Dirty adult phone chat with the party girls at the cheap adult chat club – Pt.2

Then I felt him lift himself up onto his knees.  He slowly eased his cock into my hot, wet pussy.  But I knew it wasn’t to fuck me.  I knew he was just getting his cock nice and wet.  He pushed in and out a couple of times, slamming his balls against my pussy, occasionally one of them hitting my clit and sending shivers down my spine.  Then he pulled out and I felt the head of that cock pressing against my asshole.  I took a deep breath and relaxed as best I could.  He slowly pressed in.  I felt my asshole open up for him as his cock went in farther and farther.  I groaned, the first real sound I had made since we started.  As he moved in and out, I gasped and cried out a little.  I loved the sensation of his cock in my ass, stretching me, opening me up and fucking over and over again.

He lifted me up long enough for me to place my finger on my clit and I started rubbing like crazy.  I could hardly control my body’s convulsions as the waves of pleasure overtook me.  He started making that sound I had become so familiar with and, as he heard me scream out with my orgasm, he let it go and I felt that hot jet of spunk shoot out deep into my ass.

(This is my naughty fantasy that i indulge myself with on the Party Girls line here at the cheap adult chat line)

He collapsed on top of me, pulling his limp cock out.  We’d laid there for a minute or two before, he kissed my back again and got up to take his shower.

What a way to start the day!

How would you like to wake me up?  Call me and tell me.


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