaged his prostrate.

What did I do next? Ask me and I may tell!      Summer xx