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Phonesex caller took my anal cherry then had to lose it for real.

Friday, January 28th, 2011

I had never really been interested in having anal sex before, until one day I was getting really carried away having phonesex with a caller he suggested that I slip a finger into my ass. I was so hot and horny that I did what he suggested and found I really got off on it. That lead me to wanting more so I bought myself a butt plug. I can’t tell you what that did to me, it really did it for me, every time I masturbated I had to push the butt plug up inside me and fuck my pussy with a dildo, I was so greedy. My boyfriend didn’t want to try it for real, which was a shame, so I had to go out and get some myself. It was the horniest life of my life, the guy was gentle and took his time sliding himself balls deep inside of me I was blown away by the orgasm that it gave me. Thanks to my call on phonesex it has given me a new lease of life sexually!

My lesbian lover loves to listen to me having cheap phone sex.

Friday, January 28th, 2011

I am bi-sexual myself, but have lots of lesbians as friends. My girlfriend was round the other week and she was listening to me having some cheap phone sex, she was amazed at how horny I was, her and I have never got it on together before, until that day. I was talking to a guy who was really hot, telling me his fantasy of having two girls. I had to giggle because he didn’t realise at first that I wasn’t on my own. I began to masturbate and before I could say no, she was on her knees licking my pussy, I was so wet and horny it was unbelievable. When the caller found out I had a girl there he was ready to have some serious fun. He was telling my friend to fuck me with a dildo,then lick me some more, I had a really fun afternoon fucking with him on the phone and on the floor with my friend. Definitely do that again! Love having lesbian friends!

Dressing like a dirty PVC slut whlst having phone sex.

Friday, January 28th, 2011

BDSM and fetish wear go hand in hand for me. I love being dominated and told what to wear. Leather, rubber or PVC – love it all. Whilst having phone sex I imagine the callers to be here strapping me down to my bed with leather ties, teasing and tantalising me, spanking me. Pinching my big nipples and watching me squirm. Love the idea of him pushing his big hard cock deep into my throat and making me gag on it. It’s the combination of the smell, the feeling of helplessness and the fact that my pussy tingle with anticipation that turns me on so much. Love a dominant man to make me submit to everything that he tells me to do. Have lots of fetish wear to choose from such as PVC skirts, leather ones too, rubber knickers, just love it all. Let me dress like your rubber submissive fuck toy and allow you to do anything you want to me.

Come on, tell me all about your anal adventures using UK Phone Sex!

Thursday, January 27th, 2011

I love being fucked up the arse. There’s something so much more satisfying about taking a fat cock in my tightest hole, and feeling that hot white cum pouring down the inside of my legs after a good fucking up my dirt box. The last guy who fucked me up the arse knew how he wanted to do it, and that was fast and dirty. He grabbed my arse cheeks, pulled them apart, spat on his cock and shoved it up my arse so hard that it felt more like a steam train than a cock. The way he fucked me made me blow my cum all over his balls. I love Anal, and I’m sure you do to, so why don’t you get my juices going by introducing your throbbing cock to my chocolate star fish? There’s not many girls who will let you get your cock out and start fucking straight away. I’ve got so many stories to tell about my anal experiences, the only way you’re going to find out more is if you give me a call and talk to me. It takes me a while to open up about my experiences, but seconds to open up my arse cheeks.

I’m far hornier whilst pregnant and having UK phone sex.

Friday, January 21st, 2011

I am sure the baby I had was a result of getting pregnant whilst having UK phone sex. I have always had a high sex drive, but when I get on the phones I get so turned on you wouldn’t believe. When I did get pregnant I was amazed at just how many men were turned on by it. My tits swelled to twice their size, and my pussy was far more juicy than I usually get. For the full nine months I was having phone sex every day, in fact several  times a day. I couldn’t get enough. Describing to the callers how dark my nipples had become, how my tummy was swelling, and even better just how swollen my pussy lips had become. I was imagining them walking in and catching me playing with myself, looking like a horny slut. It is worth getting pregnant again just to have those nine months of constant cumming.

Cum harder with cheap sex chat hardcore whore.

Friday, January 21st, 2011

Since having conversations with horny guys my sex life has got so much better. I talk about anything Hardcore and everything sexual. Love hearing the guys wanking and suggesting filthy things to me. My husband knows  do it, but the other day I was upstairs having a really intense chat with someone and didn’t hear him and his friend come home. I was screaming for the guy to fuck me, and when my husband walked through the bedroom door I was mid orgasm with my dildo deep inside of me. He told me that he and his friend could hear everything. After the call I went downstairs and apologised for my hardcore conversation. His friend came into the kitchen and started to touch my arse and was telling me what a turn on it was hearing me. I was pretty nervous – but told him what number to call and I would give him the same treatment. That night he did, it was really hot and steamy. The thing is he keeps calling round and I know I am going to end up fucking him!

Older phone sex chat spunk slut, let me describe my fantasy.

Friday, January 21st, 2011

Older women have no hang ups about sex at all. I love chatting to guys telling them how I would want them to fuck me whilst I am having a phone sex chat. It can vary depending on what mood I’m in but it is always full on hardcore fucking. Love the idea of a stranger catching me masturbating, not knowing who it is but he is giving me the best fuck I’ve ever had. But  then turning the tables and sucking his cock like he’s never had it sucked before, taking it all the way into my throat, gagging a little at first, but sucking all my juices off it before he shoots his hot spunk load into my mouth. I would open it and show him just how much he has given me before I relish the thick creamy deposit. Dirty filthy spunk slut that I am.

Filthy knickers, guess who these phonesex knickers belong to!

Friday, January 14th, 2011

A regular caller of mine loves knickers, and I adore wearing them. I was having phonesex with him one day when he said he was at his mates house doing some decorating. He phoned me to tell me that when he moved the bed he had found a pair of knickers which had dropped behind the bed. I told him to smell them for me and describe the scent. This filthy Knicker Lover was really getting off on the stale smell of pussy, and I was getting horny imagining him there. He said they were black and silky, and very creamy. I told him to wrap the knickers around his cock and tell me how the feel, he was  so horny doing this, he said they felt amazing, he was imagining seeing his friends girlfriend in them and fucking her. I told him to go to the bathroom and find another pair, he did, and he said these were a lot bigger and definitely not his, they would have been his friend’s Mums. He described that she was sexy and in her early forties. I told him to smell those too and he said he was so hard, and I was so wet listening to him. These too were black and silky. ‘Right’. I said, ‘Close your eyes tightly and mix them up, pick a pair and you have to guess who they belong to’. He did this and I could hear him smelling the panties. He was a true knicker lover. I told him if he guessed right he had to wank into that pair, he made a guess, opened his eyes, but it was wrong. I started to giggle, this was such a turn on for me. Knowing that he really wanted to fuck the both of them, and this was the closest thing he was getting. Another guess and he got it right, he started wanking furiously into his friend’s Mum’s knickers, and licking and smelling the other pair, as you can imagine it didn’t take long before  he spunked his load all inside of them! I think I am going to leave my knickers lying around next time I go to my friends house, I know her guy loves used sticky knickers, and after that call, they really were sticky!

The power of the imagination is a wonderful thing.

Friday, January 14th, 2011

Being dominant is what I do best. Taking your mind into the realms of a fantastic fantasy journey is better than a lot of sex I have had for real. I am dressed in a black corset which laces up the back, long black gloves, very high heels, stockings. My hair worn up in a ponytail and my make up to perfection. Wow, what a transformation to the little auxiliary nurse I was a few hours ago. Now I am your Mistress. The phone rings and I have to be addressed in the correct manner or else the punishment begins immediately. I have found my patience wears a little thin if my subs won’t conform and do as their told. ‘On your knees and bow your head when you’re talking to me’. My voice is calm but definite and commanding. The words ‘sorry Mistress’ enhances my dominance and spurs me on to continue with my alter ego. My voice is soft as I tell them to describe to me how they enjoy being punished, I walk around my room in my heels and smile to myself, almost imagining them at my heels  walking with me, tethered by a lead and collar bearing my initials. I have them doing untold things to themselves, using dildo’s, or virtually anything I think they deserve, from clamps and whips to pegs and a thick leather belt. One guy told me he had been dominated by an American girl, that was a big mistake, I made him place a marker pen inside his arse, squat down onto a broadsheet newspaper and very carefully he had to write the words Domination UK Phone Sex is the best with it in big letters, the thought of him doing that just heightened my dominant side.

I didn’t realise how horny I could be until I tried cheap sex chat!

Friday, January 14th, 2011

One of my biggest fantasies is being caught by a man I don’t know whilst masturbating! The idea of a total stranger stood at the foot of my bed watching me fuck myself to orgasm with my vibrator is such a turn on. I love Voyeurism, watching men wanking, the way they hold their cocks, their breathing, seeing that precum appearing on the tips of their cocks, just makes me want to get down onto my knees and take one deep into the back of my throat until they cum in my mouth is just the ultimate for me. On Cheap Sex Chat I can fulfil my fantasy and I have found I have lots more. It has really given me and my boyfriend the spark back to our sex lives. He comes home from work and asks if I have had a good day, he knows I have been playing with my pussy for most of it, I tell him about some of the things I have talked about during the day, and he gets really turned on by it all. Since then we have tried swinging and dogging, which just adds another level to our sex. We are so much more adventurous fucking anywhere and everywhere now, I sometimes go out without any knickers with my ‘just in case’ dress on, which is a very short clingy one, just in case that stranger wants to come back and watch me masturbate. Threesomes are a big thing for us too now, both with another guy or a girl, finding out different ways to excite each other is wonderful. And now, a lot of my fantasies are becoming a reality and I am loving every minute of it.