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UK Phone sex with lingerie babe!

Monday, May 28th, 2018

I love to dress up in glamourous clothes and underwear. Stockings, corsets and high heels make me feel so sexy and I’m obsessed with knickers! I have drawers full of all types of panties and I love to wear them as I pleasure my pussy while you wank over me! Sometimes I stuff them inside myself, pull them out and sniff my own sweet juices as I cum! You can join me and I’ll smother you with my pussy soaked knickers as I wank you off. You’re obsessed with knickers and we can indulge in our obsession together! My cunt is so wet right now as I lay here waiting for your call. I’ve got black lacey knickers on, six inch high heels, stockings and corset. I just love to tease my clit with my favourite vibrator as you wank your cock for me. I want to hear you wanking as I tease and pleasure you with the ultimate filthy chat experience! I want to feel your cock sliding in and out of my pussy as I hear you stroking yourself for me! If you want to get off with a sex mad slut who’s obsessed with knickers then call me now and experience the ultimate fantasy fuck!

Cheap sex chat – MILF preys on young lad!

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2018

I’m a MILF! I know this because my son’s friend actually told me. He came round to see my son and I invited him in for a coffee as he wasn’t back from college yet, in fact I knew he wouldn’t be back for a few hours. I’d always fancied the pants of this guy even though he was half my age and I told him I was feeling insecure about myself. As an older woman I was feeling a bit insecure but if I could bed my son’s hot friend I knew it’d make me feel better! I asked him if he found older women attractive and whether out of sympathy or honesty he told me he thought I was a MILF. I asked if he minded giving his opinion on my new outfit as I was going on a date and he agreed. I went to my bedroom and put my sexiest lingerie, high heels and stockings on. He wasn’t expecting it but I called him up to the bedroom and stayed in the ensuite bathroom. I told him to close his eyes and sit on the bed and I crept out, locked the bedroom door and sauntered over to him. When he opened his eyes, he was shocked and panicked. He ran to the door to get out but it was locked. I walked towards him slowly and whispered in his little frightened ear “you’re not leaving this room until I’ve drained that cock of yours dry”. I pulled him to the bed, threw him down, stripped him and fucked him  After he was very quiet and just left but he keeps coming back, he’s obsessed with me and I love it!

Phone sex chat with fetish lover

Tuesday, May 15th, 2018

I’m such a kinky bitch and if you’re into fetish, I’m going to send your cock to the limits of pleasure! I love to dress up, all my shoes are high heels and I have multiple outfits from latex figure huggers to strict business / headmistress outfits and uniforms, from nurse to police woman. Nothing is too strange for me and I love domination, pissing and roleplay. If you have any kind of fetish, no matter how perverse, It won’t shock me, I love a man who isn’t ashamed of his desires and I love to make your fantasy a reality! I can’t get enough cock and using my imagination and creativity to think up new ways of experiencing a nice big cock is the ultimate! If you want to try something very different then call me now and I’ll make sure you are fully satisfied and gagging to go again and again!

Adult phone chat with frustrated married lady

Monday, May 7th, 2018

My hubby is so boring! When we were young he was so exciting in the bedroom but as the hum drum of married life has set in, our sex life grew stale. I was such a frustrated housewife, I even started watching porn on the internet. Not just a little glimpse either I was so sexually frustrated and eager to get that sexual excitement back that I used toys while I watched. Butt plug in my luned up arse hole as I used a vibrator on my pussy and clamps on my nipples. I watched for hours while he was down the pub and only then did I get satisfaction. Even then there was something missing which is why I started doing phone sex. I don’t want to leave my hubby bit chatting to you guys is the best release I get! Hearing you wank your cock and say the most filthy things as I play with my pussy really does it for me! I love to get ready by dressing in high heels and nylon stockings and my favourite underwear. I feel so slutty as I wait for the call to come and my pussy drips as my sweet juices moisten my lips! Call me now and lets get filthy right now!